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import 'dart:math' show max;
import 'package:stack_trace/stack_trace.dart';
import 'package:dart2js_tools/src/trace.dart';
import 'package:dart2js_tools/src/name_decoder.dart';
import 'package:dart2js_tools/src/util.dart';
import 'package:dart2js_tools/src/trace_decoder.dart';
/// Deobuscates the given [obfuscatedTrace].
/// This method assumes a stack trace contains URIs normalized to be file URIs.
/// If for example you obtain a stack from a browser, you may need to preprocess
/// the stack to map the URI of the JavaScript files to URIs in the local file
/// system.
/// For example, a valid input to this method would be:
/// Error: no such method
/// at aB.a20 (/usr/local/foo/main.dart.js:71969:32)
/// at aNk.goV (/usr/local/foo/main.dart.js:72040:52)
/// at aNk.gfK (/usr/local/foo/main.dart.js:72038:27)
/// at FE.gtn (/usr/local/foo/main.dart.js:72640:24)
/// at aBZ.ghN (/usr/local/foo/main.dart.js:72642:24)
/// at inheritance (/usr/local/foo/main.dart.js:105334:0)
/// at FE (/usr/local/foo/main.dart.js:5037:18)
/// Internally this method will read those JavaScript files, search for the
/// `//# sourceMappingURL=` line at the end, and load the corresponding
/// source-map file.
String deobfuscateStackTrace(String obfuscatedTrace) {
String error = extractErrorMessage(obfuscatedTrace);
var provider = CachingFileProvider();
StackDeobfuscationResult result = deobfuscateStack(obfuscatedTrace, provider);
Frame firstFrame = result.original.frames.first;
String translatedError = (firstFrame.uri.scheme == 'error'
? null
: translate(error, provider.mappingFor(firstFrame.uri))) ??
'<no error message found>';
var sb = StringBuffer();
maxMemberLengthHelper(int m, Frame f) => max(f.member.length, m);
int longest = result.deobfuscated.frames.fold(0, maxMemberLengthHelper);
longest = result.original.frames.fold(longest, maxMemberLengthHelper);
for (var originalFrame in result.original.frames) {
var deobfuscatedFrames = result.frameMap[originalFrame];
if (deobfuscatedFrames == null) {
var name = originalFrame.member;
sb.writeln(' at ${name.padRight(longest)} ${originalFrame.location}');
} else {
for (var frame in deobfuscatedFrames) {
var name = frame.member;
// TODO(sigmund): eventually when ddc stops shipping source-maps to the
// client, we can start encoding the function name and remove this
// workaround.
if (name == '<unknown>') name = originalFrame.member;
sb.writeln(' at ${name.padRight(longest)} ${frame.location}');
return '$sb';