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library util;
import 'dart:io';
import 'dart:json' as json;
Map<String, Map> _allProps;
Map<String, Map> get allProps {
if (_allProps == null) {
// Database of expected property names for each type in WebKit.
_allProps = parse.parse(
new File('data/dartIdl.json').readAsStringSync());
return _allProps;
Set<String> matchedTypes;
/** Returns whether the type has any member matching the specified name. */
bool hasAny(String type, String prop) {
final data = allProps[type];
return data['properties'].containsKey(prop) ||
data['methods'].containsKey(prop) ||
* Return the members from an [entry] as Map of member names to member
* objects.
Map getMembersMap(Map entry) {
List<Map> rawMembers = entry["members"];
final members = {};
for (final entry in rawMembers) {
members[entry['name']] = entry;
return members;
* Score entries using similarity heuristics calculated from the observed and
* expected list of members. We could be much less naive and penalize spurious
* methods, prefer entries with class level comments, etc. This method is
* needed becase we extract entries for each of the top search results for
* each class name and rely on these scores to determine which entry was
* best. Typically all scores but one will be zero. Multiple pages have
* non-zero scores when MDN has multiple pages on the same class or pages on
* similar classes (e.g. HTMLElement and Element), or pages on Mozilla
* specific classes that are similar to DOM classes (Console).
num scoreEntry(Map entry, String type) {
num score = 0;
// TODO(jacobr): consider removing skipped entries completely instead of
// just giving them lower scores.
if (!entry.containsKey('skipped')) {
if (entry.containsKey("members")) {
Map members = getMembersMap(entry);
for (String name in members.keys) {
if (hasAny(type, name)) {
return score;
* Given a list of candidates for the documentation for a type, find the one
* that is the best.
Map pickBestEntry(List entries, String type) {
num bestScore = -1;
Map bestEntry;
for (Map entry in entries) {
if (entry != null) {
num score = scoreEntry(entry, type);
if (score > bestScore) {
bestScore = score;
bestEntry = entry;
return bestEntry;
* Helper for sync creation of a whole file from a string.
void writeFileSync(String filename, String data) {
File f = new File(filename);
RandomAccessFile raf = f.openSync(FileMode.WRITE);