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// Copyright (c) 2012, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "vm/allocation.h"
#include "vm/growable_array.h"
#include "vm/object.h"
namespace dart {
// Traverses all pending, unfinalized classes, validates and marks them as
// finalized.
class ClassFinalizer : public AllStatic {
typedef ZoneGrowableHandlePtrArray<const AbstractType> PendingTypes;
// Modes for finalization. The ordering is relevant.
enum FinalizationKind {
kFinalize, // Finalize type and type arguments.
kCanonicalize // Finalize and canonicalize.
// Finalize given type.
static AbstractTypePtr FinalizeType(
const AbstractType& type,
FinalizationKind finalization = kCanonicalize,
PendingTypes* pending_types = NULL);
// Return false if we still have classes pending to be finalized.
static bool AllClassesFinalized();
// Useful for sorting classes to make dispatch faster.
static void SortClasses();
static void RemapClassIds(intptr_t* old_to_new_cid);
static void RehashTypes();
static void ClearAllCode(bool including_nonchanging_cids = false);
// Return whether processing pending classes (ObjectStore::pending_classes_)
// failed. The function returns true if the processing was successful.
// If processing fails, an error message is set in the sticky error field
// in the object store.
static bool ProcessPendingClasses();
// Finalize the types appearing in the declaration of class 'cls', i.e. its
// type parameters and their upper bounds, its super type and interfaces.
// Note that the fields and functions have not been parsed yet (unless cls
// is an anonymous top level class).
static void FinalizeTypesInClass(const Class& cls);
// Register class in the lists of direct subclasses and direct implementors.
static void RegisterClassInHierarchy(Zone* zone, const Class& cls);
// Ensures members of the class are loaded, class layout is finalized and size
// registered in class table.
static void FinalizeClass(const Class& cls);
// Makes class instantiatable and usable by generated code.
static ErrorPtr AllocateFinalizeClass(const Class& cls);
// Completes loading of the class, this populates the function
// and fields of the class.
// Returns Error::null() if there is no loading error.
static ErrorPtr LoadClassMembers(const Class& cls);
// Verify that the classes have been properly prefinalized. This is
// needed during bootstrapping where the classes have been preloaded.
static void VerifyBootstrapClasses();
#endif // !defined(DART_PRECOMPILED_RUNTIME)
// Finalize the types in the signature and the signature itself.
static AbstractTypePtr FinalizeSignature(
Zone* zone,
const FunctionType& signature,
FinalizationKind finalization = kCanonicalize,
PendingTypes* pending_types = NULL);
static void AllocateEnumValues(const Class& enum_cls);
static void FinalizeTypeParameters(
const Class& cls,
FinalizationKind finalization = kCanonicalize);
static intptr_t ExpandAndFinalizeTypeArguments(const AbstractType& type,
PendingTypes* pending_types);
static void FinalizeTypeArguments(const Class& cls,
const TypeArguments& arguments,
intptr_t num_uninitialized_arguments,
PendingTypes* pending_types,
TrailPtr trail);
static void CheckRecursiveType(const AbstractType& type,
PendingTypes* pending_types);
static void FinalizeMemberTypes(const Class& cls);
static void PrintClassInformation(const Class& cls);
static void ReportError(const Error& error);
static void ReportError(const char* format, ...) PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE(1, 2);
// Verify implicit offsets recorded in the VM for direct access to fields of
// Dart instances (e.g: _TypedListView, _ByteDataView).
static void VerifyImplicitFieldOffsets();
} // namespace dart