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# Copyright (c) 2012, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
# for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
# BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import datetime
import math
import optparse
import os
from os.path import dirname, abspath
import pickle
import platform
import random
import re
import shutil
import stat
import subprocess
import sys
import time
TOOLS_PATH = os.path.join(dirname(dirname(dirname(abspath(__file__)))))
TOP_LEVEL_DIR = abspath(os.path.join(dirname(abspath(__file__)), '..', '..',
DART_REPO_LOC = abspath(os.path.join(dirname(abspath(__file__)), '..', '..',
'..', '..', '..',
# How far back in time we want to test.
sys.path.append(os.path.join(TOP_LEVEL_DIR, 'internal', 'tests'))
import post_results
import utils
"""This script runs to track performance and size progress of
different svn revisions. It tests to see if there a newer version of the code on
the server, and will sync and run the performance tests if so."""
class TestRunner(object):
def __init__(self):
self.verbose = False
self.has_shell = False
if platform.system() == 'Windows':
# On Windows, shell must be true to get the correct environment variables.
self.has_shell = True
self.current_revision_num = None
def RunCmd(self, cmd_list, outfile=None, append=False, std_in=''):
"""Run the specified command and print out any output to stdout.
cmd_list: a list of strings that make up the command to run
outfile: a string indicating the name of the file that we should write
stdout to
append: True if we want to append to the file instead of overwriting it
std_in: a string that should be written to the process executing to
interact with it (if needed)"""
if self.verbose:
print ' '.join(cmd_list)
out = subprocess.PIPE
if outfile:
mode = 'w'
if append:
mode = 'a+'
out = open(outfile, mode)
if append:
# Annoying Windows "feature" -- append doesn't actually append unless
# you explicitly go to the end of the file.
#, os.SEEK_END)
p = subprocess.Popen(cmd_list, stdout = out, stderr=subprocess.PIPE,
stdin=subprocess.PIPE, shell=self.has_shell)
output, stderr = p.communicate(std_in)
if output:
print output
if stderr:
print stderr
return output, stderr
def TimeCmd(self, cmd):
"""Determine the amount of (real) time it takes to execute a given
start = time.time()
return time.time() - start
def ClearOutUnversionedFiles(self):
"""Remove all files that are unversioned by svn."""
if os.path.exists(DART_REPO_LOC):
results, _ = self.RunCmd(['svn', 'st'])
for line in results.split('\n'):
if line.startswith('?'):
to_remove = line.split()[1]
if os.path.isdir(to_remove):
shutil.rmtree(to_remove, onerror=TestRunner._OnRmError)
elif any(line.startswith(status) for status in ['A', 'M', 'C', 'D']):
self.RunCmd(['svn', 'revert', line.split()[1]])
def GetArchive(self, archive_name):
"""Wrapper around the pulling down a specific archive from Google Storage.
Adds a specific revision argument as needed.
Returns: A tuple of a boolean (True if we successfully downloaded the
binary), and the stdout and stderr from running this command."""
num_fails = 0
while True:
cmd = ['python', os.path.join(DART_REPO_LOC, 'tools', ''),
if int(self.current_revision_num) != -1:
cmd += ['-r', str(self.current_revision_num)]
stdout, stderr = self.RunCmd(cmd)
if 'Please try again later' in stdout and num_fails < 20:
num_fails += 1
return (num_fails < 20, stdout, stderr)
def _Sync(self, revision_num=None):
"""Update the repository to the latest or specified revision."""
if not revision_num:
self.RunCmd(['gclient', 'sync'])
self.RunCmd(['gclient', 'sync', '-r', str(revision_num), '-t'])
shutil.copytree(os.path.join(TOP_LEVEL_DIR, 'internal'),
os.path.join(DART_REPO_LOC, 'internal'))
shutil.rmtree(os.path.join(DART_REPO_LOC, 'third_party', 'gsutil'),
shutil.copytree(os.path.join(TOP_LEVEL_DIR, 'third_party', 'gsutil'),
os.path.join(DART_REPO_LOC, 'third_party', 'gsutil'))
shutil.copy(os.path.join(TOP_LEVEL_DIR, 'tools', ''),
os.path.join(DART_REPO_LOC, 'tools', ''))
os.path.join(TOP_LEVEL_DIR, 'tools', 'testing', ''),
os.path.join(DART_REPO_LOC, 'tools', 'testing', ''))
def _OnRmError(func, path, exc_info):
"""On Windows, the output directory is marked as "Read Only," which causes
an error to be thrown when we use shutil.rmtree. This helper function
changes the permissions so we can still delete the directory."""
