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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "include/dart_api.h" // for Dart_Port
#include "platform/json.h"
#include "vm/allocation.h"
#include "vm/service.h"
namespace dart {
class Array;
class Breakpoint;
class BreakpointLocation;
class Field;
class GrowableObjectArray;
class Instance;
class JSONArray;
class JSONObject;
class MessageQueue;
class Metric;
class Object;
class Script;
class ServiceEvent;
class String;
class TimelineEvent;
class Zone;
// Keep this enum in sync with:
// - runtime/vm/service/vmservice.dart
// - runtime/observatory/lib/src/service/object.dart
enum JSONRpcErrorCode {
kParseError = -32700,
kInvalidRequest = -32600,
kMethodNotFound = -32601,
kInvalidParams = -32602,
kInternalError = -32603,
kExtensionError = -32000,
kFeatureDisabled = 100,
kVMMustBePaused = 101,
kCannotAddBreakpoint = 102,
kStreamAlreadySubscribed = 103,
kStreamNotSubscribed = 104,
class JSONStream : ValueObject {
explicit JSONStream(intptr_t buf_size = 256);
void Setup(Zone* zone,
Dart_Port reply_port,
const Instance& seq,
const String& method,
const Array& param_keys,
const Array& param_values);
void SetupError();
void PrintError(intptr_t code, const char* details_format, ...);
void PostReply();
void set_id_zone(ServiceIdZone* id_zone) {
id_zone_ = id_zone;
ServiceIdZone* id_zone() {
return id_zone_;
TextBuffer* buffer() { return &buffer_; }
const char* ToCString() { return buffer_.buf(); }
void Steal(const char** buffer, intptr_t* buffer_length);
void set_reply_port(Dart_Port port);
void SetParams(const char** param_keys, const char** param_values,
intptr_t num_params);
Dart_Port reply_port() const { return reply_port_; }
intptr_t num_params() const { return num_params_; }
const char* GetParamKey(intptr_t i) const {
return param_keys_[i];
const char* GetParamValue(intptr_t i) const {
return param_values_[i];
const char* LookupParam(const char* key) const;
bool HasParam(const char* key) const;
// Returns true if there is an param with key and value, false
// otherwise.
bool ParamIs(const char* key, const char* value) const;
const char* method() const { return method_; }
const char** param_keys() const { return param_keys_; }
const char** param_values() const { return param_values_; }
void Clear();
void PostNullReply(Dart_Port port);
void OpenObject(const char* property_name = NULL);
void CloseObject();
void OpenArray(const char* property_name = NULL);
void CloseArray();
void PrintValueBool(bool b);
void PrintValue(intptr_t i);
void PrintValue64(int64_t i);
void PrintValueTimeMillis(int64_t millis);
void PrintValueTimeMicros(int64_t micros);
void PrintValue(double d);
void PrintValueBase64(const uint8_t* bytes, intptr_t length);
void PrintValue(const char* s);
void PrintValue(const char* s, intptr_t len);
void PrintValueNoEscape(const char* s);
void PrintfValue(const char* format, ...) PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE(2, 3);
void PrintValue(const Object& o, bool ref = true);
void PrintValue(Breakpoint* bpt);
void PrintValue(const ServiceEvent* event);
void PrintValue(Metric* metric);
void PrintValue(MessageQueue* queue);
void PrintValue(Isolate* isolate, bool ref = true);
bool PrintValueStr(const String& s, intptr_t limit);
void PrintValue(TimelineEvent* timeline_event);
void PrintValueVM(bool ref = true);
void PrintServiceId(const Object& o);
void PrintPropertyBool(const char* name, bool b);
void PrintProperty(const char* name, intptr_t i);
void PrintProperty64(const char* name, int64_t i);
void PrintPropertyTimeMillis(const char* name, int64_t millis);
void PrintPropertyTimeMicros(const char* name, int64_t micros);
void PrintProperty(const char* name, double d);
void PrintPropertyBase64(const char* name,
const uint8_t* bytes,
intptr_t length);
void PrintProperty(const char* name, const char* s);
bool PrintPropertyStr(const char* name, const String& s, intptr_t limit);
void PrintPropertyNoEscape(const char* name, const char* s);
void PrintfProperty(const char* name, const char* format, ...)
void PrintProperty(const char* name, const Object& o, bool ref = true);
void PrintProperty(const char* name, const ServiceEvent* event);
void PrintProperty(const char* name, Breakpoint* bpt);
void PrintProperty(const char* name, Metric* metric);
void PrintProperty(const char* name, MessageQueue* queue);
void PrintProperty(const char* name, Isolate* isolate);
void PrintProperty(const char* name, TimelineEvent* timeline_event);
void PrintPropertyVM(const char* name, bool ref = true);
void PrintPropertyName(const char* name);
void PrintCommaIfNeeded();
bool NeedComma();
bool AddDartString(const String& s, intptr_t limit);
void AddEscapedUTF8String(const char* s);
void AddEscapedUTF8String(const char* s, intptr_t len);
intptr_t nesting_level() const { return open_objects_; }
// Debug only fatal assertion.
static void EnsureIntegerIsRepresentableInJavaScript(int64_t i);
intptr_t open_objects_;
TextBuffer buffer_;
// Default service id zone.
