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// Copyright (c) 2020, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
abstract class FactorTypeTestMixin<Type> {
Type futureNone(Type type);
Type futureOrNone(Type type);
Type get dynamicType;
Type get intNone;
Type get intQuestion;
Type get intStar;
Type get numNone;
Type get numQuestion;
Type get numStar;
Type get objectNone;
Type get objectQuestion;
Type get objectStar;
Type get stringNone;
Type get stringQuestion;
Type get stringStar;
Type get nullNone;
Type get voidType;
void test_dynamic() {
check(dynamicType, intNone, 'dynamic');
void test_futureOr() {
check(futureOrNone(intNone), intNone, 'Future<int>');
check(futureOrNone(intNone), futureNone(intNone), 'int');
check(futureOrNone(intQuestion), intNone, 'FutureOr<int?>');
check(futureOrNone(intQuestion), futureNone(intNone), 'FutureOr<int?>');
check(futureOrNone(intQuestion), intQuestion, 'Future<int?>');
check(futureOrNone(intQuestion), futureNone(intQuestion), 'int?');
check(futureOrNone(intQuestion), intStar, 'Future<int?>');
check(futureOrNone(intQuestion), futureNone(intStar), 'int?');
check(futureOrNone(intNone), numNone, 'Future<int>');
check(futureOrNone(intNone), futureNone(numNone), 'int');
void test_object() {
check(objectNone, objectNone, 'Never');
check(objectNone, objectQuestion, 'Never');
check(objectNone, objectStar, 'Never');
check(objectNone, intNone, 'Object');
check(objectNone, intQuestion, 'Object');
check(objectNone, intStar, 'Object');
check(objectQuestion, objectNone, 'Never?');
check(objectQuestion, objectQuestion, 'Never');
check(objectQuestion, objectStar, 'Never');
check(objectQuestion, intNone, 'Object?');
check(objectQuestion, intQuestion, 'Object');
check(objectQuestion, intStar, 'Object');
test_subtype() {
check(intNone, intNone, 'Never');
check(intNone, intQuestion, 'Never');
check(intNone, intStar, 'Never');
check(intQuestion, intNone, 'Never?');
check(intQuestion, intQuestion, 'Never');
check(intQuestion, intStar, 'Never');
check(intStar, intNone, 'Never');
check(intStar, intQuestion, 'Never');
check(intStar, intStar, 'Never');
check(intNone, numNone, 'Never');
check(intNone, numQuestion, 'Never');
check(intNone, numStar, 'Never');
check(intQuestion, numNone, 'Never?');
check(intQuestion, numQuestion, 'Never');
check(intQuestion, numStar, 'Never');
check(intStar, numNone, 'Never');
check(intStar, numQuestion, 'Never');
check(intStar, numStar, 'Never');
check(intNone, nullNone, 'int');
check(intQuestion, nullNone, 'int');
check(intStar, nullNone, 'int');
check(intNone, stringNone, 'int');
check(intQuestion, stringNone, 'int?');
check(intStar, stringNone, 'int*');
check(intNone, stringQuestion, 'int');
check(intQuestion, stringQuestion, 'int');
check(intStar, stringQuestion, 'int');
check(intNone, stringStar, 'int');
check(intQuestion, stringStar, 'int');
check(intStar, stringStar, 'int');
void test_void() {
check(voidType, intNone, 'void');
Type factor(Type T, Type S);
void expect(Type T, Type S, String actualResult, String expectedResult);
void check(Type T, Type S, String expectedStr) {
Type result = factor(T, S);
String resultStr = typeString(result);
expect(T, S, resultStr, expectedStr);
String typeString(Type type);