if os.path.exists(path):
os.chmod(path, stat.S_IWRITE)
def SyncAndBuild(self, suites, revision_num=None):
"""Make sure we have the latest version of of the repo, and build it. We
begin and end standing in DART_REPO_LOC.
suites: The set of suites that we wish to build.
err_code = 1 if there was a problem building."""
if not revision_num:
revision_num = SearchForRevision()
self.current_revision_num = revision_num
success, stdout, stderr = self.GetArchive('sdk')
if (not os.path.exists(os.path.join(
DART_REPO_LOC, 'tools', '')) or not success
or 'InvalidUriError' in stderr or "Couldn't download" in stdout or
'Unable to download' in stdout):
# Couldn't find the SDK on Google Storage. Build it locally.
# TODO(efortuna): Currently always building ia32 architecture because we
# don't have test statistics for what's passing on x64. Eliminate arch
# specification when we have tests running on x64, too.
utils.GetBuildRoot(utils.GuessOS(), 'release', 'ia32')),
lines = self.RunCmd([os.path.join('.', 'tools', ''), '-m',
'release', '--arch=ia32', 'create_sdk'])
for line in lines:
if 'BUILD FAILED' in line:
# Someone checked in a broken build! Stop trying to make it work
# and wait to try again.
print 'Broken Build'
return 1
return 0
def EnsureOutputDirectory(self, dir_name):
"""Test that the listed directory name exists, and if not, create one for
our output to be placed.
dir_name: the directory we will create if it does not exist."""
dir_path = os.path.join(TOP_LEVEL_DIR, 'tools',
'testing', 'perf_testing', dir_name)
if not os.path.exists(dir_path):
print 'Creating output directory ', dir_path
def HasInterestingCode(self, revision_num=None):
"""Tests if there are any versions of files that might change performance
results on the server.
(False, None): There is no interesting code to run.
(True, revisionNumber): There is interesting code to run at revision
(True, None): There is interesting code to run by syncing to the
if not os.path.exists(DART_REPO_LOC):
no_effect = ['dart/client', 'dart/compiler', 'dart/editor',
'dart/lib/html/doc', 'dart/pkg', 'dart/tests', 'dart/samples',
'dart/lib/dartdoc', 'dart/lib/i18n', 'dart/lib/unittest',
'dart/tools/dartc', 'dart/tools/',
'dart/tools/', 'dart/tools/testing',
'dart/tools/utils', 'dart/third_party', 'dart/utils']
definitely_yes = ['dart/samples/third_party/dromaeo',
'dart/lib/html/dart2js', 'dart/lib/html/dartium',
'dart/lib/scripts', 'dart/lib/src',
def GetFileList(revision):
"""Determine the set of files that were changed for a particular
# TODO(efortuna): This assumes you're using svn. Have a git fallback as
# well. Pass 'p' in if we have a new certificate for the svn server, we
# want to (p)ermanently accept it.
results, _ = self.RunCmd([
'svn', 'log', '',
'-v', '-r', str(revision)], std_in='p\r\n')
results = results.split('\n')
if len(results) <= 3:
return []
# Trim off the details about revision number and commit message. We're
# only interested in the files that are changed.
results = results[3:]
changed_files = []
for result in results:
if len(result) <= 1:
tokens = result.split()
if len(tokens) > 1:
changed_files += [tokens[1].replace('/branches/bleeding_edge/', '')]
return changed_files
def HasPerfAffectingResults(files_list):
"""Determine if this set of changed files might effect performance
def IsSafeFile(f):
if not any(f.startswith(prefix) for prefix in definitely_yes):
return any(f.startswith(prefix) for prefix in no_effect)
return False
return not all(IsSafeFile(f) for f in files_list)
if revision_num:
return (HasPerfAffectingResults(GetFileList(
revision_num)), revision_num)
latest_interesting_server_rev = None
while not latest_interesting_server_rev:
results, _ = self.RunCmd(['svn', 'st', '-u'], std_in='p\r\n')
if len(results.split('\n')) >= 2:
latest_interesting_server_rev = int(
if self.backfill:
done_cls = list(UpdateSetOfDoneCls())
if done_cls:
last_done_cl = int(done_cls[-1])
last_done_cl = EARLIEST_REVISION
while latest_interesting_server_rev >= last_done_cl:
file_list = GetFileList(latest_interesting_server_rev)
if HasPerfAffectingResults(file_list):
return (True, latest_interesting_server_rev)
latest_interesting_server_rev -= 1
last_done_cl = int(SearchForRevision(DART_REPO_LOC)) + 1
while last_done_cl <= latest_interesting_server_rev:
file_list = GetFileList(last_done_cl)
if HasPerfAffectingResults(file_list):
return (True, last_done_cl)
last_done_cl += 1
return (False, None)
def GetOsDirectory(self):
"""Specifies the name of the directory for the testing build of dart, which
has yet a different naming convention from utils.getBuildRoot(...)."""
