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  1. generate_stress_test.dart
  2. generate_stress_test_list.dart
  4. run_stress_test_shards.dart
  5. stress_test_list.json

This directory contains code to produce a large isolate stress test. It has the following helper files:

generate_stress_test_list.dart: Will recursively walk test suite directories, tries to run tests and see whether they could be included as part of the stress test.

Only tests that are passing, run reasonably quick and don't use features that prevent running them inside isolates will be considered.

=> The filtered tests that are considered will be written into stress_test_list.json.

The resulting stress_test_list.json file was hand-edited afterwards to remove certain tests that have passed the simple automated filter but cannot be used as part of the stress test.

generate_stress_test.dart: Can be used to consume stress_test_list.json and build the stress test files.

stress_test_list.json: Contains two lists of tests (one for NNBD and one for non-NNBD) that can be used to generate a stress test.

To ensure the list doesn't get out-of-date we have two tests on regular bots that will try to compile the stress test to kernel, thereby ensuring that the files at least exist and compile, see runtime/tests/vm/{dart,dart_2}/isolates/concurrency_stress_sanity_test.dart.