The testcases in this directory and its subdirectory are all compiled in various different configurations designed to test various aspects of Fasta (or more generally, package:front_end).

The configurations are described below.

The source of truth for these configurations is the file pkg/front_end/testing.json.

Dart 1.0 Compilation

./pkg/front_end/tool/fasta testing -DupdateExpectations=true compile/test1 compile/test2 ...

Dart 1.0 Outlines

./pkg/front_end/tool/fasta testing -DupdateExpectations=true outline/test1 outline/test2 ...

Dart 2.0 (strong mode)

./pkg/front_end/tool/fasta testing -DupdateExpectations=true -DupdateComments=true strong/test1 strong/test2 ...

Note: strong mode configuration additionally parses comments in the test file and can precisely match internal details of the compiler such as the inferred type of an expression or if a warning was emitted at a given location.