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// Copyright (c) 2022, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library dart.wasm;
// A collection a special Dart tytpes that are mapped directly to Wasm types
// by the dart2wasm compiler. These types have a number of constraints:
// - They can only be used directly as types of local variables, fields, or
// parameter/return of static functions. No other uses of the types are valid.
// - They are not assignable to or from any ordinary Dart types.
// - The integer and float types can't be nullable.
// TODO(askesc): Give an error message if any of these constraints are violated.
abstract class _WasmBase {}
abstract class _WasmInt extends _WasmBase {}
abstract class _WasmFloat extends _WasmBase {}
/// The Wasm `anyref` type.
class WasmAnyRef extends _WasmBase {
/// Upcast Dart object to `anyref`.
external factory WasmAnyRef.fromObject(Object o);
/// Whether this reference is a Dart object.
external bool get isObject;
/// Downcast `anyref` to a Dart object.
/// Will throw if the reference is not a Dart object.
external Object toObject();
WasmExternRef externalize() => _externalizeNonNullable(this);
extension ExternalizeNullable on WasmAnyRef? {
WasmExternRef? externalize() => _externalizeNullable(this);
/// The Wasm `externref` type.
class WasmExternRef extends _WasmBase {
WasmAnyRef internalize() => _internalizeNonNullable(this);
extension InternalizeNullable on WasmExternRef? {
WasmAnyRef? internalize() => _internalizeNullable(this);
external WasmExternRef _externalizeNonNullable(WasmAnyRef ref);
external WasmExternRef? _externalizeNullable(WasmAnyRef? ref);
external WasmAnyRef _internalizeNonNullable(WasmExternRef ref);
external WasmAnyRef? _internalizeNullable(WasmExternRef? ref);
/// The Wasm `funcref` type.
class WasmFuncRef extends _WasmBase {
/// Upcast typed function reference to `funcref`
external factory WasmFuncRef.fromWasmFunction(WasmFunction<Function> fun);
/// The Wasm `eqref` type.
class WasmEqRef extends WasmAnyRef {
/// Upcast Dart object to `eqref`.
external factory WasmEqRef.fromObject(Object o);
/// The Wasm `dataref` type.
class WasmDataRef extends WasmEqRef {
/// Upcast Dart object to `dataref`.
external factory WasmDataRef.fromObject(Object o);
abstract class _WasmArray extends WasmDataRef {
/// Dummy factory to silence error about missing superclass constructor.
external factory _WasmArray._dummy();
external int get length;
/// The Wasm `i8` storage type.
class WasmI8 extends _WasmInt {}
/// The Wasm `i16` storage type.
class WasmI16 extends _WasmInt {}
/// The Wasm `i32` type.
class WasmI32 extends _WasmInt {
external factory WasmI32.fromInt(int value);
external int toIntSigned();
external int toIntUnsigned();
/// The Wasm `i64` type.
class WasmI64 extends _WasmInt {
external factory WasmI64.fromInt(int value);
external int toInt();
/// The Wasm `f32` type.
class WasmF32 extends _WasmFloat {
external factory WasmF32.fromDouble(double value);
external double toDouble();
/// The Wasm `f64` type.
class WasmF64 extends _WasmFloat {
external factory WasmF64.fromDouble(double value);
external double toDouble();
/// A Wasm array with integer element type.
class WasmIntArray<T extends _WasmInt> extends _WasmArray {
external factory WasmIntArray(int length);
external int readSigned(int index);
external int readUnsigned(int index);
external void write(int index, int value);
/// A Wasm array with float element type.
class WasmFloatArray<T extends _WasmFloat> extends _WasmArray {
external factory WasmFloatArray(int length);
external double read(int index);
external void write(int index, double value);
/// A Wasm array with reference element type, containing Dart objects.
class WasmObjectArray<T extends Object?> extends _WasmArray {
external factory WasmObjectArray(int length);
external T read(int index);
external void write(int index, T value);
/// Wasm typed function reference.
class WasmFunction<F extends Function> extends WasmFuncRef {
/// Create a typed function reference referring to the given function.
/// The argument must directly name a static function with no optional
/// parameters and no type parameters.
external factory WasmFunction.fromFunction(F f);
/// Downcast `funcref` to a typed function reference.
/// Will throw if the reference is not a function with the expected signature.
external factory WasmFunction.fromFuncRef(WasmFuncRef ref);
/// Call the function referred to by this typed function reference.
external F get call;
/// A Wasm table.
class WasmTable<T> {
/// Declare a table with the given size.
/// Must be an initializer for a static field. The [size] argument must be
/// either a constant or a reference to a `static` `final` field with a
/// constant initializer.
external WasmTable(int size);
/// Read from an entry in the table.
external T operator [](WasmI32 index);
/// Write to an entry in the table.
external void operator []=(WasmI32 index, T value);
/// The size of the table.
external WasmI32 get size;
/// Call a function stored in the table using the `call_indirect` Wasm
/// instructionm. The function value returned from this method must be
/// called directly.
external F callIndirect<F extends Function>(WasmI32 index);
extension IntToWasmInt on int {
WasmI32 toWasmI32() => WasmI32.fromInt(this);
WasmI64 toWasmI64() => WasmI64.fromInt(this);
extension DoubleToWasmFloat on double {
WasmF32 toWasmF32() => WasmF32.fromDouble(this);
WasmF64 toWasmF64() => WasmF64.fromDouble(this);