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# Copyright (c) 2019, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
# for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
# BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
# Runs tests with old ABI versions and check if the results differ from the
# current results.
import argparse
import json
import os
import subprocess
import sys
import time
import utils
scriptDir = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))
outDir = os.path.join(scriptDir, '..', 'out', 'ReleaseX64')
abiDir = os.path.join(outDir, 'dart-sdk', 'lib', '_internal', 'abiversions')
# Parse command line args to flags.
def parseArgs():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
'Runs on all supported ABI versions')
default=os.path.join(outDir, 'logs'),
help='Directory to output restuls.json and logs.json to.')
return parser.parse_args()
# Info about a running test.
class Test:
def __init__(self, cmd, resultFile, logFile, version):
self.cmd = cmd # The test command.
self.resultFile = resultFile # The expected location of the result file.
self.logFile = logFile # The expected location of the log file.
self.version = version # The ABI version, or None.
# Recursively make directories for the path.
def makeDirs(path):
except OSError:
# Build a Test object for the given version (or None).
def buildTest(version):
testDir = os.path.join(outDir,
'test%s' % ('' if version is None else str(version)))
logDir = os.path.join(testDir, 'logs')
vm_options = ['--enable-interpreter']
if version is not None:
vm_options += ['--use-abi-version=%d' % version]
cmd = [
os.path.join(scriptDir, ''),
'--output_directory=%s' % logDir,
'--vm-options=%s' % ' '.join(vm_options),
resultFile = os.path.join(logDir, 'results.json')
logFile = os.path.join(logDir, 'logs.json')
return Test(cmd, resultFile, logFile, version)
# Returns whether the dill files exist for an ABI version.
def abiVersionExists(version):
return os.path.isdir(os.path.join(abiDir, str(version)))
# Build tests for every supported version, and return a list of Test objects.
def buildAllTests():
abi_version = int(utils.GetAbiVersion())
oldest_abi_version = int(utils.GetOldestSupportedAbiVersion())
tests = [buildTest(None)]
for version in xrange(oldest_abi_version, abi_version + 1):
if abiVersionExists(version):
return tests
# Run all tests, one by one, and wait for them all to complete.
def runAllTests(tests):
for test in tests:
print('\n\n\n=== Running tests %s ===' % (
('for ABI version %d' % test.version)
if test.version is not None else ('without an ABI version')))
print(subprocess.list2cmdline(test.cmd) + '\n\n')
proc = subprocess.Popen(test.cmd)
while proc.returncode is None:
# Read a test result file or log file and convert JSON lines to a dictionary of
# JSON records indexed by name. Assumes result and log files both use name key.
def readTestFile(fileName):
with open(fileName, 'r') as f:
return {r['name']: r for r in [json.loads(line) for line in f]}
# Read the test result or log files for every version and return a dict like:
# {name: {version: resultJson, ...}, ...}
def readAllTestFiles(tests, nameGetter):
allRecords = {}
for test in tests:
records = readTestFile(nameGetter(test))
for name, result in records.items():
if name not in allRecords:
allRecords[name] = {}
allRecords[name][test.version] = result
return allRecords
# Pick any element of the dictionary, favoring the None key if it exists.
def pickOne(d):
if None in d:
return d[None]
for v in d.values():
return v
return None
# Diff the results of a test for each version and construct a new test result
# that reports whether the test results match for each version.
def diffResults(results):
outResult = pickOne(results)
exp = results[None]['result'] if None in results else None
outResult['configuration'] = 'vm-dartkb-linux-release-x64-abi'
outResult['expected'] = exp
outResult['result'] = exp
outResult['matches'] = True
diffs = []
for version, result in results.items():
if version is not None:
act = result['result']
if exp != act:
'result'] = act # May be overwritten by other versions.
outResult['matches'] = False
return outResult, diffs
# Create a log entry for a test that has diffs. Concatenate all the log records
# and include which tests failed.
def makeLog(diffs, results, logRecords):
result = pickOne(results)
logs = ["%s: %s" % (str(v), l['log']) for v, l in logRecords.items()]
return {
'name': result['name'],
'configuration': 'vm-dartkb-linux-release-x64-abi',
'result': result['result'],
'log': '\n\n\n'.join([repr(diffs)] + logs),
# Diff the results of all the tests and create the merged result and log files.
def diffAllResults(tests, flags):
allResults = readAllTestFiles(tests, lambda test: test.resultFile)
allLogs = readAllTestFiles(tests, lambda test: test.logFile)
resultFileName = os.path.join(flags.logDir, 'results.json')
logFileName = os.path.join(flags.logDir, 'logs.json')
with open(resultFileName, 'w') as resultFile:
with open(logFileName, 'w') as logFile:
for name, results in allResults.items():
outResult, diffs = diffResults(results)
resultFile.write(json.dumps(outResult) + '\n')
if diffs:
logRecords = allLogs[name] if name in allLogs else []
json.dumps(makeLog(diffs, results, logRecords)) + '\n')
print('Log files emitted to %s and %s' % (resultFileName, logFileName))
def main():
flags = parseArgs()
tests = buildAllTests()
diffAllResults(tests, flags)
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':