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// Copyright (c) 2018, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:io';
// READ ME! If you add a new field to this, make sure to add it to
// [parse()], [optionsEqual()], [hashCode], and [toString()]. A good check is to
// comment out an existing field and see what breaks. Every error is a place
// where you will need to add code for your new field.
/// A set of options that affects how a Dart SDK test is run in a way that may
/// affect its outcome.
/// This includes options like "compiler" and "runtime" which fundamentally
/// decide how a test is executed. Options are tracked because a single test
/// may have different outcomes for different configurations. For example, it
/// may currently pass on the VM but not dart2js or vice versa.
/// Options that affect how a test can be run but don't affect its outcome are
/// *not* stored here. Things like how test results are displayed, where logs
/// are written, etc. live outside of this.
class Configuration {
/// Expands a configuration name "[template]" all using [optionsJson] to a
/// list of configurations.
/// A template is a configuration name that contains zero or more
/// parenthesized sections. Within the parentheses are a series of options
/// separated by pipes. For example:
/// strong-fasta-(linux|mac|win)-(debug|release)
/// Text outside of parenthesized groups is treated literally. Each
/// parenthesized section expands to a configuration for each of the options
/// separated by pipes. If a template contains multiple parenthesized
/// sections, configurations are created for all combinations of them. The
/// above template expands to:
/// strong-fasta-linux-debug
/// strong-fasta-linux-release
/// strong-fasta-mac-debug
/// strong-fasta-mac-release
/// strong-fasta-win-debug
/// strong-fasta-win-release
/// After expansion, the resulting strings (and [optionsJson]) are passed to
/// [parse()] to convert each one to a full configuration.
static List<Configuration> expandTemplate(
String template, Map<String, dynamic> optionsJson) {
if (template.isEmpty) throw FormatException("Template must not be empty.");
var sections = <List<String>>[];
var start = 0;
while (start < template.length) {
var openParen = template.indexOf("(", start);
if (openParen == -1) {
// Add the last literal section.
sections.add([template.substring(start, template.length)]);
var closeParen = template.indexOf(")", openParen);
if (closeParen == -1) {
throw FormatException('Missing ")" in name template "$template".');
// Add the literal part before the next "(".
sections.add([template.substring(start, openParen)]);
// Add the options within the parentheses.
sections.add(template.substring(openParen + 1, closeParen).split("|"));
// Continue past the ")".
start = closeParen + 1;
var result = <Configuration>[];
// Walk through every combination of every section.
iterateSection(String prefix, int section) {
// If we pinned all the sections, parse it.
if (section >= sections.length) {
try {
result.add(Configuration.parse(prefix, optionsJson));
} on FormatException catch (ex) {
throw FormatException(
'Could not parse expanded configuration "$prefix" from template '
for (var i = 0; i < sections[section].length; i++) {
iterateSection(prefix + sections[section][i], section + 1);
iterateSection("", 0);
return result;
/// Parse a single configuration with [name] with additional options defined
/// in [optionsJson].
/// The name should be a series of words separated by hyphens. Any word that
/// matches the name of an [Architecture], [Compiler], [Mode], [Runtime], or
/// [System] sets that option in the resulting configuration. Those options
/// may also be specified in the JSON map.
/// Additional Boolean and string options are defined in the map. The key
/// names match the corresponding command-line option names, using kebab-case.
static Configuration parse(String name, Map<String, dynamic> optionsJson) {
if (name.isEmpty) throw FormatException("Name must not be empty.");
// Infer option values from the words in the configuration name.
var words = name.split("-").toSet();
var optionsCopy = Map.of(optionsJson);
T enumOption<T extends NamedEnum>(
String option, List<String> allowed, T Function(String) parse) {
// Look up the value from the words in the name.
T fromName;
for (var value in allowed) {
// Don't treat "none" as matchable since it's ambiguous as to whether
// it refers to compiler or runtime.
if (value == "none") continue;
if (words.contains(value)) {
if (fromName != null) {
throw FormatException(
'Found multiple values for $option ("$fromName" and "$value"), '
'in configuration name.');
fromName = parse(value);
// Look up the value from the options.
