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dartanalyzer used to be the tool for statically analyzing dart code at the command line. However, this tool has been replaced with dart analyze for this purpose in current SDKs and will no longer be published on pub.

Do not depend on the command line interface or other semantics in this directory as it is now an internal tool for SDK development, used as the dart2analyzer “compiler” for tools/ in the SDK. It is configured as part of the test runner, here.

Basic usage

Run dartanalyzer from the test tool to validate analysis conclusions on language samples in the testing directory. From the root of the SDK:

tools/ --build --use-sdk -c dart2analyzer co19_2 language_2

This will build the Dart VM and compile dartanalyzer into a snapshot, then use that snapshot while analyzing those directories under testing/. Without --use-sdk, will use the source code version of dartanalyzer instead of the compiled one, which can be useful for debugging.