if platform.system() == 'Windows':
return 'windows'
elif platform.system() == 'Darwin':
return 'macos'
return 'linux'
def ParseArgs(self):
parser = optparse.OptionParser()
parser.add_option('--suites', '-s', dest='suites', help='Run the specified '
'comma-separated test suites from set: %s' % \
action='store', default=None)
parser.add_option('--forever', '-f', dest='continuous', help='Run this scri'
'pt forever, always checking for the next svn checkin',
action='store_true', default=False)
parser.add_option('--nobuild', '-n', dest='no_build', action='store_true',
help='Do not sync with the repository and do not '
'rebuild.', default=False)
parser.add_option('--noupload', '-u', dest='no_upload', action='store_true',
help='Do not post the results of the run.', default=False)
parser.add_option('--notest', '-t', dest='no_test', action='store_true',
help='Do not run the tests.', default=False)
parser.add_option('--verbose', '-v', dest='verbose',
help='Print extra debug output', action='store_true',
parser.add_option('--backfill', '-b', dest='backfill',
help='Backfill earlier CLs with additional results when '
'there is idle time.', action='store_true',
args, ignored = parser.parse_args()
if not args.suites:
suites = TestBuilder.AvailableSuiteNames()
suites = []
suitelist = args.suites.split(',')
for name in suitelist:
if name in TestBuilder.AvailableSuiteNames():
print ('Error: Invalid suite %s not in ' % name) + \
'%s' % ','.join(TestBuilder.AvailableSuiteNames())
self.suite_names = suites
self.no_build = args.no_build
self.no_upload = args.no_upload
self.no_test = args.no_test
self.verbose = args.verbose
self.backfill = args.backfill
return args.continuous
def RunTestSequence(self, revision_num=None, num_reruns=1):
"""Run the set of commands to (possibly) build, run, and post the results
of our tests. Returns 0 on a successful run, 1 if we fail to post results or
the run failed, -1 if the build is broken.
suites = []
success = True
if not self.no_build and self.SyncAndBuild(suites, revision_num) == 1:
return -1 # The build is broken.
if not self.current_revision_num:
self.current_revision_num = SearchForRevision(DART_REPO_LOC)
for name in self.suite_names:
for run in range(num_reruns):
suites += [TestBuilder.MakeTest(name, self)]
for test in suites:
success = success and test.Run()
if success:
return 0
return 1
class Test(object):
"""The base class to provide shared code for different tests we will run and
post. At a high level, each test has three visitors (the tester and the
file_processor) that perform operations on the test object."""
def __init__(self, result_folder_name, platform_list, variants,
values_list, test_runner, tester, file_processor,
result_folder_name: The name of the folder where a tracefile of
performance results will be stored.
platform_list: A list containing the platform(s) that our data has been
run on. (command line, firefox, chrome, etc)
variants: A list specifying whether we hold data about Frog
generated code, plain JS code, or a combination of both, or
Dart depending on the test.
values_list: A list containing the type of data we will be graphing
(benchmarks, percentage passing, etc).
test_runner: Reference to the parent test runner object that notifies a
test when to run.
tester: The visitor that actually performs the test running mechanics.
file_processor: The visitor that processes files in the format
appropriate for this test.
extra_metrics: A list of any additional measurements we wish to keep
track of (such as the geometric mean of a set, the sum, etc)."""
