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These are the instructions to run a wide variety of browser tests using
test.dart or dart/tools/testing/perf_testing/ Currently
the results of run_perf_tests are uploaded to
========= General Browser Setup ==========
See instructions on:
========= Proceed further only if you also want to run performance tests.======
1) Pull down benchmarks from internal repo (Google only): goto/dartbrowsersetup
2) Create a directory in called appengine-python in third_party. Download the
Linux/Other Platforms .zip file, and place the contents in the directory
you just created.
3) Run the tests! While standing in dart/tools/testing/perf_testing, run
$> python --forever --verbose
to run all the tests (browser performance, language correctness in the
browser, command line performance, and self-hosted compile time and compiled
code size).
You can run individual tests by adding the particular option (such as
--language) when running Type " -h" for a
full list of the options.