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// Copyright (c) 2014, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Helpers for writing compiler tests running in browser.
library trydart.web_compiler_test_case;
import 'dart:async' show
import 'dart:html' show
import '../poi/compiler_test_case.dart' show
import 'package:dart2js_incremental/dart2js_incremental.dart' show
IncrementalCompiler, OutputProvider;
import 'package:compiler/compiler.dart' show
const String WEB_SCHEME = 'org.trydart.web';
/// A CompilerTestCase which runs in a browser.
class WebCompilerTestCase extends CompilerTestCase {
final IncrementalCompiler incrementalCompiler;
WebCompilerTestCase.init(/* Map or String */ source, Uri uri)
: this.incrementalCompiler = makeCompiler(source, uri),
super.init(null, uri, null);
WebCompilerTestCase(/* Map or String */ source, [String path])
: this.init(source, customUri(path == null ? 'main.dart' : path));
Future run() {
return incrementalCompiler.compile(scriptUri).then((success) {
if (!success) throw 'Compilation failed';
OutputProvider outputProvider = incrementalCompiler.outputProvider;
return outputProvider['.js'];
static IncrementalCompiler makeCompiler(
/* Map or String */ source,
Uri mainUri) {
Uri libraryRoot = new Uri(scheme: WEB_SCHEME, path: '/sdk/');
Uri packageRoot = new Uri(scheme: WEB_SCHEME, path: '/packages/');
Map<Uri, String> sources = <Uri, String>{};
if (source is String) {
sources[mainUri] = source;
} else if (source is Map) {
source.forEach((String name, String code) {
sources[mainUri.resolve(name)] = code;
} else {
throw new ArgumentError("[source] should be a String or a Map");
WebInputProvider inputProvider =
new WebInputProvider(sources, libraryRoot, packageRoot);
void diagnosticHandler(
Uri uri, int begin, int end, String message, Diagnostic kind) {
if (uri == null) {
print('[$kind] $message');
} else {
print('$uri@$begin+${end - begin}: [$kind] $message');
return new IncrementalCompiler(
libraryRoot: libraryRoot,
packageRoot: packageRoot,
inputProvider: inputProvider,
diagnosticHandler: diagnosticHandler,
outputProvider: new OutputProvider());
/// An input provider which provides input via [HttpRequest].
/// Includes one in-memory compilation unit [source] which is returned when
/// [mainUri] is requested.
class WebInputProvider {
final Map<Uri, String> sources;
final Uri libraryRoot;
final Uri packageRoot;
final Map<Uri, Future> cachedSources = new Map<Uri, Future>();
static final Map<String, Future> cachedRequests = new Map<String, Future>();
WebInputProvider(this.sources, this.libraryRoot, this.packageRoot);
Future call(Uri uri) {
return cachedSources.putIfAbsent(uri, () {
if (sources.containsKey(uri)) return new Future.value(sources[uri]);
if (uri.scheme == WEB_SCHEME) {
return cachedHttpRequest('/root_dart${uri.path}');
} else {
return cachedHttpRequest('$uri');
static Future cachedHttpRequest(String uri) {
return cachedRequests.putIfAbsent(uri, () => HttpRequest.getString(uri));