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Polymer is a new type of library for the web, built on top of Web Components, and designed to leverage the evolving web platform on modern browsers.

Polymer.dart is a Dart port of Polymer created and maintained by the Dart team. The Dart team is collaborating with the Polymer team to ensure that polymer.dart elements and polyfills are fully compatible with Polymer.

For more information about Polymer, see For more information about Dart, see

Try It Now

Add the polymer.dart package to your pubspec.yaml file:

  polymer: any

Instead of using any, we recommend using version ranges to avoid getting your project broken on each release. Using a version range lets you upgrade your package at your own pace. You can find the latest version number at

Learn More

Note: these documents are currently out of date.

See our TodoMVC example by opening up the Dart Editor's Welcome Page and selecting “TodoMVC”.

Running Tests

Dependencies are installed using the Pub Package Manager.

pub install

# Run command line tests and automated end-to-end tests. It needs two
# executables on your path: `dart` and `content_shell` (see below
# for links to download `content_shell`)

Note: to run browser tests you will need to have content_shell, which can be downloaded prebuilt for Ubuntu Lucid, Windows, or Mac. You can also build it from the Dartium and content_shell sources.

For Linux users all the necessary fonts must be installed see

Contacting Us

Please file issues in our Issue Tracker or contact us on the Dart Web UI mailing list.

We also have the Web UI development list for discussions about internals of the code, code reviews, etc.