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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library test.invoke_subscript_test;
import 'dart:mirrors';
import 'package:expect/expect.dart';
class Super {
inheritedMethod(a, b) => a + b;
staticFunctionInSuper(x) => x;
class Class extends Super {
var field = 'f';
get getter => 'g';
set setter(v) => 's';
method(x, y, z) => '$x-$y-$z';
methodWithNamed(x, {y, z:'Z'}) => '$x+$y+$z';
methodWithOptPos(x, [y, z='Z']) => '$x*$y*$z';
static var staticField = 'sf';
static get staticGetter => 'sg';
static set staticSetter(v) => 'ss';
static staticFunction(x, y, z) => '$x-$y-$z';
static staticFunctionWithNamed(x, {y, z:'Z'}) => '$x+$y+$z';
static staticFunctionWithOptPos(x, [y, z='Z']) => '$x*$y*$z';
var toplevelField ='tf';
get toplevelGetter => 'tg';
set toplevelSetter(v) => 'ts';
toplevelFunction(x, y, z) => '$x-$y-$z';
toplevelFunctionWithNamed(x, {y, z:'Z'}) => '$x+$y+$z';
toplevelFunctionWithOptPos(x, [y, z='Z']) => '$x*$y*$z';
expectArgumentError(f) {
Expect.throws(f, (e) => e is ArgumentError);
main() {
InstanceMirror im = reflect(new Class());
Expect.equals('A-B-C', im[#method]('A', 'B', 'C').reflectee);
Expect.throws(() => im[#method]('A', 'B', 'C', 'D'),
(e) => e is NoSuchMethodError,
'Wrong arity');
Expect.equals(7, im[#inheritedMethod](3, 4).reflectee);
expectArgumentError(() => im[#field]);
expectArgumentError(() => im[#getter]);
expectArgumentError(() => im[#setter]);
expectArgumentError(() => im[#doesntExist]);
expectArgumentError(() => im[#staticFunction]);
ClassMirror cm = reflectClass(Class);
Expect.equals('A-B-C', cm[#staticFunction]('A', 'B', 'C').reflectee);
Expect.throws(() => cm[#staticFunction]('A', 'B', 'C', 'D'),
(e) => e is NoSuchMethodError,
'Wrong arity');
expectArgumentError(() => cm[#staticField]);
expectArgumentError(() => cm[#staticGetter]);
expectArgumentError(() => cm[#staticSetter]);
expectArgumentError(() => cm[#staticDoesntExist]);
expectArgumentError(() => cm[#staticFunctionInSuper]);
expectArgumentError(() => cm[#method]);
LibraryMirror lm = cm.owner;
Expect.equals('A-B-C', lm[#toplevelFunction]('A', 'B', 'C').reflectee);
Expect.throws(() => lm[#toplevelFunction]('A', 'B', 'C', 'D'),
(e) => e is NoSuchMethodError,
'Wrong arity');
expectArgumentError(() => lm[#toplevelField]);
expectArgumentError(() => lm[#toplevelGetter]);
expectArgumentError(() => lm[#toplevelSetter]);
expectArgumentError(() => lm[#toplevelDoesntExist]);
// dart2js might stop testing here.
Expect.equals('A+B+Z', im[#methodWithNamed]('A', y: 'B').reflectee);
Expect.equals('A*B*Z', im[#methodWithOptPos]('A', 'B').reflectee);
Expect.throws(() => im[#methodWithNamed]('A', w: 'D'),
(e) => e is NoSuchMethodError,
'Wrong arity');
Expect.throws(() => im[#method](),
(e) => e is NoSuchMethodError,
'Wrong arity');
Expect.equals('A+B+Z', cm[#staticFunctionWithNamed]('A', y: 'B').reflectee);
Expect.equals('A*B*Z', cm[#staticFunctionWithOptPos]('A', 'B').reflectee);
Expect.throws(() => cm[#staticFunctionWithNamed]('A', w: 'D'),
(e) => e is NoSuchMethodError,
'Wrong arity');
Expect.throws(() => cm[#staticFunctionWithOptPos](),
(e) => e is NoSuchMethodError,
'Wrong arity');
Expect.equals('A+B+Z', lm[#toplevelFunctionWithNamed]('A', y: 'B').reflectee);
Expect.equals('A*B*Z', lm[#toplevelFunctionWithOptPos]('A', 'B').reflectee);
Expect.throws(() => lm[#toplevelFunctionWithNamed]('A', w: 'D'),
(e) => e is NoSuchMethodError,
'Wrong arity');
Expect.throws(() => lm[#toplevelFunctionWithOptPos](),
(e) => e is NoSuchMethodError,
'Wrong arity');