• Widen the version constraint on unittest.


  • Widen the version constraint for stack_trace.


  • Expose the IOClient class which wraps a dart:io HttpClient.


  • Fix a bug in handling errors in decoding XMLHttpRequest responses for BrowserClient.


  • The package no longer depends on dart:io. The BrowserClient class in package:http/browser_client.dart can now be used to make requests on the browser.

  • Change MultipartFile.contentType from dart:io's ContentType type to http_parser's MediaType type.

  • Exceptions are now of type ClientException rather than dart:io's HttpException.


  • Make BaseRequest.contentLength and BaseResponse.contentLength use null to indicate an unknown content length rather than -1.

  • The contentLength parameter to new BaseResponse is now named rather than positional.

  • Make request headers case-insensitive.

  • Make MultipartRequest more closely adhere to browsers' encoding conventions.