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// Copyright (c) 2017, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:observatory_2/service_io.dart';
import 'package:test/test.dart';
import 'test_helper.dart';
import 'dart:io' show WebSocket;
import 'dart:convert' show jsonDecode, jsonEncode;
import 'dart:async' show Future, Stream, StreamController;
var tests = <IsolateTest>[
(Isolate isolate) async {
VM vm = isolate.owner;
final serviceEvents =
(await vm.getEventStream('Service')).asBroadcastStream();
WebSocket _socket =
await WebSocket.connect((vm as WebSocketVM).target.networkAddress);
WebSocket _socket_invoker =
await WebSocket.connect((vm as WebSocketVM).target.networkAddress);
final socket = new StreamController<Map>();
final socket_invoker = new StreamController<Map>();
// Avoid to manually encode and decode messages from the stream
Stream<String> socket_stream =;
Stream<String> socket_invoker_stream =;
dynamic _decoder(dynamic obj) {
return jsonDecode(obj);
final client =;
final client_invoker =;
const serviceName = 'successService';
const serviceAlias = 'serviceAlias';
const paramKey = 'pkey';
const paramValue = 'pvalue';
const repetition = 5;
'jsonrpc': '2.0',
'id': 1,
'method': 'registerService',
'params': {'service': serviceName, 'alias': serviceAlias}
// Avoid flaky test.
// We cannot assume the order in which two messages will arrive
// from two different sockets
await Future.wait([client.first, serviceEvents.first]);
client_invoker.first.then((_) {
expect(false, isTrue, reason: 'shouldn\'t get here');
}).catchError((_) => null);
// Testing serial invocation of service which succedes
for (var iteration = 0; iteration < repetition; iteration++) {
final end = iteration.toString();
'jsonrpc': '2.0',
'params': {paramKey + end: paramValue + end}
final request = await client.first;
expect(request, contains('id'));
expect(request['id'], isNotNull);
expect(request['method'], equals(serviceName));
expect(request['params'], isNotNull);
expect(request['params'][paramKey + end], equals(paramValue + end));
socket.add({'jsonrpc': '2.0', 'id': request['id'], 'result': {}});
await socket.close();
await socket_invoker.close();
main(args) => runIsolateTests(