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// Copyright (c) 2017, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import "package:expect/expect.dart";
typedef String F(String returns, String arguments);
F fn;
String form1(String returns, String arguments) => '$arguments => $returns';
String form2(String returns, String arguments) => '$returns Function$arguments';
F detectForm() {
var s = main.runtimeType.toString();
if (s.contains('=>')) return form1;
if (s.contains('Function')) return form2;'"$s" contains neither "=>" nor "Function"');
main() {
fn = detectForm();
// Types that do not use class names - these can be checked on dart2js in
// minified mode.
check(fn('dynamic', '()'), main); // Top-level tear-off.
check(fn('void', '()'),; // Class static member tear-off.
check(fn('void', '(dynamic)'), [].add); // Instance tear-off.
check(fn('dynamic', '()'), () => 1); // closure.
var s = new Xyzzy().runtimeType.toString();
if (s.length <= 3) return; // dart2js --minify has minified names.
Expect.equals('Xyzzy', s, 'runtime type of plain class prints as class name');
check(fn('void', '(String, dynamic)'), check);
// Class static member tear-offs.
check(fn('String', '(String, [String, dynamic])'), Xyzzy.opt);
check(fn('String', '(String, {String a, dynamic b})'), Xyzzy.nam);
// Instance method tear-offs.
check(fn('void', '(String)'), <String>[].add);
check(fn('void', '(int)'), <int>[].add);
check(fn('String', '(int)'), new G<String, int>().foo);
// Instance method with function parameter.
var string2int = fn('int', '(String)');
check(fn('String', '($string2int)'), new G<String, int>().moo);
// Closures.
String localFunc(String a, String b) => a + b;
void localFunc2(int a) {
Expect.isTrue(localFunc is F);
check(fn('String', '(String, String)'), localFunc);
check(fn('void', '(int)'), localFunc2);
void check(String text, var thing) {
var type = thing.runtimeType.toString();
if (type == text) return;"""
Type print string does not match expectation
Expected: '$text'
Actual: '$type'
class Xyzzy {
static void foo() {}
static String opt(String x, [String a, b]) {}
static String nam(String x, {String a, b}) {}
class G<U, V> {
U foo(V x) => null;
U moo(V f(U x)) => null;