RingServiceIdZone default_id_zone_;
ServiceIdZone* id_zone_;
Dart_Port reply_port_;
Instance* seq_;
const char* method_;
const char** param_keys_;
const char** param_values_;
intptr_t num_params_;
int64_t setup_time_micros_;
friend class JSONObject;
friend class JSONArray;
class JSONObject : public ValueObject {
explicit JSONObject(JSONStream* stream) : stream_(stream) {
JSONObject(const JSONObject* obj, const char* name) : stream_(obj->stream_) {
explicit JSONObject(const JSONArray* arr);
~JSONObject() {
void AddServiceId(const Object& o) const {
void AddFixedServiceId(const char* format, ...) const PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE(2, 3);
void AddLocation(const Script& script,
intptr_t token_pos,
intptr_t end_token_pos = -1) const;
void AddLocation(const BreakpointLocation* bpt_loc) const;
void AddUnresolvedLocation(const BreakpointLocation* bpt_loc) const;
void AddProperty(const char* name, bool b) const {
stream_->PrintPropertyBool(name, b);
void AddProperty(const char* name, intptr_t i) const {
stream_->PrintProperty(name, i);
void AddProperty64(const char* name, int64_t i) const {
stream_->PrintProperty64(name, i);
void AddPropertyTimeMillis(const char* name, int64_t millis) const {
stream_->PrintPropertyTimeMillis(name, millis);
void AddPropertyTimeMicros(const char* name, int64_t micros) const {
stream_->PrintPropertyTimeMicros(name, micros);
void AddProperty(const char* name, double d) const {
stream_->PrintProperty(name, d);
void AddPropertyBase64(const char* name,
const uint8_t* bytes,
intptr_t length) const {
stream_->PrintPropertyBase64(name, bytes, length);
void AddProperty(const char* name, const char* s) const {
stream_->PrintProperty(name, s);
bool AddPropertyStr(const char* name,
const String& s,
intptr_t limit = -1) const {
return stream_->PrintPropertyStr(name, s, limit);
void AddPropertyNoEscape(const char* name, const char* s) const {
stream_->PrintPropertyNoEscape(name, s);
void AddProperty(const char* name, const Object& obj, bool ref = true) const {
stream_->PrintProperty(name, obj, ref);
void AddProperty(const char* name, const ServiceEvent* event) const {
stream_->PrintProperty(name, event);
void AddProperty(const char* name, Breakpoint* bpt) const {
stream_->PrintProperty(name, bpt);
void AddProperty(const char* name, Metric* metric) const {
stream_->PrintProperty(name, metric);
void AddProperty(const char* name, MessageQueue* queue) const {
stream_->PrintProperty(name, queue);
void AddProperty(const char* name, Isolate* isolate) const {
stream_->PrintProperty(name, isolate);
void AddProperty(const char* name, TimelineEvent* timeline_event) const {
stream_->PrintProperty(name, timeline_event);
void AddPropertyVM(const char* name, bool ref = true) const {
stream_->PrintPropertyVM(name, ref);
void AddPropertyF(const char* name, const char* format, ...) const
JSONStream* stream_;
friend class JSONArray;
class JSONArray : public ValueObject {
explicit JSONArray(JSONStream* stream) : stream_(stream) {
JSONArray(const JSONObject* obj, const char* name) : stream_(obj->stream_) {
explicit JSONArray(const JSONArray* arr) : stream_(arr->stream_) {
~JSONArray() {
void AddValue(bool b) const { stream_->PrintValueBool(b); }
void AddValue(intptr_t i) const { stream_->PrintValue(i); }
void AddValue64(int64_t i) const { stream_->PrintValue64(i); }
void AddValueTimeMillis(int64_t millis) const {
void AddValueTimeMicros(int64_t micros) const {
void AddValue(double d) const { stream_->PrintValue(d); }
void AddValue(const char* s) const { stream_->PrintValue(s); }
void AddValue(const Object& obj, bool ref = true) const {
stream_->PrintValue(obj, ref);
void AddValue(Isolate* isolate, bool ref = true) const {
stream_->PrintValue(isolate, ref);
void AddValue(Breakpoint* bpt) const {
void AddValue(const ServiceEvent* event) const {
void AddValue(Metric* metric) const {
void AddValue(MessageQueue* queue) const {
void AddValue(TimelineEvent* timeline_event) const {
void AddValueVM(bool ref = true) const {
void AddValueF(const char* format, ...) const PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE(2, 3);
JSONStream* stream_;
friend class JSONObject;
} // namespace dart
#endif // VM_JSON_STREAM_H_