self.result_folder_name = result_folder_name
# cur_time is used as a timestamp of when this performance test was run.
self.cur_time = str(time.mktime(
self.values_list = values_list
self.platform_list = platform_list
self.test_runner = test_runner
self.tester = tester
self.file_processor = file_processor
self.revision_dict = dict()
self.values_dict = dict()
self.extra_metrics = extra_metrics
# Initialize our values store.
for platform in platform_list:
self.revision_dict[platform] = dict()
self.values_dict[platform] = dict()
for f in variants:
self.revision_dict[platform][f] = dict()
self.values_dict[platform][f] = dict()
for val in values_list:
self.revision_dict[platform][f][val] = []
self.values_dict[platform][f][val] = []
for extra_metric in extra_metrics:
self.revision_dict[platform][f][extra_metric] = []
self.values_dict[platform][f][extra_metric] = []
def IsValidCombination(self, platform, variant):
"""Check whether data should be captured for this platform/variant
if variant == 'dart_html' and platform != 'dartium':
return False
if platform == 'dartium' and (variant == 'js' or variant == 'dart2js_html'):
# Testing JavaScript performance on Dartium is a waste of time. Should be
# same as Chrome.
return False
if (platform == 'safari' and variant == 'dart2js' and
int(self.test_runner.current_revision_num) < 10193):
# In revision 10193 we fixed a bug that allows Safari 6 to run dart2js
# code. Since we can't change the Safari version on the machine, we're
# just not running
# for this case.
return False
return True
def Run(self):
"""Run the benchmarks/tests from the command line and plot the
for visitor in [self.tester, self.file_processor]:
'old', self.result_folder_name))
if not self.test_runner.no_test:
os.chdir(os.path.join(TOP_LEVEL_DIR, 'tools', 'testing', 'perf_testing'))
files = os.listdir(self.result_folder_name)
post_success = True
for afile in files:
if not afile.startswith('.'):
should_move_file = self.file_processor.ProcessFile(afile, True)
if should_move_file:
shutil.move(os.path.join(self.result_folder_name, afile),
os.path.join('old', self.result_folder_name, afile))
post_success = False
return post_success
class Tester(object):
"""The base level visitor class that runs tests. It contains convenience
methods that many Tester objects use. Any class that would like to be a
TesterVisitor must implement the RunTests() method."""
def __init__(self, test):
self.test = test
def Prepare(self):
"""Perform any initial setup required before the test is run."""
def AddSvnRevisionToTrace(self, outfile, browser = None):
"""Add the svn version number to the provided tracefile."""
def get_dartium_revision():
version_file_name = os.path.join(DART_REPO_LOC, 'client', 'tests',
'dartium', 'LAST_VERSION')
version_file = open(version_file_name, 'r')
version ='.')[-3].split('-')[-1]
return version
except IOError as e:
dartium_dir = os.path.join(DART_REPO_LOC, 'client', 'tests', 'dartium')
if (os.path.exists(os.path.join(dartium_dir, '', 'Contents',
'MacOS', 'Chromium') or os.path.exists(os.path.join(dartium_dir,
'chrome.exe'))) or
os.path.exists(os.path.join(dartium_dir, 'chrome'))):
print "Error: VERSION file wasn't found."
return SearchForRevision()
if browser and browser == 'dartium':
revision = get_dartium_revision()
self.test.test_runner.RunCmd(['echo', 'Revision: ' + revision], outfile)
revision = SearchForRevision()
self.test.test_runner.RunCmd(['echo', 'Revision: ' + revision], outfile)
class Processor(object):
"""The base level vistor class that processes tests. It contains convenience
methods that many File Processor objects use. Any class that would like to be
a ProcessorVisitor must implement the ProcessFile() method."""
SCORE = 'Score'
COMPILE_TIME = 'CompileTime'
CODE_SIZE = 'CodeSize'
def __init__(self, test):
self.test = test
def Prepare(self):
"""Perform any initial setup required before the test is run."""
def OpenTraceFile(self, afile, not_yet_uploaded):
"""Find the correct location for the trace file, and open it.
afile: The tracefile name.
not_yet_uploaded: True if this file is to be found in a directory that
contains un-uploaded data.
