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// Copyright (c) 2011, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library idlparser_test;
import '../../../utils/peg/pegparser.dart';
part 'idlparser.dart';
part 'idlrenderer.dart';
main() {
IDLParser parser = new IDLParser(FREMONTCUT_SYNTAX);
Grammar g = parser.grammar;
var Type = g['Type'];
show(g, Type, 'int');
show(g, Type, 'int ?');
show(g, Type, 'sequence<int?> ?');
show(g, Type, 'unsigned long long?');
show(g, Type, 'unsignedlonglong?');
var MaybeAnnotations = g['MaybeAnnotations'];
show(g, MaybeAnnotations, '');
show(g, MaybeAnnotations, '@Foo');
show(g, MaybeAnnotations, '@Foo @Bar');
show(g, MaybeAnnotations, '@Foo(A,B=1) @Bar');
var MaybeExtAttrs = g['MaybeExtAttrs'];
show(g, MaybeExtAttrs, '');
show(g, MaybeExtAttrs, '[A]');
var Module = g['Module'];
show(g, Module, 'module Harry { const int bob = 30;};');
show(g, Module, """
module Harry { [X,Y,Z=99] const int bob = 30; typedef x y;
interface Thing : SuperA, @Friendly SuperB {
[Nice] const unsigned long long kFoo = 12345;
[A,B,C,D,E] attribute int attr1;
[F=f(int a),K=99,DartName=Bert] int smudge(int a, int b, double x);
[X,Y,Z] int xyz([U,V] optional in optional int z);
[P,Q,R] int pqr();
int op1();
@Smurf @Beans(B=1,C,A=2) int op2();
snippet { yadda
//[A] const unsigned long long dweeb = 0xff;
show(grammar, rule, input) {
print('show: "$input"');
var ast;
try {
ast = grammar.parse(rule, input);
} catch (exception) {
if (exception is ParseError)
ast = exception;
void check(grammar, rule, input, expected) {
// If [expected] is String then the result is coerced to string.
// If [expected] is !String, the result is compared directly.
print('check: "$input"');
var ast;
try {
ast = grammar.parse(rule, input);
} catch (exception) {
ast = exception;
var formatted = ast;
if (expected is String)
formatted = printList(ast);
if (expected != formatted) {
throw new StateError("parse: $input");
// Prints the list in [1,2,3] notation, including nested lists.
void printList(item) {
if (item is List) {
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
var sep = '';
for (var x in item) {
sep = ',';
return sb.toString();
if (item == null)
return 'null';
return item.toString();