T fromOption;
if (optionsCopy.containsKey(option)) {
fromOption = parse(optionsCopy[option] as String);
if (fromName != null && fromOption != null) {
if (fromName == fromOption) {
throw FormatException(
'Redundant $option in configuration name "$fromName" and options.');
} else {
throw FormatException(
'Found $option "$fromOption" in options and "$fromName" in '
'configuration name.');
return fromName ?? fromOption;
bool boolOption(String option) {
if (!optionsCopy.containsKey(option)) return null;
var value = optionsCopy.remove(option);
if (value == null) throw FormatException('Option "$option" was null.');
if (value is! bool) {
throw FormatException('Option "$option" had value "$value", which is '
'not a bool.');
return value as bool;
int intOption(String option) {
if (!optionsCopy.containsKey(option)) return null;
var value = optionsCopy.remove(option);
if (value == null) throw FormatException('Option "$option" was null.');
if (value is! int) {
throw FormatException('Option "$option" had value "$value", which is '
'not an int.');
return value as int;
String stringOption(String option) {
if (!optionsCopy.containsKey(option)) return null;
var value = optionsCopy.remove(option);
if (value == null) throw FormatException('Option "$option" was null.');
if (value is! String) {
throw FormatException('Option "$option" had value "$value", which is '
'not a string.');
return value as String;
List<String> stringListOption(String option) {
if (!optionsCopy.containsKey(option)) return null;
var value = optionsCopy.remove(option);
if (value == null) throw FormatException('Option "$option" was null.');
if (value is! List) {
throw FormatException('Option "$option" had value "$value", which is '
'not a List.');
return List<String>.from(value as List);
// Extract options from the name and map.
var architecture =
enumOption("architecture", Architecture.names, Architecture.find);
var compiler = enumOption("compiler", Compiler.names, Compiler.find);
var mode = enumOption("mode", Mode.names, Mode.find);
var runtime = enumOption("runtime", Runtime.names, Runtime.find);
var system = enumOption("system", System.names, System.find);
var nnbdMode = enumOption("nnbd", NnbdMode.names, NnbdMode.find);
var sanitizer = enumOption("sanitizer", Sanitizer.names, Sanitizer.find);
// Fill in any missing values using defaults when possible.
architecture ??= Architecture.x64;
system ??=;
nnbdMode ??= NnbdMode.legacy;
sanitizer ??= Sanitizer.none;
// Infer from compiler from runtime or vice versa.
if (compiler == null) {
if (runtime == null) {
throw FormatException(
'Must specify at least one of compiler or runtime in options or '
'configuration name.');
} else {
compiler = runtime.defaultCompiler;
} else {
if (runtime == null) {
runtime = compiler.defaultRuntime;
} else {
// Do nothing, specified both.
// Infer the mode from the compiler.
mode ??= compiler.defaultMode;
var configuration = Configuration(
name, architecture, compiler, mode, runtime, system,
nnbdMode: nnbdMode,
sanitizer: sanitizer,
babel: stringOption("babel"),
builderTag: stringOption("builder-tag"),
genKernelOptions: stringListOption("gen-kernel-options"),
vmOptions: stringListOption("vm-options"),
dart2jsOptions: stringListOption("dart2js-options"),
experiments: stringListOption("enable-experiment"),
timeout: intOption("timeout"),
enableAsserts: boolOption("enable-asserts"),
isChecked: boolOption("checked"),
isCsp: boolOption("csp"),
isHostChecked: boolOption("host-checked"),
isMinified: boolOption("minified"),
useAnalyzerCfe: boolOption("use-cfe"),
useAnalyzerFastaParser: boolOption("analyzer-use-fasta-parser"),
useElf: boolOption("use-elf"),
useHotReload: boolOption("hot-reload"),
useHotReloadRollback: boolOption("hot-reload-rollback"),
useSdk: boolOption("use-sdk"),
useQemu: boolOption("use-qemu"));
// Should have consumed the whole map.
if (optionsCopy.isNotEmpty) {
throw FormatException('Unknown option "${optionsCopy.keys.first}".');
return configuration;
final String name;
final Architecture architecture;
final Compiler compiler;
final Mode mode;
final Runtime runtime;
final System system;
/// Which NNBD mode to run the test files under.
final NnbdMode nnbdMode;
final Sanitizer sanitizer;
final String babel;
final String builderTag;
final List<String> genKernelOptions;
final List<String> vmOptions;
final List<String> dart2jsOptions;
/// The names of the experiments to enable while running tests.