Returns: A file object corresponding to the given file name."""
file_path = os.path.join(self.test.result_folder_name, afile)
if not not_yet_uploaded:
file_path = os.path.join('old', file_path)
return open(file_path)
def ReportResults(self, benchmark_name, score, platform, variant,
revision_number, metric):
"""Store the results of the benchmark run.
benchmark_name: The name of the individual benchmark.
score: The numerical value of this benchmark.
platform: The platform the test was run on (firefox, command line, etc).
variant: Specifies whether the data was about generated Frog, js, a
combination of both, or Dart depending on the test.
revision_number: The revision of the code (and sometimes the revision of
Returns: True if the post was successful file."""
return post_results.report_results(benchmark_name, score, platform, variant,
revision_number, metric)
def CalculateGeometricMean(self, platform, variant, svn_revision):
"""Calculate the aggregate geometric mean for JS and dart2js benchmark sets,
given two benchmark dictionaries."""
geo_mean = 0
if self.test.IsValidCombination(platform, variant):
for benchmark in self.test.values_list:
if not self.test.values_dict[platform][variant][benchmark]:
print 'Error determining mean for %s %s %s' % (platform, variant,
geo_mean += math.log(
self.test.values_dict[platform][variant]['Geo-Mean'] += \
[math.pow(math.e, geo_mean / len(self.test.values_list))]
self.test.revision_dict[platform][variant]['Geo-Mean'] += [svn_revision]
def GetScoreType(self, benchmark_name):
"""Determine the type of score for posting -- default is 'Score' (aka
Runtime), other options are CompileTime and CodeSize."""
return self.SCORE
class RuntimePerformanceTest(Test):
"""Super class for all runtime performance testing."""
def __init__(self, result_folder_name, platform_list, platform_type,
versions, benchmarks, test_runner, tester, file_processor):
result_folder_name: The name of the folder where a tracefile of
performance results will be stored.
platform_list: A list containing the platform(s) that our data has been
run on. (command line, firefox, chrome, etc)
variants: A list specifying whether we hold data about Frog
generated code, plain JS code, or a combination of both, or
Dart depending on the test.
values_list: A list containing the type of data we will be graphing
(benchmarks, percentage passing, etc).
test_runner: Reference to the parent test runner object that notifies a
test when to run.
tester: The visitor that actually performs the test running mechanics.
file_processor: The visitor that processes files in the format
appropriate for this test.
extra_metrics: A list of any additional measurements we wish to keep
track of (such as the geometric mean of a set, the sum, etc)."""
super(RuntimePerformanceTest, self).__init__(result_folder_name,
platform_list, versions, benchmarks, test_runner, tester,
self.platform_list = platform_list
self.platform_type = platform_type
self.versions = versions
self.benchmarks = benchmarks
class BrowserTester(Tester):
def GetBrowsers(add_dartium=True):
browsers = ['ff', 'chrome']
if add_dartium:
browsers += ['dartium']
has_shell = False
if platform.system() == 'Darwin':
browsers += ['safari']
if platform.system() == 'Windows':
browsers += ['ie']
has_shell = True
return browsers
class CommonBrowserTest(RuntimePerformanceTest):
"""Runs this basic performance tests (Benchpress, some V8 benchmarks) in the
def __init__(self, test_runner):
test_runner: Reference to the object that notifies us when to run."""
super(CommonBrowserTest, self).__init__(
self.Name(), BrowserTester.GetBrowsers(False),
'browser', ['js', 'dart2js'],
self.GetStandaloneBenchmarks(), test_runner,
def Name():
return 'browser-perf'
def GetStandaloneBenchmarks():
return ['Mandelbrot', 'DeltaBlue', 'Richards', 'NBody', 'BinaryTrees',
'Fannkuch', 'Meteor', 'BubbleSort', 'Fibonacci', 'Loop', 'Permute',
'Queens', 'QuickSort', 'Recurse', 'Sieve', 'Sum', 'Tak', 'Takl', 'Towers',
class CommonBrowserTester(BrowserTester):
def RunTests(self):
"""Run a performance test in the browser."""
'python', os.path.join('internal', 'browserBenchmarks',
for browser in self.test.platform_list:
for version in self.test.versions:
if not self.test.IsValidCombination(browser, version):
self.test.trace_file = os.path.join(TOP_LEVEL_DIR,
'tools', 'testing', 'perf_testing', self.test.result_folder_name,
'perf-%s-%s-%s' % (self.test.cur_time, browser, version))
self.AddSvnRevisionToTrace(self.test.trace_file, browser)
file_path = os.path.join(
os.getcwd(), 'internal', 'browserBenchmarks', 'V8vDart',
'V8vDart_page_%s.html' % version)
['python', os.path.join('tools', 'testing', ''),
'--out', '"file:///%s"' % file_path, '--browser', browser,
'--timeout', '600', '--mode', 'perf'], self.test.trace_file,
class CommonBrowserFileProcessor(Processor):
def ProcessFile(self, afile, should_post_file):
"""Comb through the html to find the performance results.
