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// Copyright (c) 2017, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the file.
library testing.expectation;
/// An expectation represents the expected outcome of a test (or if it should
/// be skipped).
/// An expectation belongs to a group, for example, [ExpectationGroup.Fail].
/// Each expectation group has a canonical expectation, defined below. You can
/// use the canonical expectation instead of a more specific one. Note this
/// isn't implemented yet.
class Expectation {
static const Expectation Pass =
const Expectation("Pass", ExpectationGroup.Pass);
static const Expectation Crash =
const Expectation("Crash", ExpectationGroup.Crash);
static const Expectation Timeout =
const Expectation("Timeout", ExpectationGroup.Timeout);
static const Expectation Fail =
const Expectation("Fail", ExpectationGroup.Fail);
static const Expectation Skip =
const Expectation("Skip", ExpectationGroup.Skip);
final String name;
final ExpectationGroup group;
const Expectation(,;
/// Returns the canonical expectation representing [group]. That is, one of
/// the above expectations (except for `Meta` which returns `this`).
Expectation get canonical => fromGroup(group) ?? this;
String toString() => name;
static Expectation fromGroup(ExpectationGroup group) {
switch (group) {
case ExpectationGroup.Crash:
return Expectation.Crash;
case ExpectationGroup.Fail:
return Expectation.Fail;
case ExpectationGroup.Meta:
return null;
case ExpectationGroup.Pass:
return Expectation.Pass;
case ExpectationGroup.Skip:
return Expectation.Skip;
case ExpectationGroup.Timeout:
return Expectation.Timeout;
throw "Unhandled group: '$group'.";
class ExpectationSet {
static const ExpectationSet Default =
const ExpectationSet(const <String, Expectation>{
"pass": Expectation.Pass,
"crash": Expectation.Crash,
"timeout": Expectation.Timeout,
"fail": Expectation.Fail,
"skip": Expectation.Skip,
const Expectation("MissingCompileTimeError", ExpectationGroup.Fail),
const Expectation("MissingRuntimeError", ExpectationGroup.Fail),
"runtimeerror": const Expectation("RuntimeError", ExpectationGroup.Fail),
final Map<String, Expectation> internalMap;
const ExpectationSet(this.internalMap);
operator [](String name) {
return internalMap[name.toLowerCase()] ??
(throw "No expectation named: '$name'.");
factory ExpectationSet.fromJsonList(List data) {
Map<String, Expectation> internalMap =
new Map<String, Expectation>.from(Default.internalMap);
for (Map map in data) {
String name;
String group;
map.forEach((_key, _value) {
String key = _key;
String value = _value;
switch (key) {
case "name":
name = value;
case "group":
group = value;
throw "Unrecoginized key: '$key' in '$map'.";
if (name == null) {
throw "No name provided in '$map'";
if (group == null) {
throw "No group provided in '$map'";
Expectation expectation = new Expectation(name, groupFromString(group));
name = name.toLowerCase();
if (internalMap.containsKey(name)) {
throw "Duplicated expectation name: '$name'.";
internalMap[name] = expectation;
return new ExpectationSet(internalMap);
enum ExpectationGroup {
ExpectationGroup groupFromString(String name) {
switch (name) {
case "Crash":
return ExpectationGroup.Crash;
case "Fail":
return ExpectationGroup.Fail;
case "Meta":
return ExpectationGroup.Meta;
case "Pass":
return ExpectationGroup.Pass;
case "Skip":
return ExpectationGroup.Skip;
case "Timeout":
return ExpectationGroup.Timeout;
throw "Unrecognized group: '$name'.";