This file describes the format of the problemsAsJson strings in Dart Kernel.

Each string in the list is a json object consisting of these keys and values:

ansiFormatted: A list of strings the contain ansi formatted (for instance with colors) problem-texts as reported by the compiler.

plainTextFormatted: A list of strings that contain formatted plaintext problem-texts as reported by the compiler.

severity: An integer representing severity. This should match the index in package:_fe_analyzer_shared/src/messages/severity.dart.

uri: A possibly null uri that this problems relates to. This is the main uri. Normally this is not null (but it can be).

involvedFiles: A possibly null list of uris involved in this message. Normally this is null.

codeName: A string identifing the specific error message.

These values are subject to change, but this file will be updated along with any such changes. On the code-side these are defined in package:front_end/src/fasta/fasta_codes.dart.