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// Copyright (c) 2011, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "include/dart_api.h"
#include "vm/allocation.h"
#include "vm/snapshot.h"
namespace dart {
// Forward declarations.
class DebugInfo;
class Isolate;
class LocalHandle;
class RawError;
class ReadOnlyHandles;
class ThreadPool;
namespace kernel {
class Program;
class Dart : public AllStatic {
// Returns null if initialization succeeds, otherwise returns an error message
// (caller owns error message and has to free it).
static char* Init(const uint8_t* vm_snapshot_data,
const uint8_t* vm_snapshot_instructions,
Dart_IsolateGroupCreateCallback create_group,
Dart_InitializeIsolateCallback initialize_isolate,
Dart_IsolateShutdownCallback shutdown,
Dart_IsolateCleanupCallback cleanup,
Dart_IsolateGroupCleanupCallback cleanup_group,
Dart_ThreadExitCallback thread_exit,
Dart_FileOpenCallback file_open,
Dart_FileReadCallback file_read,
Dart_FileWriteCallback file_write,
Dart_FileCloseCallback file_close,
Dart_EntropySource entropy_source,
Dart_GetVMServiceAssetsArchive get_service_assets,
bool start_kernel_isolate,
Dart_CodeObserver* observer);
// Returns null if cleanup succeeds, otherwise returns an error message
// (caller owns error message and has to free it).
static char* Cleanup();
static Isolate* CreateIsolate(const char* name_prefix,
const Dart_IsolateFlags& api_flags,
IsolateGroup* isolate_group);
// Initialize an isolate, either from a snapshot, from a Kernel binary, or
// from SDK library sources. If the snapshot_buffer is non-NULL,
// initialize from a snapshot or a Kernel binary depending on the value of
// from_kernel. Otherwise, initialize from sources.
static RawError* InitializeIsolate(const uint8_t* snapshot_data,
const uint8_t* snapshot_instructions,
const uint8_t* shared_data,
const uint8_t* shared_instructions,
const uint8_t* kernel_buffer,
intptr_t kernel_buffer_size,
void* data);
static void RunShutdownCallback();
static void ShutdownIsolate(Isolate* isolate);
static void ShutdownIsolate();
static Isolate* vm_isolate() { return vm_isolate_; }
static ThreadPool* thread_pool() { return thread_pool_; }
static int64_t UptimeMicros();
static int64_t UptimeMillis() {
return UptimeMicros() / kMicrosecondsPerMillisecond;
static void set_pprof_symbol_generator(DebugInfo* value) {
pprof_symbol_generator_ = value;
static DebugInfo* pprof_symbol_generator() { return pprof_symbol_generator_; }
static LocalHandle* AllocateReadOnlyApiHandle();
static bool IsReadOnlyApiHandle(Dart_Handle handle);
static uword AllocateReadOnlyHandle();
static bool IsReadOnlyHandle(uword address);
static const char* FeaturesString(Isolate* isolate,
bool is_vm_snapshot,
Snapshot::Kind kind);
static Snapshot::Kind vm_snapshot_kind() { return vm_snapshot_kind_; }
static Dart_ThreadExitCallback thread_exit_callback() {
return thread_exit_callback_;
static void set_thread_exit_callback(Dart_ThreadExitCallback cback) {
thread_exit_callback_ = cback;
static void SetFileCallbacks(Dart_FileOpenCallback file_open,
Dart_FileReadCallback file_read,
Dart_FileWriteCallback file_write,
Dart_FileCloseCallback file_close) {
file_open_callback_ = file_open;
file_read_callback_ = file_read;
file_write_callback_ = file_write;
file_close_callback_ = file_close;
static Dart_FileOpenCallback file_open_callback() {
return file_open_callback_;
static Dart_FileReadCallback file_read_callback() {
return file_read_callback_;
static Dart_FileWriteCallback file_write_callback() {
return file_write_callback_;
static Dart_FileCloseCallback file_close_callback() {
return file_close_callback_;
static void set_entropy_source_callback(Dart_EntropySource entropy_source) {
entropy_source_callback_ = entropy_source;
static Dart_EntropySource entropy_source_callback() {
return entropy_source_callback_;
static void WaitForIsolateShutdown();
static void WaitForApplicationIsolateShutdown();
static bool HasApplicationIsolateLocked();
static Isolate* vm_isolate_;
static int64_t start_time_micros_;
static ThreadPool* thread_pool_;
static DebugInfo* pprof_symbol_generator_;
static ReadOnlyHandles* predefined_handles_;
static Snapshot::Kind vm_snapshot_kind_;
static Dart_ThreadExitCallback thread_exit_callback_;
static Dart_FileOpenCallback file_open_callback_;
static Dart_FileReadCallback file_read_callback_;
static Dart_FileWriteCallback file_write_callback_;
static Dart_FileCloseCallback file_close_callback_;
static Dart_EntropySource entropy_source_callback_;
} // namespace dart
#endif // RUNTIME_VM_DART_H_