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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library fasta.modifier;
import 'problems.dart' show unhandled;
enum ModifierEnum {
// Not a real modifier.
const int abstractMask = 1;
const int constMask = abstractMask << 1;
const int covariantMask = constMask << 1;
const int externalMask = covariantMask << 1;
const int finalMask = externalMask << 1;
const int staticMask = finalMask << 1;
const int namedMixinApplicationMask = staticMask << 1;
/// Not a real modifier, and by setting it to zero, it is automatically ignored
/// by [Modifier.validate] below.
const int varMask = 0;
const Modifier Abstract = const Modifier(ModifierEnum.Abstract, abstractMask);
const Modifier Const = const Modifier(ModifierEnum.Const, constMask);
const Modifier Covariant =
const Modifier(ModifierEnum.Covariant, covariantMask);
const Modifier External = const Modifier(ModifierEnum.External, externalMask);
const Modifier Final = const Modifier(ModifierEnum.Final, finalMask);
const Modifier Static = const Modifier(ModifierEnum.Static, staticMask);
/// Not a real modifier.
const Modifier Var = const Modifier(ModifierEnum.Var, varMask);
class Modifier {
final ModifierEnum kind;
final int mask;
const Modifier(this.kind, this.mask);
factory Modifier.fromString(String string) {
if (identical('abstract', string)) return Abstract;
if (identical('const', string)) return Const;
if (identical('covariant', string)) return Covariant;
if (identical('external', string)) return External;
if (identical('final', string)) return Final;
if (identical('static', string)) return Static;
if (identical('var', string)) return Var;
return unhandled(string, "Modifier.fromString", -1, null);
toString() => "modifier(${'$kind'.substring('ModifierEnum.'.length)})";
static int validate(List<Modifier> modifiers, {bool isAbstract: false}) {
// TODO(ahe): Rename this method, validation is now taken care of by the
// parser.
int result = isAbstract ? abstractMask : 0;
if (modifiers == null) return result;
for (Modifier modifier in modifiers) {
result |= modifier.mask;
return result;
static int validateVarFinalOrConst(String lexeme) {
if (lexeme == null) return 0;
if (identical('const', lexeme)) return Const.mask;
if (identical('final', lexeme)) return Final.mask;
if (identical('var', lexeme)) return Var.mask;
return unhandled(lexeme, "Modifier.validateVarFinalOrConst", -1, null);