This directory contains helper scripts for rendering runtime wiki pages as HTML.

# Run webserver for development.
$ runtime/tools/wiki/build/

# Build wiki for deployment
$ runtime/tools/wiki/build/ --deploy

Markdown extensions


Paragraphs wrapped into <aside>...</aside> will be rendered as a sidenote on margins of the page.

Cross-references @{ref|text}

Cross-references are rendered as links to GitHub at the current commit.

  • @{file-path} is just rendered a link to the given file;
  • @{package:name/path.dart} is rendered as a link to file path.dart within package name - actual path is resolved via root .packages file in the SDK root;
  • @{c++-symbol} is rendered as a link to the line in the file which defines the given C++ symbol.


  1. Install all Python dependencies.
    $ pip3 install coloredlogs jinja2 markdown aiohttp watchdog pymdown-extensions pygments
  2. Install the custom pygments lexer we use for shell session examples:
    $ cd runtime/tools/wiki/CustomShellSessionPygmentsLexer
    $ python3 develop
  3. Install SASS compiler (make sure that SASS binary is in your path).
  4. Generate xref.json file following instructions in xref_extractor/