/// A test may *require* an experiment to always be enabled by containing a
/// comment like:
/// // SharedOptions=--enable-experiment=extension-methods
/// Enabling an experiment here in the configuration allows running the same
/// test both with an experiment on and off.
final List<String> experiments;
final int timeout;
final bool enableAsserts;
// TODO(rnystrom): Remove this when Dart 1.0 is no longer supported.
final bool isChecked;
final bool isCsp;
/// Enables asserts in the dart2js compiler.
final bool isHostChecked;
final bool isMinified;
// TODO(whesse): Remove these when only fasta front end is in analyzer.
final bool useAnalyzerCfe;
final bool useAnalyzerFastaParser;
final bool useElf;
final bool useHotReload;
final bool useHotReloadRollback;
final bool useSdk;
final bool useQemu;
Configuration(, this.architecture, this.compiler, this.mode,
this.runtime, this.system,
{NnbdMode nnbdMode,
Sanitizer sanitizer,
String babel,
String builderTag,
List<String> genKernelOptions,
List<String> vmOptions,
List<String> dart2jsOptions,
List<String> experiments,
int timeout,
bool enableAsserts,
bool isChecked,
bool isCsp,
bool isHostChecked,
bool isMinified,
bool useAnalyzerCfe,
bool useAnalyzerFastaParser,
bool useElf,
bool useHotReload,
bool useHotReloadRollback,
bool useSdk,
bool useQemu})
: nnbdMode = nnbdMode ?? NnbdMode.legacy,
sanitizer = sanitizer ?? Sanitizer.none,
babel = babel ?? "",
builderTag = builderTag ?? "",
genKernelOptions = genKernelOptions ?? <String>[],
vmOptions = vmOptions ?? <String>[],
dart2jsOptions = dart2jsOptions ?? <String>[],
experiments = experiments ?? <String>[],
timeout = timeout ?? -1,
enableAsserts = enableAsserts ?? false,
isChecked = isChecked ?? false,
isCsp = isCsp ?? false,
isHostChecked = isHostChecked ?? false,
isMinified = isMinified ?? false,
useAnalyzerCfe = useAnalyzerCfe ?? false,
useAnalyzerFastaParser = useAnalyzerFastaParser ?? false,
useElf = useElf ?? false,
useHotReload = useHotReload ?? false,
useHotReloadRollback = useHotReloadRollback ?? false,
useSdk = useSdk ?? false,
useQemu = useQemu ?? false {
if (name.contains(" ")) {
throw ArgumentError(
"Name of test configuration cannot contain spaces: $name");
/// Returns `true` if this configuration's options all have the same values
/// as [other].
bool optionsEqual(Configuration other) =>
architecture == other.architecture &&
compiler == other.compiler &&
mode == other.mode &&
runtime == other.runtime &&
system == other.system &&
nnbdMode == other.nnbdMode &&
sanitizer == other.sanitizer &&
babel == other.babel &&
builderTag == other.builderTag &&
_listsEqual(genKernelOptions, other.genKernelOptions) &&
_listsEqual(vmOptions, other.vmOptions) &&
_listsEqual(dart2jsOptions, other.dart2jsOptions) &&
_listsEqual(experiments, other.experiments) &&
timeout == other.timeout &&
enableAsserts == other.enableAsserts &&
isChecked == other.isChecked &&
isCsp == other.isCsp &&
isHostChecked == other.isHostChecked &&
isMinified == other.isMinified &&
useAnalyzerCfe == other.useAnalyzerCfe &&
useAnalyzerFastaParser == other.useAnalyzerFastaParser &&
useElf == other.useElf &&
useHotReload == other.useHotReload &&
useHotReloadRollback == other.useHotReloadRollback &&
useSdk == other.useSdk &&
useQemu == other.useQemu;
/// Whether [a] and [b] contain the same strings, regardless of order.
bool _listsEqual(List<String> a, List<String> b) {
if (a.length != b.length) return false;
// Using sorted lists instead of sets in case there are duplicate strings
// in the lists. ["a"] should not be considered equal to ["a", "a"].
