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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// Defines the front-end API for converting source code to Dart Kernel objects.
library front_end.kernel_generator;
import 'package:_fe_analyzer_shared/src/messages/codes.dart'
show messageMissingMain, noLength;
import 'package:_fe_analyzer_shared/src/messages/severity.dart' show Severity;
import 'package:kernel/ast.dart' show Component;
import 'package:kernel/class_hierarchy.dart' show ClassHierarchy;
import 'package:kernel/core_types.dart' show CoreTypes;
import '../base/processed_options.dart' show ProcessedOptions;
import '../fasta/compiler_context.dart' show CompilerContext;
import '../kernel_generator_impl.dart'
show generateKernel, generateKernelInternal;
import 'compiler_options.dart' show CompilerOptions;
/// Generates a kernel representation of the program whose main library is in
/// the given [source].
/// Intended for whole-program (non-modular) compilation.
/// Given the Uri of a file containing a program's `main` method, this function
/// follows `import`, `export`, and `part` declarations to discover the whole
/// program, and converts the result to Dart Kernel format.
/// If `compileSdk` in [options] is true, the generated [CompilerResult] will
/// include code for the SDK.
/// If summaries are provided in [options], the compiler will use them instead
/// of compiling the libraries contained in those summaries. This is useful, for
/// example, when compiling for platforms that already embed those sources (like
/// the sdk in the standalone VM).
/// The input [source] is expected to be a script with a main method, otherwise
/// an error is reported.
// TODO(sigmund): rename to kernelForScript?
Future<CompilerResult?> kernelForProgram(
Uri source, CompilerOptions options) async {
return (await kernelForProgramInternal(source, options));
Future<CompilerResult?> kernelForProgramInternal(
Uri source, CompilerOptions options,
{bool retainDataForTesting: false, bool requireMain: true}) async {
ProcessedOptions pOptions =
new ProcessedOptions(options: options, inputs: [source]);
return await CompilerContext.runWithOptions(pOptions, (context) async {
CompilerResult result = await generateKernelInternal(
includeHierarchyAndCoreTypes: true,
retainDataForTesting: retainDataForTesting);
Component? component = result.component;
if (component == null) return null;
if (requireMain && component.mainMethod == null) {
messageMissingMain.withLocation(source, -1, noLength),
return null;
return result;
/// Generates a kernel representation for a module containing [sources].
/// A module is a collection of libraries that are compiled together. Libraries
/// in the module may depend on each other and may have dependencies to
/// libraries in other modules. Unlike library dependencies, module dependencies
/// must be acyclic.
/// This API is intended for modular compilation. Dependencies to other modules
/// are specified using [CompilerOptions.additionalDills]. Any dependency
/// of [sources] that is not listed in [CompilerOptions.additionalDills] and
/// [CompilerOptions.sdkSummary] is treated as an additional source file for the
/// module.
/// Any `part` declarations found in [sources] must refer to part files which
/// are also listed in the module sources, otherwise an error results. (It
/// is not permitted to refer to a part file declared in another module).
/// The return value is a [CompilerResult] object with no main method set in
/// the [Component] of its `component` property. The [Component] includes
/// external libraries for those libraries loaded through summaries.
Future<CompilerResult> kernelForModule(
List<Uri> sources, CompilerOptions options) async {
return (await generateKernel(
new ProcessedOptions(options: options, inputs: sources),
includeHierarchyAndCoreTypes: true));
/// Result object for [kernelForProgram] and [kernelForModule].
abstract class CompilerResult {
/// The generated summary bytes, if it was requested.
List<int>? get summary;
/// The generated component, if it was requested.
Component? get component;
Component? get sdkComponent;
/// The components loaded from dill (excluding the sdk).
List<Component> get loadedComponents;
/// Dependencies traversed by the compiler. Used only for generating
/// dependency .GN files in the dart-sdk build system.
/// Note this might be removed when we switch to compute dependencies without
/// using the compiler itself.
List<Uri> get deps;
/// The [ClassHierarchy] for the compiled [component], if it was requested.
ClassHierarchy? get classHierarchy;
/// The [CoreTypes] object for the compiled [component], if it was requested.
CoreTypes? get coreTypes;