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// Copyright (c) 2017, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
part of;
/// A low-level class for communicating synchronously over a TCP socket.
/// Warning: [RawSynchronousSocket] should probably only be used to connect to
/// 'localhost'. The operations below will block the calling thread to wait for
/// a response from the network. The thread can process no other events while
/// waiting for these operations to complete. [RawSynchronousSocket] is not
/// suitable for applications that require high performance or asynchronous I/O
/// such as a server. Instead such applications should use the non-blocking
/// sockets and asynchronous operations in the [Socket] or [RawSocket] classes.
abstract class RawSynchronousSocket {
/// Creates a new socket connection and returns a [RawSynchronousSocket].
/// The [host] can either be a [String] or an [InternetAddress].
/// If [host] is a [String], [connectSync] will perform a
/// [InternetAddress.lookup] and try all returned [InternetAddress]es,
/// until connected.
/// Unless a connection was established,
/// the error from the first failing connection is returned.
external static RawSynchronousSocket connectSync(host, int port);
/// The number of received and unread bytes in the socket that can be read.
int available();
/// Closes the [RawSynchronousSocket].
/// Once [closeSync] has been called, attempting to call [readSync],
/// [readIntoSync], [writeFromSync], [remoteAddress], and [remotePort] will
/// cause a [SocketException] to be thrown.
void closeSync();
/// Reads bytes into an existing [buffer].
/// Reads bytes and writes then into the range of [buffer]
/// from [start] to [end].
/// The [start] must be non-negative and no greater than [buffer].length.
/// If [end] is omitted, it defaults to [buffer].length.
/// Otherwise [end] must be no less than [start]
/// and no greater than [buffer].length.
/// Returns the number of bytes read. This maybe be less than `end - start`
/// if the file doesn't have that many bytes to read.
int readIntoSync(List<int> buffer, [int start = 0, int? end]);
/// Reads up to [bytes] bytes from the socket.
/// Blocks and waits for a response of up to a specified number of bytes
/// sent by the socket. [bytes] specifies the maximum number of bytes to
/// be read. Returns the list of bytes read, which could be less than the
/// value specified by [bytes].
List<int>? readSync(int bytes);
/// Shuts down a socket in the provided direction.
/// Calling shutdown will never throw an exception and calling it several times
/// is supported. If both [SocketDirection.RECEIVE] and [SocketDirection.SEND]
/// directions are closed, the socket is closed completely, the same as if
/// [closeSync] has been called.
void shutdown(SocketDirection direction);
/// Writes from a [buffer] to the socket.
/// Will read the buffer from index [start] to index [end].
/// The [start] must be non-negative and no greater than [buffer].length.
/// If [end] is omitted, it defaults to [buffer].length.
/// Otherwise [end] must be no less than [start]
/// and no greater than [buffer].length.
void writeFromSync(List<int> buffer, [int start = 0, int? end]);
/// The port used by this socket.
int get port;
/// The remote port connected to by this socket.
int get remotePort;
/// The [InternetAddress] used to connect this socket.
InternetAddress get address;
/// The remote [InternetAddress] connected to by this socket.
InternetAddress get remoteAddress;