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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# This config causes functions not to be automatically exported from shared
# libraries. By default, all symbols are exported but this means there are
# lots of exports that slow everything down. In general we explicitly mark
# which functiosn we want to export from components.
# Some third_party code assumes all functions are exported so this is separated
# into its own config so such libraries can remove this config to make symbols
# public again.
# See
config("symbol_visibility_hidden") {
# Note that -fvisibility-inlines-hidden is set globally in the compiler
# config since that can almost always be applied.
cflags = [ "-fvisibility=hidden" ]
# Settings for executables and shared libraries.
config("executable_ldconfig") {
if (is_android) {
ldflags = [
} else {
# Android doesn't support rpath.
ldflags = [
# Want to pass "\$". GN will re-escape as required for ninja.
# Newer binutils don't set DT_RPATH unless you disable "new" dtags
# and the new DT_RUNPATH doesn't work without --no-as-needed flag.
config("no_exceptions") {
no_exceptions_flags = [ "-fno-exceptions" ]
cflags_cc = no_exceptions_flags
cflags_objcc = no_exceptions_flags
config("relative_paths") {
# Make builds independent of absolute file path. The file names
# embedded in debugging information will be expressed as relative to
# the build directory, e.g. "../.." for an "out/subdir" under //.
# This is consistent with the file names in __FILE__ expansions
# (e.g. in assertion messages), which the compiler doesn't provide a
# way to remap. That way source file names in logging and
# symbolization can all be treated the same way. This won't go well
# if root_build_dir is not a subdirectory //, but there isn't a better
# option to keep all source file name references uniformly relative to
# a single root.
absolute_path = rebase_path("//.")
relative_path = rebase_path("//.", root_build_dir)
cflags = [
# This makes sure that the DW_AT_comp_dir string (the current
# directory while running the compiler, which is the basis for all
# relative source file names in the DWARF info) is represented as
# relative to //.
# This makes sure that include directories in the toolchain are
# represented as relative to the build directory (because that's how
# we invoke the compiler), rather than absolute. This can affect
# __FILE__ expansions (e.g. assertions in system headers). We
# normally run a compiler that's someplace within the source tree
# (//buildtools/...), so its absolute installation path will have a
# prefix matching absolute_path and hence be mapped to relative_path
# in the debugging information, so this should actually be
# superfluous for purposes of the debugging information.