Returns: True if we successfully posted our data to storage and/or we can
delete the trace file."""
os.chdir(os.path.join(TOP_LEVEL_DIR, 'tools',
'testing', 'perf_testing'))
parts = afile.split('-')
browser = parts[2]
version = parts[3]
f = self.OpenTraceFile(afile, should_post_file)
lines = f.readlines()
line = ''
i = 0
revision_num = 0
while '<div id="results">' not in line and i < len(lines):
if 'Revision' in line:
revision_num = int(line.split()[1].strip('"'))
line = lines[i]
i += 1
if i >= len(lines) or revision_num == 0:
# Then this run did not complete. Ignore this tracefile.
return True
line = lines[i]
i += 1
results = []
if line.find('<br>') > -1:
results = line.split('<br>')
results = line.split('<br />')
if results == []:
return True
upload_success = True
for result in results:
name_and_score = result.split(':')
if len(name_and_score) < 2:
name = name_and_score[0].strip()
score = name_and_score[1].strip()
if version == 'js' or version == 'v8':
version = 'js'
bench_dict = self.test.values_dict[browser][version]
bench_dict[name] += [float(score)]
self.test.revision_dict[browser][version][name] += [revision_num]
if not self.test.test_runner.no_upload and should_post_file:
upload_success = upload_success and self.ReportResults(
name, score, browser, version, revision_num,
upload_success = False
self.CalculateGeometricMean(browser, version, revision_num)
return upload_success
class DromaeoTester(Tester):
'attr': ('attributes', [
' = value']),
'modify': ('modify', [
'query': ('query', [
'getElementById (not in document)',
'getElementsByTagName (not in document)',
'getElementsByName (not in document)']),
'traverse': ('traverse', [
# Use filenames that don't have unusual characters for benchmark names.
def LegalizeFilename(str):
remap = {
' ': '_',
'(': '_',
')': '_',
'*': 'ALL',
'=': 'ASSIGN',
for (old, new) in remap.iteritems():
str = str.replace(old, new)
return str
# TODO(vsm): This is a hack to skip breaking tests. Triage this
# failure properly. The modify suite fails on 32-bit chrome, which
# is the default on mac and win.
def GetValidDromaeoTags():
tags = [tag for (tag, _) in DromaeoTester.DROMAEO_BENCHMARKS.values()]
if platform.system() == 'Darwin' or platform.system() == 'Windows':
return tags
def GetDromaeoBenchmarks():
valid = DromaeoTester.GetValidDromaeoTags()
benchmarks = reduce(lambda l1,l2: l1+l2,
[tests for (tag, tests) in
if tag in valid])
return map(DromaeoTester.LegalizeFilename, benchmarks)
def GetDromaeoVersions():
return ['js', 'dart2js_html', 'dart_html']
class DromaeoTest(RuntimePerformanceTest):
"""Runs Dromaeo tests, in the browser."""
def __init__(self, test_runner):
super(DromaeoTest, self).__init__(
DromaeoTester.GetDromaeoBenchmarks(), test_runner,
def Name():
return 'dromaeo'
class DromaeoPerfTester(DromaeoTester):
def MoveChromeDriverIfNeeded(self, browser):
"""Move the appropriate version of ChromeDriver onto the path.
TODO(efortuna): This is a total hack because the latest version of Chrome
(Dartium builds) requires a different version of ChromeDriver, that is
incompatible with the release or beta Chrome and vice versa. Remove these
shenanigans once we're back to both versions of Chrome using the same
version of ChromeDriver. IMPORTANT NOTE: This assumes your chromedriver is
in the default location (inside depot_tools).
