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Simple Tests:
test_simple.dart (main application)
Works with templates:
name_entry.tmpl - simple template expression with attributes
name_entry2.tmpl - simple template expression inside nested tags
name_entry_css.tmpl - simple template expression with CSS
With Tests:
test_with.dart (main application)
Works with templates:
productview.tmpl - simplest with template
productview2.tmpl - with tested with var
List Tests:
test_list.dart (main application)
Works with templates:
applications.tmpl - simple list
Complex Tests:
test_complex.dart (main application)
Works with templates:
top_searches.tmpl - #each inside of a #with
top_searches_css.tmpl - #each inside of a #with with CSS
Complex #2 Tests:
test_complex2.dart (main application)
Works with templates:
top_searches2.tmpl - #each inside of a #with w/ CSS and data model
Real World Application - Lists w/ events
real_app.dart (main application)
Works with templates:
realviews.tmpl - more complex app with event hookup (using var)
To build and run the above tests with frog in the browser. Each .tmpl maps to
a test name:
simple1 => name_entry.tmpl
simple2 => name_entry2.tmpl
simple3 => name_entry_css.tmpl
with1 => productview.tmpl
with2 => productview2.tmpl
list => applications.tmpl
complex => top_searches.tmpl
complexcss => top_searches_css.tmpl
complex2 => top_searches2.tmpl
real => realviews.tmpl
e.g. to run the Real World Application do:
cd utils/test/templates
./run real