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.intel_syntax noprefix
.globl _ClobberAndCall
.globl ClobberAndCall
/* Clobber some significant registers and call the nullary function which is
passed in as the first argument. */
/* Pool pointer register. */
push r15
mov r15, 1
/* Thread register. */
push r14
mov r14, 1
/* Code register. */
push r12
mov r12, 1
/* Arguments descriptor register (volatile). */
mov r10, 1
/* Clobber all other volatile registers (except the argument). */
mov rax, 1
mov rcx, 1
mov rdx, 1
mov rsi, 1
mov r8, 1
mov r9, 1
mov r11, 1
/* Stack must be 16-byte aligned before the call. We save three registers above
to ensure this. */
call rdi
pop r12
pop r14
pop r15