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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "include/dart_tools_api.h"
#include "vm/allocation.h"
#include "vm/object_graph.h"
#include "vm/object_id_ring.h"
#include "vm/os_thread.h"
namespace dart {
class Array;
class EmbedderServiceHandler;
class Error;
class GCEvent;
class GrowableObjectArray;
class Instance;
class Isolate;
class JSONStream;
class JSONObject;
class Object;
class RawInstance;
class RawError;
class ServiceEvent;
class String;
class ServiceIdZone {
virtual ~ServiceIdZone();
// Returned string will be zone allocated.
virtual char* GetServiceId(const Object& obj) = 0;
#define ISOLATE_SERVICE_ID_FORMAT_STRING "isolates/%" Pd64 ""
class RingServiceIdZone : public ServiceIdZone {
virtual ~RingServiceIdZone();
void Init(ObjectIdRing* ring, ObjectIdRing::IdPolicy policy);
// Returned string will be zone allocated.
virtual char* GetServiceId(const Object& obj);
void set_policy(ObjectIdRing::IdPolicy policy) { policy_ = policy; }
ObjectIdRing::IdPolicy policy() const { return policy_; }
ObjectIdRing* ring_;
ObjectIdRing::IdPolicy policy_;
class StreamInfo {
explicit StreamInfo(const char* id) : id_(id), enabled_(false) {}
const char* id() const { return id_; }
void set_enabled(bool value) { enabled_ = value; }
bool enabled() const { return enabled_; }
void set_consumer(Dart_NativeStreamConsumer consumer) {
callback_ = consumer;
Dart_NativeStreamConsumer consumer() const { return callback_; }
const char* id_;
bool enabled_;
Dart_NativeStreamConsumer callback_;
class Service : public AllStatic {
// Handles a message which is not directed to an isolate.
static RawError* HandleRootMessage(const Array& message);
// Handles a message which is not directed to an isolate and also
// expects the parameter keys and values to be actual dart objects.
static RawError* HandleObjectRootMessage(const Array& message);
// Handles a message which is directed to a particular isolate.
static RawError* HandleIsolateMessage(Isolate* isolate, const Array& message);
static void HandleEvent(ServiceEvent* event);
static void RegisterIsolateEmbedderCallback(
const char* name,
Dart_ServiceRequestCallback callback,
void* user_data);
static void RegisterRootEmbedderCallback(const char* name,
Dart_ServiceRequestCallback callback,
void* user_data);
static void SetEmbedderInformationCallback(
Dart_EmbedderInformationCallback callback);
static void SetEmbedderStreamCallbacks(
Dart_ServiceStreamListenCallback listen_callback,
Dart_ServiceStreamCancelCallback cancel_callback);
static void SetNativeServiceStreamCallback(Dart_NativeStreamConsumer consumer,
const char* stream_id);
static void SetGetServiceAssetsCallback(
Dart_GetVMServiceAssetsArchive get_service_assets);
static void SendEchoEvent(Isolate* isolate, const char* text);
static void SendInspectEvent(Isolate* isolate, const Object& inspectee);
static void SendEmbedderEvent(Isolate* isolate,
const char* stream_id,
const char* event_kind,
const uint8_t* bytes,
intptr_t bytes_len);
static void SendLogEvent(Isolate* isolate,
int64_t sequence_number,
int64_t timestamp,
intptr_t level,
const String& name,
const String& message,
const Instance& zone,
const Object& error,
const Instance& stack_trace);
static void SendExtensionEvent(Isolate* isolate,
const String& event_kind,
const String& event_data);
// Takes ownership of 'data'.
static void SendEventWithData(const char* stream_id,
const char* event_type,
intptr_t reservation,
const char* metadata,
intptr_t metadata_size,
uint8_t* data,
intptr_t data_size);
static void PostError(const String& method_name,
const Array& parameter_keys,
const Array& parameter_values,
const Instance& reply_port,
const Instance& id,
const Error& error);
// Well-known streams.
static StreamInfo vm_stream;
static StreamInfo isolate_stream;
static StreamInfo debug_stream;
static StreamInfo gc_stream;
static StreamInfo echo_stream;
static StreamInfo heapsnapshot_stream;
static StreamInfo logging_stream;
static StreamInfo extension_stream;
static StreamInfo timeline_stream;
static bool ListenStream(const char* stream_id);
static void CancelStream(const char* stream_id);
static RawObject* RequestAssets();
static Dart_ServiceStreamListenCallback stream_listen_callback() {
return stream_listen_callback_;
static Dart_ServiceStreamCancelCallback stream_cancel_callback() {
return stream_cancel_callback_;
static void PrintJSONForEmbedderInformation(JSONObject *jsobj);
static void PrintJSONForVM(JSONStream* js, bool ref);
static void CheckForPause(Isolate* isolate, JSONStream* stream);
static int64_t CurrentRSS();
static int64_t MaxRSS();
static void SetDartLibraryKernelForSources(const uint8_t* kernel_bytes,
intptr_t kernel_length);
static bool HasDartLibraryKernelForSources() {
return (dart_library_kernel_ != NULL);
static const uint8_t* dart_library_kernel() { return dart_library_kernel_; }
static intptr_t dart_library_kernel_length() {
return dart_library_kernel_len_;
static RawError* InvokeMethod(Isolate* isolate,
const Array& message,
bool parameters_are_dart_objects = false);
static void EmbedderHandleMessage(EmbedderServiceHandler* handler,
JSONStream* js);
static EmbedderServiceHandler* FindIsolateEmbedderHandler(const char* name);
static EmbedderServiceHandler* FindRootEmbedderHandler(const char* name);
static void ScheduleExtensionHandler(const Instance& handler,
const String& method_name,
const Array& parameter_keys,
const Array& parameter_values,
const Instance& reply_port,
const Instance& id);
// Takes ownership of 'bytes'.
static void SendEvent(const char* stream_id,
const char* event_type,
uint8_t* bytes,
intptr_t bytes_length);
static void PostEvent(Isolate* isolate,
const char* stream_id,
const char* kind,
JSONStream* event);
static RawError* MaybePause(Isolate* isolate, const Error& error);
static EmbedderServiceHandler* isolate_service_handler_head_;
static EmbedderServiceHandler* root_service_handler_head_;
static Dart_ServiceStreamListenCallback stream_listen_callback_;
static Dart_ServiceStreamCancelCallback stream_cancel_callback_;
static Dart_GetVMServiceAssetsArchive get_service_assets_callback_;
static Dart_EmbedderInformationCallback embedder_information_callback_;
static const uint8_t* dart_library_kernel_;
static intptr_t dart_library_kernel_len_;
} // namespace dart