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#!/usr/bin/env dart
// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:front_end/src/api_prototype/constant_evaluator.dart'
as constants show EvaluationMode, SimpleErrorReporter, transformComponent;
import 'package:args/args.dart';
import 'package:kernel/class_hierarchy.dart';
import 'package:kernel/core_types.dart';
import 'package:kernel/kernel.dart';
import 'package:kernel/src/tool/batch_util.dart';
import 'package:kernel/target/targets.dart';
import 'package:kernel/transformations/continuation.dart' as cont;
import 'package:kernel/transformations/empty.dart' as empty;
import 'package:kernel/transformations/value_class.dart' as valueClass;
import 'package:kernel/transformations/mixin_full_resolution.dart' as mix;
import 'package:kernel/type_environment.dart';
import 'package:kernel/vm/constants_native_effects.dart';
ArgParser parser = new ArgParser()
abbr: 'f',
allowed: ['text', 'bin'],
defaultsTo: 'bin',
help: 'Output format.')
..addOption('out', abbr: 'o', help: 'Output file.', defaultsTo: null)
abbr: 'v',
negatable: false,
help: 'Be verbose (e.g. prints transformed main library).',
defaultsTo: false)
..addMultiOption('define', abbr: 'D', splitCommas: false)
abbr: 't',
help: 'The transformation to apply.',
defaultsTo: 'continuation');
main(List<String> arguments) async {
if (arguments.isNotEmpty && arguments[0] == '--batch') {
if (arguments.length != 1) {
throw '--batch cannot be used with other arguments';
await runBatch((arguments) => runTransformation(arguments));
} else {
CompilerOutcome outcome = await runTransformation(arguments);
exit(outcome == CompilerOutcome.Ok ? 0 : 1);
Future<CompilerOutcome> runTransformation(List<String> arguments) async {
ArgResults options = parser.parse(arguments);
if ( != 1) {
throw 'Usage:\n${parser.usage}';
var input =;
var output = options['out'];
var format = options['format'];
var verbose = options['verbose'];
Map<String, String> defines = <String, String>{};
for (String define in options['define']) {
int index = define.indexOf('=');
String name;
String expression;
if (index != -1) {
name = define.substring(0, index);
expression = define.substring(index + 1);
} else {
name = define;
expression = define;
defines[name] = expression;
if (output == null) {
output = '${input.substring(0, input.lastIndexOf('.'))}.transformed.dill';
var component = loadComponentFromBinary(input);
final coreTypes = new CoreTypes(component);
final hierarchy = new ClassHierarchy(component, coreTypes);
final typeEnvironment = new TypeEnvironment(coreTypes, hierarchy);
switch (options['transformation']) {
case 'continuation':
bool productMode = defines["dart.vm.product"] == "true";
component = cont.transformComponent(typeEnvironment, component,
productMode: productMode);
case 'resolve-mixins':
mix.transformLibraries(new NoneTarget(null), coreTypes, hierarchy,
component.libraries, null);
case 'constants':
final VmConstantsBackend backend = new VmConstantsBackend(coreTypes);
component = constants.transformComponent(component, backend, defines,
const constants.SimpleErrorReporter(), constants.EvaluationMode.weak,
desugarSets: false,
evaluateAnnotations: true,
enableTripleShift: false,
errorOnUnevaluatedConstant: false);
case 'value-class':
component = valueClass.transformComponent(component);
case 'empty':
component = empty.transformComponent(component);
throw 'Unknown transformation';
// TODO(30631): Fix the verifier so we can check that the transform produced
// valid output.
// verifyComponent(component);
if (format == 'text') {
writeComponentToText(component, path: output);
} else {
assert(format == 'bin');
await writeComponentToBinary(component, output);
if (verbose) {
writeLibraryToText(component.mainMethod.parent as Library);
return CompilerOutcome.Ok;