var aSorted = a.toList()..sort();
var bSorted = b.toList()..sort();
for (var i = 0; i < aSorted.length; i++) {
if (aSorted[i] != bSorted[i]) return false;
return true;
bool operator ==(Object other) =>
other is Configuration && name == && optionsEqual(other);
int _toBinary(List<bool> bits) =>
bits.fold(0, (sum, bit) => (sum << 1) ^ (bit ? 1 : 0));
int get hashCode =>
name.hashCode ^
architecture.hashCode ^
compiler.hashCode ^
mode.hashCode ^
runtime.hashCode ^
system.hashCode ^
nnbdMode.hashCode ^
babel.hashCode ^
builderTag.hashCode ^
genKernelOptions.join(" & ").hashCode ^
vmOptions.join(" & ").hashCode ^
dart2jsOptions.join(" & ").hashCode ^
experiments.join(" & ").hashCode ^
timeout.hashCode ^
String toString() {
var buffer = StringBuffer();
var fields = <String>[];
fields.add("architecture: $architecture");
fields.add("compiler: $compiler");
fields.add("mode: $mode");
fields.add("runtime: $runtime");
fields.add("system: $system");
if (nnbdMode != NnbdMode.legacy) fields.add("nnbd: $nnbdMode");
stringListField(String name, List<String> field) {
if (field.isEmpty) return;
fields.add("$name: [${field.join(", ")}]");
if (babel.isNotEmpty) fields.add("babel: $babel");
if (builderTag.isNotEmpty) fields.add("builder-tag: $builderTag");
stringListField("gen-kernel-options", genKernelOptions);
stringListField("vm-options", vmOptions);
stringListField("dart2js-options", dart2jsOptions);
stringListField("enable-experiment", experiments);
if (timeout > 0) fields.add("timeout: $timeout");
if (enableAsserts) fields.add("enable-asserts");
if (isChecked) fields.add("checked");
if (isCsp) fields.add("csp");
if (isHostChecked) fields.add("host-checked");
if (isMinified) fields.add("minified");
if (useAnalyzerCfe) fields.add("use-cfe");
if (useAnalyzerFastaParser) fields.add("analyzer-use-fasta-parser");
if (useHotReload) fields.add("hot-reload");
if (useHotReloadRollback) fields.add("hot-reload-rollback");
if (useSdk) fields.add("use-sdk");
if (useQemu) fields.add("use-qemu");
buffer.write(fields.join(", "));
return buffer.toString();
String visualCompare(Configuration other) {
var buffer = StringBuffer();
var fields = <String>[];
fields.add("architecture: $architecture ${other.architecture}");
fields.add("compiler: $compiler ${other.compiler}");
fields.add("mode: $mode ${other.mode}");
fields.add("runtime: $runtime ${other.runtime}");
fields.add("system: $system ${other.system}");
stringField(String name, String value, String otherValue) {
if (value.isEmpty && otherValue.isEmpty) return;
var ours = value.isEmpty ? "(none)" : value;
var theirs = otherValue.isEmpty ? "(none)" : otherValue;
fields.add("$name: $ours $theirs");
stringListField(String name, List<String> value, List<String> otherValue) {
if (value.isEmpty && otherValue.isEmpty) return;
fields.add("$name: [${value.join(', ')}] [${otherValue.join(', ')}]");
boolField(String name, bool value, bool otherValue) {
if (!value && !otherValue) return;
fields.add("$name: $value $otherValue");
fields.add("nnbd: $nnbdMode ${other.nnbdMode}");
fields.add("sanitizer: $sanitizer ${other.sanitizer}");
stringField("babel", babel, other.babel);
stringField("builder-tag", builderTag, other.builderTag);
"gen-kernel-options", genKernelOptions, other.genKernelOptions);
stringListField("vm-options", vmOptions, other.vmOptions);
stringListField("dart2js-options", dart2jsOptions, other.dart2jsOptions);
stringListField("experiments", experiments, other.experiments);
fields.add("timeout: $timeout ${other.timeout}");
boolField("enable-asserts", enableAsserts, other.enableAsserts);
boolField("checked", isChecked, other.isChecked);
boolField("csp", isCsp, other.isCsp);
boolField("host-checked", isHostChecked, other.isHostChecked);
boolField("minified", isMinified, other.isMinified);
boolField("use-cfe", useAnalyzerCfe, other.useAnalyzerCfe);
boolField("analyzer-use-fasta-parser", useAnalyzerFastaParser,
boolField("host-checked", isHostChecked, other.isHostChecked);
boolField("hot-reload", useHotReload, other.useHotReload);
boolField("hot-reload-rollback", useHotReloadRollback,
boolField("use-sdk", useSdk, other.useSdk);
boolField("use-qemu", useQemu, other.useQemu);
buffer.write(fields.join("\n "));
return buffer.toString();
class Architecture extends NamedEnum {
static const ia32 = Architecture._('ia32');
static const x64 = Architecture._('x64');
