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// Copyright (c) 2020, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:analysis_server/src/server/driver.dart' show Driver;
import 'package:analysis_server_client/protocol.dart'
import 'package:args/args.dart';
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
import 'core.dart';
import 'sdk.dart';
import 'utils.dart';
/// When set, this function is executed just before the Analysis Server starts.
void Function(String cmdName, List<FileSystemEntity> analysisRoots,
ArgResults argResults) preAnalysisServerStart;
/// A class to provide an API wrapper around an analysis server process.
class AnalysisServer {
this.analysisRoots, {
@required this.commandName,
@required this.argResults,
final String cacheDirectoryPath;
final File packagesFile;
final Directory sdkPath;
final List<FileSystemEntity> analysisRoots;
final String commandName;
final ArgResults argResults;
Process _process;
Completer<bool> _analysisFinished = Completer();
int _id = 0;
Stream<bool> get onAnalyzing {
// {"event":"server.status","params":{"analysis":{"isAnalyzing":true}}}
return _streamController('server.status')
.where((event) => event['analysis'] != null)
.map((event) => event['analysis']['isAnalyzing'] as bool);
/// This future completes when we next receive an analysis finished event
/// (unless there's no current analysis and we've already received a complete
/// event, in which case this future completes immediately).
Future<bool> get analysisFinished => _analysisFinished.future;
Stream<FileAnalysisErrors> get onErrors {
// {"event":"analysis.errors","params":{"file":"/Users/.../lib/main.dart","errors":[]}}
return _streamController('analysis.errors') {
final file = event['file'] as String;
final errorsList = event['errors'] as List<dynamic>;
final errors = errorsList
.map<Map<String, dynamic>>(castStringKeyedMap)
(Map<String, dynamic> json) => AnalysisError(json))
return FileAnalysisErrors(file, errors);
Future<int> get onExit => _process.exitCode;
final Map<String, StreamController<Map<String, dynamic>>> _streamControllers =
final Map<String, Completer<Map<String, dynamic>>> _requestCompleters = {};
Future<void> start() async {
preAnalysisServerStart?.call(commandName, analysisRoots, argResults);
final List<String> command = <String>[
if (cacheDirectoryPath != null) '--cache=$cacheDirectoryPath',
if (packagesFile != null) '--packages=${packagesFile.path}',
_process = await startDartProcess(sdk, command);
// This callback hookup can't throw.
_process.exitCode.whenComplete(() => _process = null);
final Stream<String> errorStream = _process.stderr
.transform<String>(const LineSplitter());
final Stream<String> inStream = _process.stdout
.transform<String>(const LineSplitter());
_sendCommand('server.setSubscriptions', params: <String, dynamic>{
'subscriptions': <String>['STATUS'],
// Reference and trim off any trailing slash, the Dart Analysis Server
// protocol throws an error (INVALID_FILE_PATH_FORMAT) if there is a
// trailing slash.
// The call to absolute.resolveSymbolicLinksSync() canonicalizes the path to
// be passed to the analysis server.
List<String> analysisRootPaths = {
return trimEnd(
root.absolute.resolveSymbolicLinksSync(), path.context.separator);
onAnalyzing.listen((bool isAnalyzing) {
if (isAnalyzing && _analysisFinished.isCompleted) {
// Start a new completer, to be completed when we receive the
// corresponding analysis complete event.
_analysisFinished = Completer();
} else if (!isAnalyzing && !_analysisFinished.isCompleted) {
_sendCommand('analysis.setAnalysisRoots', params: <String, dynamic>{
'included': analysisRootPaths,
'excluded': <String>[]
Future<String> getVersion() {
return _sendCommand('server.getVersion')
.then((response) => response['version']);
Future<EditBulkFixesResult> requestBulkFixes(
String filePath, bool inTestMode) {
return _sendCommand('edit.bulkFixes', params: <String, dynamic>{
'included': [path.canonicalize(filePath)],
'inTestMode': inTestMode
}).then((result) {
return EditBulkFixesResult.fromJson(
ResponseDecoder(null), 'result', result);
Future<void> shutdown({Duration timeout = const Duration(seconds: 5)}) async {
// Request shutdown.
await _sendCommand('server.shutdown').then((value) {
return null;
}).timeout(timeout, onTimeout: () async {
await dispose();
}).then((value) async {
await dispose();
/// Send an `analysis.updateContent` request with the given [files].
