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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:typed_data';
import 'package:expect/expect.dart';
// Test that the sublist of a typed_data list is of the same type.
var inscrutable;
class Is<T> {
final name;
check(x) => x is T;
expect(x, part) {
Expect.isTrue(check(x), '($part: ${x.runtimeType}) is $name');
expectNot(x, part) {
Expect.isFalse(check(x), '($part: ${x.runtimeType}) is! $name');
void testSublistType(input, positive, all) {
var negative = all.where((check) => !positive.contains(check));
input = inscrutable(input);
for (var check in positive) check.expect(input, 'input');
for (var check in negative) check.expectNot(input, 'input');
var sub = inscrutable(input.sublist(1));
for (var check in positive) check.expect(sub, 'sublist');
for (var check in negative) check.expectNot(sub, 'sublist');
var sub2 = inscrutable(input.sublist(10));
Expect.equals(0, sub2.length);
for (var check in positive) check.expect(sub2, 'empty sublist');
for (var check in negative) check.expectNot(sub2, 'empty sublist');
void testTypes() {
var isFloat32list = new Is<Float32List>('Float32List');
var isFloat64list = new Is<Float64List>('Float64List');
var isInt8List = new Is<Int8List>('Int8List');
var isInt16List = new Is<Int16List>('Int16List');
var isInt32List = new Is<Int32List>('Int32List');
var isUint8List = new Is<Uint8List>('Uint8List');
var isUint16List = new Is<Uint16List>('Uint16List');
var isUint32List = new Is<Uint32List>('Uint32List');
var isUint8ClampedList = new Is<Uint8ClampedList>('Uint8ClampedList');
var isIntList = new Is<List<int>>('List<int>');
var isDoubleList = new Is<List<double>>('List<double>');
var isNumList = new Is<List<num>>('List<num>');
var allChecks = [isFloat32list, isFloat64list,
isInt8List, isInt16List, isInt32List,
isUint8List, isUint16List, isUint32List,
testInt(list, check) {
testSublistType(list, [check, isIntList, isNumList], allChecks);
testDouble(list, check) {
testSublistType(list, [check, isDoubleList, isNumList], allChecks);
testDouble(new Float32List(10), isFloat32list);
testDouble(new Float64List(10), isFloat64list);
testInt(new Int8List(10), isInt8List);
testInt(new Int16List(10), isInt16List);
testInt(new Int32List(10), isInt32List);
testInt(new Uint8List(10), isUint8List);
testInt(new Uint16List(10), isUint16List);
testInt(new Uint32List(10), isUint32List);
testInt(new Uint8ClampedList(10), isUint8ClampedList);
main() {
inscrutable = (x) => x;