static const x64c = Architecture._('x64c');
static const arm = Architecture._('arm');
static const arm_x64 = Architecture._('arm_x64');
static const armv6 = Architecture._('armv6');
static const arm64 = Architecture._('arm64');
static const arm64c = Architecture._('arm64c');
static const simarm = Architecture._('simarm');
static const simarmv6 = Architecture._('simarmv6');
static const simarm64 = Architecture._('simarm64');
static const simarm64c = Architecture._('simarm64c');
static final List<String> names = _all.keys.toList();
static final _all = Map<String, Architecture>.fromIterable([
], key: (architecture) => (architecture as Architecture).name);
static Architecture find(String name) {
var architecture = _all[name];
if (architecture != null) return architecture;
throw ArgumentError('Unknown architecture "$name".');
const Architecture._(String name) : super(name);
class Compiler extends NamedEnum {
static const none = Compiler._('none');
static const dart2js = Compiler._('dart2js');
static const dart2analyzer = Compiler._('dart2analyzer');
static const compareAnalyzerCfe = Compiler._('compare_analyzer_cfe');
static const dartdevc = Compiler._('dartdevc');
static const dartdevk = Compiler._('dartdevk');
static const appJitk = Compiler._('app_jitk');
static const dartk = Compiler._('dartk');
static const dartkp = Compiler._('dartkp');
static const specParser = Compiler._('spec_parser');
static const fasta = Compiler._('fasta');
static final List<String> names = _all.keys.toList();
static final _all = Map<String, Compiler>.fromIterable([
], key: (compiler) => (compiler as Compiler).name);
static Compiler find(String name) {
var compiler = _all[name];
if (compiler != null) return compiler;
throw ArgumentError('Unknown compiler "$name".');
const Compiler._(String name) : super(name);
/// Gets the runtimes this compiler can target.
List<Runtime> get supportedRuntimes {
switch (this) {
case Compiler.dart2js:
// Note: by adding 'none' as a configuration, if the user
// runs -c dart2js -r drt,none the dart2js_none and
// dart2js_drt will be duplicating work. If later we don't need 'none'
// with dart2js, we should remove it from here.
return const [
case Compiler.dartdevc:
case Compiler.dartdevk:
return const [
case Compiler.dart2analyzer:
case Compiler.compareAnalyzerCfe:
return const [Runtime.none];
case Compiler.appJitk:
case Compiler.dartk:
return const [Runtime.vm, Runtime.selfCheck];
case Compiler.dartkp:
return const [Runtime.dartPrecompiled];
case Compiler.specParser:
return const [Runtime.none];
case Compiler.fasta:
return const [Runtime.none];
case Compiler.none:
return const [Runtime.vm, Runtime.flutter];
throw "unreachable";
/// The preferred runtime to use with this compiler if no other runtime is
/// specified.
Runtime get defaultRuntime {
switch (this) {
case Compiler.dart2js:
return Runtime.d8;
case Compiler.dartdevc:
case Compiler.dartdevk:
case Compiler.dart2analyzer:
case Compiler.compareAnalyzerCfe:
return Runtime.none;
case Compiler.appJitk:
case Compiler.dartk:
return Runtime.vm;
case Compiler.dartkp:
return Runtime.dartPrecompiled;
case Compiler.specParser:
case Compiler.fasta:
return Runtime.none;
case Compiler.none:
return Runtime.vm;
throw "unreachable";
Mode get defaultMode {
switch (this) {
case Compiler.dart2analyzer:
case Compiler.compareAnalyzerCfe:
case Compiler.dart2js:
case Compiler.dartdevc:
case Compiler.dartdevk:
case Compiler.fasta:
return Mode.release;
return Mode.debug;
class Mode extends NamedEnum {
static const debug = Mode._('debug');
static const product = Mode._('product');
static const release = Mode._('release');
static final List<String> names = _all.keys.toList();
static final _all = Map<String, Mode>.fromIterable([debug, product, release],
key: (mode) => (mode as Mode).name);
static Mode find(String name) {
var mode = _all[name];
if (mode != null) return mode;
throw ArgumentError('Unknown mode "$name".');
const Mode._(String name) : super(name);
bool get isDebug => this == debug;
class Sanitizer extends NamedEnum {
static const none = Sanitizer._('none');
static const asan = Sanitizer._('asan');
static const lsan = Sanitizer._('lsan');
static const msan = Sanitizer._('msan');
static const tsan = Sanitizer._('tsan');
static const ubsan = Sanitizer._('ubsan');
static final List<String> names = _all.keys.toList();