Future<void> updateContent(Map<String, AddContentOverlay> files) async {
await _sendCommand('analysis.updateContent',
params: AnalysisUpdateContentParams(files).toJson());
Future<Map<String, dynamic>> _sendCommand(String method,
{Map<String, dynamic> params}) {
final String id = (++_id).toString();
final String message = json.encode(<String, dynamic>{
'id': id,
'method': method,
'params': params,
_requestCompleters[id] = Completer();
log.trace('==> $message');
return _requestCompleters[id].future;
void _handleServerResponse(String line) {
log.trace('<== $line');
final dynamic response = json.decode(line);
if (response is Map<String, dynamic>) {
if (response['event'] != null) {
final event = response['event'] as String;
final dynamic params = response['params'];
if (params is Map<String, dynamic>) {
} else if (response['id'] != null) {
final id = response['id'];
if (response['error'] != null) {
final error = castStringKeyedMap(response['error']);
} else {
void _handleServerError(Map<String, dynamic> error) {
// Fields are 'isFatal', 'message', and 'stackTrace'.
log.stderr('Error from the analysis server: ${error['message']}');
if (error['stackTrace'] != null) {
log.stderr(error['stackTrace'] as String);
StreamController<Map<String, dynamic>> _streamController(String streamId) {
return _streamControllers.putIfAbsent(
streamId, () => StreamController<Map<String, dynamic>>.broadcast());
Future<bool> dispose() async {
return _process?.kill();
enum _AnalysisSeverity {
class AnalysisError implements Comparable<AnalysisError> {
static final Map<String, _AnalysisSeverity> _severityMap =
<String, _AnalysisSeverity>{
'WARNING': _AnalysisSeverity.warning,
'ERROR': _AnalysisSeverity.error,
// "severity":"INFO","type":"TODO","location":{
// "file":"/Users/.../lib/test.dart","offset":362,"length":72,"startLine":15,"startColumn":4
// },"message":"...","hasFix":false}
Map<String, dynamic> json;
String get severity => json['severity'] as String;
_AnalysisSeverity get _severityLevel =>
_severityMap[severity] ?? _AnalysisSeverity.none;
bool get isInfo => _severityLevel ==;
bool get isWarning => _severityLevel == _AnalysisSeverity.warning;
bool get isError => _severityLevel == _AnalysisSeverity.error;
String get type => json['type'] as String;
String get message => json['message'] as String;
String get code => json['code'] as String;
String get correction => json['correction'] as String;
int get endColumn => json['location']['endColumn'] as int;
int get endLine => json['location']['endLine'] as int;
String get file => json['location']['file'] as String;
int get startLine => json['location']['startLine'] as int;
int get startColumn => json['location']['startColumn'] as int;
int get offset => json['location']['offset'] as int;
int get length => json['location']['length'] as int;
String get url => json['url'] as String;
List<DiagnosticMessage> get contextMessages {
var messages = json['contextMessages'] as List<dynamic>;
if (messages == null) {
// The field is optional, so we return an empty list as a default value.
return [];
return => DiagnosticMessage(message)).toList();
int compareTo(AnalysisError other) {
// Sort in order of severity, file path, error location, and message.
final int diff = _severityLevel.index - other._severityLevel.index;
if (diff != 0) {
return diff;
if (file != other.file) {
return file.compareTo(other.file);
if (offset != other.offset) {
return offset - other.offset;
return message.compareTo(other.message);
String toString() => '${severity.toLowerCase()} • '
'$message • $file:$startLine:$startColumn • '
class DiagnosticMessage {
final Map<String, dynamic> json;
int get column => json['location']['startColumn'] as int;
int get endColumn => json['location']['endColumn'] as int;
int get endLine => json['location']['endLine'] as int;
String get filePath => json['location']['file'] as String;
int get length => json['location']['length'] as int;
int get line => json['location']['startLine'] as int;
String get message => json['message'] as String;
int get offset => json['location']['offset'] as int;
class FileAnalysisErrors {
final String file;
final List<AnalysisError> errors;
FileAnalysisErrors(this.file, this.errors);
class RequestError {
static RequestError parse(dynamic error) {
return RequestError(
stackTrace: error['stackTrace'],
final String code;
final String message;
final String stackTrace;
RequestError(this.code, this.message, {this.stackTrace});
String toString() => '[RequestError code: $code, message: $message]';