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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// Helper methods for converting a [Mirror] to a [String].
library test.stringify;
import 'dart:mirrors';
import 'package:expect/expect.dart';
name(DeclarationMirror mirror) {
return (mirror == null) ? '<null>' : stringify(mirror.simpleName);
stringifyMap(Map map) {
var buffer = new StringBuffer();
bool first = true;
for (String key in {
if (!first) buffer.write(', ');
first = false;
buffer.write(': ');
buffer.write(stringify(map[new Symbol(key)]));
return '{$buffer}';
stringifyIterable(Iterable list) {
var buffer = new StringBuffer();
bool first = true;
for (String value in {
if (!first) buffer.write(', ');
first = false;
return '[$buffer]';
stringifyInstance(InstanceMirror instance) {
var buffer = new StringBuffer();
if (instance.hasReflectee) {
buffer.write('value = ${stringify(instance.reflectee)}');
return 'Instance(${buffer})';
stringifySymbol(Symbol symbol) => 's(${MirrorSystem.getName(symbol)})';
writeDeclarationOn(DeclarationMirror mirror, StringBuffer buffer) {
if (mirror.owner != null) {
buffer.write(' in ');
if (mirror.isPrivate) buffer.write(', private');
if (mirror.isTopLevel) buffer.write(', top-level');
writeVariableOn(VariableMirror variable, StringBuffer buffer) {
writeDeclarationOn(variable, buffer);
if (variable.isStatic) buffer.write(', static');
if (variable.isFinal) buffer.write(', final');
stringifyVariable(VariableMirror variable) {
var buffer = new StringBuffer();
writeVariableOn(variable, buffer);
return 'Variable($buffer)';
stringifyParameter(ParameterMirror parameter) {
var buffer = new StringBuffer();
writeVariableOn(parameter, buffer);
if (parameter.isOptional) buffer.write(', optional');
if (parameter.isNamed) buffer.write(', named');
// TODO(6490): dart2js always returns false for hasDefaultValue.
if (parameter.hasDefaultValue) {
buffer.write(', value = ${stringify(parameter.defaultValue)}');
// TODO(ahe): Move to writeVariableOn.
buffer.write(', type = ${stringify(parameter.type)}');
return 'Parameter($buffer)';
stringifyTypeVariable(TypeVariableMirror typeVariable) {
var buffer = new StringBuffer();
writeDeclarationOn(typeVariable, buffer);
buffer.write(', upperBound = ${stringify(typeVariable.upperBound)}');
return 'TypeVariable($buffer)';
stringifyType(TypeMirror type) {
var buffer = new StringBuffer();
writeDeclarationOn(type, buffer);
return 'Type($buffer)';
stringifyClass(ClassMirror cls) {
var buffer = new StringBuffer();
writeDeclarationOn(cls, buffer);
return 'Class($buffer)';
stringifyMethod(MethodMirror method) {
var buffer = new StringBuffer();
writeDeclarationOn(method, buffer);
if (method.isAbstract) buffer.write(', abstract');
if (method.isSynthetic) buffer.write(', synthetic');
if (method.isStatic) buffer.write(', static');
if (method.isGetter) buffer.write(', getter');
if (method.isSetter) buffer.write(', setter');
if (method.isConstructor) buffer.write(', constructor');
return 'Method($buffer)';
stringify(value) {
if (value is Map) return stringifyMap(value);
if (value is Iterable) return stringifyIterable(value);
if (value is InstanceMirror) return stringifyInstance(value);
if (value is ParameterMirror) return stringifyParameter(value);
if (value is VariableMirror) return stringifyVariable(value);
if (value is MethodMirror) return stringifyMethod(value);
if (value is num) return value.toString();
if (value is String) return value;
if (value is Symbol) return stringifySymbol(value);
if (value is ClassMirror) return stringifyClass(value);
if (value is TypeVariableMirror) return stringifyTypeVariable(value);
if (value is TypeMirror) return stringifyType(value);
if (value == null) return '<null>';
throw 'Unexpected value: $value';
expect(expected, actual, [String reason]) {
Expect.stringEquals(expected, stringify(actual), reason);
compareSymbols(Symbol a, Symbol b) {
return MirrorSystem.getName(a).compareTo(MirrorSystem.getName(b));
simpleNames(Iterable<Mirror> i) => => e.simpleName);
sort(Iterable<Symbol> symbols) => symbols.toList()..sort(compareSymbols);