static final _all = Map<String, Sanitizer>.fromIterable(
[none, asan, lsan, msan, tsan, ubsan],
key: (mode) => (mode as Sanitizer).name);
static Sanitizer find(String name) {
var mode = _all[name];
if (mode != null) return mode;
throw ArgumentError('Unknown sanitizer "$name".');
const Sanitizer._(String name) : super(name);
class Runtime extends NamedEnum {
static const vm = Runtime._('vm');
static const flutter = Runtime._('flutter');
static const dartPrecompiled = Runtime._('dart_precompiled');
static const d8 = Runtime._('d8');
static const jsshell = Runtime._('jsshell');
static const firefox = Runtime._('firefox');
static const chrome = Runtime._('chrome');
static const safari = Runtime._('safari');
static const ie9 = Runtime._('ie9');
static const ie10 = Runtime._('ie10');
static const ie11 = Runtime._('ie11');
static const edge = Runtime._('edge');
static const chromeOnAndroid = Runtime._('chromeOnAndroid');
static const selfCheck = Runtime._('self_check');
static const none = Runtime._('none');
static final List<String> names = _all.keys.toList();
static final _all = Map<String, Runtime>.fromIterable([
], key: (runtime) => (runtime as Runtime).name);
static Runtime find(String name) {
var runtime = _all[name];
if (runtime != null) return runtime;
throw ArgumentError('Unknown runtime "$name".');
const Runtime._(String name) : super(name);
bool get isBrowser => const [
bool get isIE => name.startsWith("ie");
bool get isSafari => name.startsWith("safari");
/// Whether this runtime is a command-line JavaScript environment.
bool get isJSCommandLine => const [d8, jsshell].contains(this);
/// If the runtime doesn't support ``, we use iframes instead.
bool get requiresIFrame => !const [ie11, ie10].contains(this);
/// The preferred compiler to use with this runtime if no other compiler is
/// specified.
Compiler get defaultCompiler {
switch (this) {
case vm:
case flutter:
return Compiler.none;
case dartPrecompiled:
return Compiler.dartkp;
case d8:
case jsshell:
case firefox:
case chrome:
case safari:
case ie9:
case ie10:
case ie11:
case edge:
case chromeOnAndroid:
return Compiler.dart2js;
case selfCheck:
return Compiler.dartk;
case none:
// If we aren't running it, we probably just want to analyze it.
return Compiler.dart2analyzer;
throw "unreachable";
class System extends NamedEnum {
static const android = System._('android');
static const fuchsia = System._('fuchsia');
static const linux = System._('linux');
static const mac = System._('mac');
static const win = System._('win');
static final List<String> names = _all.keys.toList();
static final _all = Map<String, System>.fromIterable(
[android, fuchsia, linux, mac, win],
key: (system) => (system as System).name);
/// Gets the system of the current machine.
static System get host => find(Platform.operatingSystem);
static System find(String name) {
var system = _all[name];
if (system != null) return system;
// Also allow dart:io's names for the operating systems.
switch (Platform.operatingSystem) {
case "macos":
return mac;
case "windows":
return win;
// TODO(rnystrom): What about ios?
throw ArgumentError('Unknown operating system "$name".');
const System._(String name) : super(name);
/// The root directory name for build outputs on this system.
String get outputDirectory {
switch (this) {
case android:
case fuchsia:
case linux:
case win:
return 'out/';
case mac:
return 'xcodebuild/';
throw "unreachable";
/// What level of non-nullability support should be applied to the test files.
class NnbdMode extends NamedEnum {
/// "Opted out" legacy mode with no NNBD features allowed.
static const legacy = NnbdMode._('legacy');
/// Opted in to NNBD features, but only static checking and weak runtime
/// checks.
static const weak = NnbdMode._('weak');
/// Opted in to NNBD features and with full sound runtime checks.
static const strong = NnbdMode._('strong');
static final List<String> names = _all.keys.toList();
static final _all = {
for (var mode in [legacy, weak, strong]) mode
static NnbdMode find(String name) {
var mode = _all[name];
if (mode != null) return mode;
throw ArgumentError('Unknown NNBD mode "$name".');
const NnbdMode._(String name) : super(name);
/// Base class for an enum-like class whose values are identified by name.
abstract class NamedEnum {
final String name;
const NamedEnum(;
String toString() => name;