Returns: True if we were successfully able to download a new version of
chromedriver and/or move the correct chromedriver into position.
current_dir = os.getcwd()
path = os.environ['PATH'].split(os.pathsep)
orig_chromedriver_path = os.path.join(DART_REPO_LOC, 'tools', 'testing',
dartium_chromedriver_path = os.path.join(DART_REPO_LOC, 'tools',
extension = ''
if platform.system() == 'Windows':
extension = '.exe'
def MoveChromedriver(depot_tools, copy_to_depot_tools_dir=True,
if from_path:
from_dir = from_path + extension
from_dir = os.path.join(orig_chromedriver_path,
'chromedriver' + extension)
to_dir = os.path.join(depot_tools, 'chromedriver' + extension)
if not copy_to_depot_tools_dir:
tmp = to_dir
to_dir = from_dir
from_dir = tmp
print >> sys.stderr, from_dir
print >> sys.stderr, to_dir
if not os.path.exists(os.path.dirname(to_dir)):
if not os.path.exists(os.path.dirname(from_dir)):
shutil.copyfile(from_dir, to_dir)
for loc in path:
if 'depot_tools' in loc:
if browser == 'chrome':
if os.path.exists(orig_chromedriver_path):
elif browser == 'dartium':
if (int(self.test.test_runner.current_revision_num) <
# If we don't have a stashed different chromedriver just use
# the regular chromedriver.
if not os.path.exists(os.path.dirname(orig_chromedriver_path)):
TOP_LEVEL_DIR, 'tools', 'testing', ''),
'-f', '-p', '-s'])
elif not os.path.exists(dartium_chromedriver_path):
success, _, _ = self.test.test_runner.GetArchive('chromedriver')
if not success:
return False
# Move original chromedriver for storage.
if not os.path.exists(orig_chromedriver_path):
MoveChromedriver(loc, copy_to_depot_tools_dir=False)
if self.test.test_runner.current_revision_num >= FIRST_CHROMEDRIVER:
# Copy Dartium chromedriver into depot_tools
MoveChromedriver(loc, from_path=os.path.join(
dartium_chromedriver_path, 'chromedriver'))
return True
def RunTests(self):
"""Run dromaeo in the browser."""
success, _, _ = self.test.test_runner.GetArchive('dartium')
if not success:
# Unable to download dartium. Try later.
# Build tests.
dromaeo_path = os.path.join('samples', 'third_party', 'dromaeo')
current_path = os.getcwd()
if os.path.exists(''):
stdout, _ = self.test.test_runner.RunCmd(
['python', ''])
stdout, _ = self.test.test_runner.RunCmd(
['python', ''])
if 'Error: Compilation failed' in stdout:
versions = DromaeoTester.GetDromaeoVersions()
for browser in BrowserTester.GetBrowsers():
success = self.MoveChromeDriverIfNeeded(browser)
if not success:
for version_name in versions:
if not self.test.IsValidCombination(browser, version_name):
version = DromaeoTest.DromaeoPerfTester.GetDromaeoUrlQuery(
browser, version_name)
self.test.trace_file = os.path.join(TOP_LEVEL_DIR,
'tools', 'testing', 'perf_testing', self.test.result_folder_name,
'dromaeo-%s-%s-%s' % (self.test.cur_time, browser, version_name))
self.AddSvnRevisionToTrace(self.test.trace_file, browser)
file_path = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), dromaeo_path,
'index%s.html?%s' % (
'' if version_name == 'dart_html' else '-js', version))
['python', os.path.join('tools', 'testing', ''),
'--out', '"file:///%s"' % file_path, '--browser', browser,
'--timeout', '900', '--mode', 'dromaeo'], self.test.trace_file,
# Put default Chromedriver back in.
def GetDromaeoUrlQuery(browser, version):
if browser == 'dartium':
version = version.replace('frog', 'dart')
version = version.replace('_','AND')
tags = DromaeoTester.GetValidDromaeoTags()
return 'OR'.join([ '%sAND%s' % (version, tag) for tag in tags])
class DromaeoFileProcessor(Processor):
def ProcessFile(self, afile, should_post_file):
"""Comb through the html to find the performance results.
Returns: True if we successfully posted our data to storage."""
