Notes for developers

Developing locally together with dart2js:

  • Use a path dependency on this repo to prepare changes.

Submitting changes.

  • Submit changes in this repo first.
  • Update the sdk/DEPS and sdk/tools/deps/dartium.deps/DEPS to use the latest hash of this repo.
  • Submit dart2js changes together with the roll in DEPS.

Updating the dart2js_info dart docs

We use dartdoc and host the generated documentation as a github page in this repo. Here is how to update it:

  • Make sure you have the dartdoc tool installed:
pub global activate dartdoc
  • Run the dartdoc tool on the root of the repo in master, specify an out directory different than doc:
dartdoc --output _docs
  • Switch to the gh-pages branch:
git checkout gh-pages
git pull
  • Override the existing docs by hand:
rm -r doc/api
mv _docs doc/api
git diff # validate changes look right
git commit -a -m "Update documentation ... "
  • Update the gh-pages branch in the server
git push origin gh-pages