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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library front_end.compiler_options;
import 'compilation_error.dart';
import 'file_system.dart';
import 'physical_file_system.dart';
/// Default error handler used by [CompielerOptions.onError].
void defaultErrorHandler(CompilationError error) => throw error;
/// Callback used to report errors encountered during compilation.
typedef void ErrorHandler(CompilationError error);
/// Front-end options relevant to compiler back ends.
/// Not intended to be implemented or extended by clients.
class CompilerOptions {
/// The path to the Dart SDK.
/// If `null`, the SDK will be searched for using
/// [Platform.resolvedExecutable] as a starting point.
/// This option is mutually exclusive with [sdkSummary].
String sdkPath;
/// Callback to which compilation errors should be delivered.
/// By default, the first error will be reported by throwing an exception of
/// type [CompilationError].
ErrorHandler onError = defaultErrorHandler;
/// Path to the ".packages" file.
/// If `null`, the ".packages" file will be found via the standard
/// package_config search algorithm.
/// If the empty string, no packages file will be used.
String packagesFilePath;
/// Paths to the input summary files (excluding the SDK summary). These files
/// should all be linked summaries. They should also be closed, in the sense
/// that any libraries they reference should also appear in [inputSummaries]
/// or [sdkSummary].
List<String> inputSummaries = [];
/// Path to the SDK summary file.
/// This should be a linked summary. If `null`, the SDK summary will be
/// searched for at a default location within [sdkPath].
/// This option is mutually exclusive with [sdkPath]. TODO(paulberry): if the
/// VM does not contain a pickled copy of the SDK, we might need to change
/// this.
String sdkSummary;
/// URI override map.
/// This is a map from Uri to file path. Any URI override listed in this map
/// takes precedence over the URI resolution that would be implied by the
/// packages file (see [packagesFilePath]) and/or [bazelRoots].
/// If a URI is not listed in this map, then the normal URI resolution
/// algorithm will be used.
/// TODO(paulberry): transition analyzer and dev_compiler to use the
/// "file:///bazel-root" mechanism, and then remove this.
Map<Uri, String> uriOverride = {};
/// Bazel roots.
/// Any Uri that resolves to "file:///bazel-root/$rest" will be searched for
/// at "$root/$rest" ("$root\\$rest" in Windows), where "$root" is drawn from
/// this list. If the file is not found at any of those locations, the URI
/// "file:///bazel-root/$rest" will be used directly.
/// Intended use: if the Bazel workspace is located at path "$workspace", this
/// could be set to `['$workspace', '$workspace/bazel-bin',
/// '$workspace/bazel-genfiles']`, effectively overlaying source and generated
/// files.
List<String> bazelRoots = [];
/// Sets the platform bit, which determines which patch files should be
/// applied to the SDK.
/// The value should be a power of two, and should match the `PLATFORM` bit
/// flags in sdk/lib/_internal/sdk_library_metadata/lib/libraries.dart. If
/// zero, no patch files will be applied.
int platformBit;
/// The declared variables for use by configurable imports and constant
/// evaluation.
Map<String, String> declaredVariables;
/// The [FileSystem] which should be used by the front end to access files.
/// All file system access performed by the front end goes through this
/// mechanism, with one exception: if no value is specified for
/// [packagesFilePath], the packages file is located using the actual physical
/// file system. TODO(paulberry): fix this.
FileSystem fileSystem = PhysicalFileSystem.instance;
/// Whether to generate code for the SDK when compiling a whole-program.
bool compileSdk = false;
/// Whether a modular build compiles only the files listed explicitly or if it
/// compiles dependencies as well.
/// This option is intended only for modular APIs like `kernelForBuildUnit`.
/// These APIs by default ensure that builds are hermetic, where all files
/// that will be compiled are listed explicitly and all other dependencies
/// are covered by summary files.
/// When this option is true, these APIs will treat any dependency that is
/// not described in a summary as if it was explictly listed as an input.
bool chaseDependencies = false;
/// Whether to intepret Dart sources in strong-mode.
bool strongMode = true;