parts = afile.split('-')
browser = parts[2]
version = parts[3]
bench_dict = self.test.values_dict[browser][version]
f = self.OpenTraceFile(afile, should_post_file)
lines = f.readlines()
i = 0
revision_num = 0
revision_pattern = r'Revision: (\d+)'
suite_pattern = r'<div class="result-item done">(.+?)</ol></div>'
result_pattern = r'<b>(.+?)</b>(.+?)<small> runs/s(.+)'
upload_success = True
for line in lines:
rev = re.match(revision_pattern, line.strip().replace('"', ''))
if rev:
revision_num = int(
suite_results = re.findall(suite_pattern, line)
if suite_results:
for suite_result in suite_results:
results = re.findall(r'<li>(.*?)</li>', suite_result)
if results:
for result in results:
r = re.match(result_pattern, result)
name = DromaeoTester.LegalizeFilename(':'))
score = float(
bench_dict[name] += [float(score)]
self.test.revision_dict[browser][version][name] += \
if not self.test.test_runner.no_upload and should_post_file:
upload_success = upload_success and self.ReportResults(
name, score, browser, version, revision_num,
upload_success = False
self.CalculateGeometricMean(browser, version, revision_num)
return upload_success
class TestBuilder(object):
"""Construct the desired test object."""
available_suites = dict((suite.Name(), suite) for suite in [
CommonBrowserTest, DromaeoTest])
def MakeTest(test_name, test_runner):
return TestBuilder.available_suites[test_name](test_runner)
def AvailableSuiteNames():
return TestBuilder.available_suites.keys()
def SearchForRevision(directory = None):
"""Find the current revision number in the desired directory. If directory is
None, find the revision number in the current directory."""
def FindRevision(svn_info_command):
p = subprocess.Popen(svn_info_command, stdout = subprocess.PIPE,
stderr = subprocess.STDOUT,
shell = (platform.system() == 'Windows'))
output, _ = p.communicate()
for line in output.split('\n'):
if 'Revision' in line:
return int(line.split()[1])
return -1
cwd = os.getcwd()
if not directory:
directory = cwd
revision_num = int(FindRevision(['svn', 'info']))
if revision_num == -1:
revision_num = int(FindRevision(['git', 'svn', 'info']))
return str(revision_num)
def UpdateSetOfDoneCls(revision_num=None):
"""Update the set of CLs that do not need additional performance runs.
revision_num: an additional number to be added to the 'done set'
filename = os.path.join(TOP_LEVEL_DIR, 'cached_results.txt')
if not os.path.exists(filename):
f = open(filename, 'w')
results = set()
pickle.dump(results, f)
f = open(filename, 'r+')
result_set = pickle.load(f)
if revision_num:
pickle.dump(result_set, f)
return result_set
def FillInBackHistory(results_set, runner):
"""Fill in back history performance data. This is done one of two ways, with
equal probability of trying each way (falling back on the sequential version
as our data becomes more densely populated)."""
revision_num = int(SearchForRevision(DART_REPO_LOC))
has_run_extra = False
def TryToRunAdditional(revision_number):
"""Determine the number of results we have stored for a particular revision
number, and if it is less than 10, run some extra tests.
- revision_number: the revision whose performance we want to potentially
Returns: True if we successfully ran some additional tests."""
if not runner.HasInterestingCode(revision_number)[0]:
results_set = UpdateSetOfDoneCls(revision_number)
return False
a_test = TestBuilder.MakeTest(runner.suite_names[0], runner)
benchmark_name = a_test.values_list[0]
platform_name = a_test.platform_list[0]
variant = a_test.values_dict[platform_name].keys()[0]
num_results = post_results.get_num_results(benchmark_name,
platform_name, variant, revision_number,
if num_results < 10:
# Run at most two more times.
if num_results > 8:
reruns = 10 - num_results
reruns = 2
run = runner.RunTestSequence(revision_num=str(revision_number),
if num_results >= 10 or run == 0 and num_results + reruns >= 10:
results_set = UpdateSetOfDoneCls(revision_number)
elif run != 0:
return False
return True
# Try to get up to 10 runs of each CL, starting with the most recent
# CL that does not yet have 10 runs. But only perform a set of extra
# runs at most 2 at a time before checking to see if new code has been
# checked in.
while revision_num > EARLIEST_REVISION and not has_run_extra:
if revision_num not in results_set:
has_run_extra = TryToRunAdditional(revision_num)
revision_num -= 1
if not has_run_extra:
# No more extra back-runs to do (for now). Wait for new code.
return results_set
def main():
runner = TestRunner()
continuous = runner.ParseArgs()
if not os.path.exists(DART_REPO_LOC):
p = subprocess.Popen('gclient config' +
stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE,
if continuous:
while True:
results_set = UpdateSetOfDoneCls()
(is_interesting, interesting_rev_num) = runner.HasInterestingCode()
if is_interesting:
if runner.backfill:
results_set = FillInBackHistory(results_set, runner)
if __name__ == '__main__':