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// Copyright (c) 2011, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
part of html;
// On Firefox 11, the object obtained from 'window.location' is very strange.
// It can't be monkey-patched and seems immune to putting methods on
// Object.prototype. We are forced to wrap the object.
class _LocationWrapper implements Location {
final _ptr; // Opaque reference to real location.
// TODO(sra): Replace all the _set and _get calls with 'JS' forms.
// final List<String> ancestorOrigins;
List<String> get ancestorOrigins => _get(_ptr, 'ancestorOrigins');
// String hash;
String get hash => _get(_ptr, 'hash');
void set hash(String value) {
_set(_ptr, 'hash', value);
// String host;
String get host => _get(_ptr, 'host');
void set host(String value) {
_set(_ptr, 'host', value);
// String hostname;
String get hostname => _get(_ptr, 'hostname');
void set hostname(String value) {
_set(_ptr, 'hostname', value);
// String href;
String get href => _get(_ptr, 'href');
void set href(String value) {
_set(_ptr, 'href', value);
// final String origin;
String get origin {
if (JS('bool', '("origin" in #)', _ptr)) {
return JS('String', '#.origin', _ptr);
return '${this.protocol}//${}';
// String pathname;
String get pathname => _get(_ptr, 'pathname');
void set pathname(String value) {
_set(_ptr, 'pathname', value);
// String port;
String get port => _get(_ptr, 'port');
void set port(String value) {
_set(_ptr, 'port', value);
// String protocol;
String get protocol => _get(_ptr, 'protocol');
void set protocol(String value) {
_set(_ptr, 'protocol', value);
// String search;
String get search => _get(_ptr, 'search');
void set search(String value) {
_set(_ptr, 'search', value);
void assign(String url) => JS('void', '#.assign(#)', _ptr, url);
void reload() => JS('void', '#.reload()', _ptr);
void replace(String url) => JS('void', '#.replace(#)', _ptr, url);
String toString() => JS('String', '#.toString()', _ptr);
static _get(p, m) => JS('var', '#[#]', p, m);
static _set(p, m, v) => JS('void', '#[#] = #', p, m, v);