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Tool for extracting symbolic information from C++ Dart Runtime sources using cquery.

It should be invoked from the root of Dart SDK checkout and will generate xref.json file containing extracted symbol information.

$ pushd runtime/tools/wiki/xref_extractor && pub get && popd
$ dart runtime/tools/wiki/xref_extractor/bin/main.dart cquery/build/release/bin/cquery


  1. Build cquery as described here.
  2. Make sure that you have ninja files generated for ReleaseX64 configuration by running tools/ -a x64 -m release --no-goma (--no-goma is important - otherwise cquery can't figure out which toolchain is used).

xref.json format

interface Xrefs {
    /// Commit hash for which this xref.json is generated.
    commit: string;

    /// List of files names.
    files: string[];

    /// Class information by name.
    classes: ClassMap;

    /// Global function information.
    functions: LocationMap;

/// Locations are serialized as strings of form "fileIndex:lineNo", where
/// fileIndex points into files array.
type SymbolLocation = string;

/// Information about classes is stored in an array where the first element
/// describes location of the class itself and second optional element gives
/// locations of class members.
type ClassInfo = [SymbolLocation, LocationMap?];

/// Map of classes by their names.
interface ClassMap {
    [name: string]: ClassInfo;

/// Map of symbols to their locations.
interface LocationMap {
    [symbol: string]: SymbolLocation;