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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import '../common.dart';
import '../common_elements.dart';
import '../constants/expressions.dart';
import '../constants/values.dart';
import '../elements/resolution_types.dart';
import '../elements/elements.dart';
import '../js/js.dart' as jsAst;
import '../js_emitter/js_emitter.dart'
show CodeEmitterTask, MetadataCollector, Placeholder;
import '../universe/call_structure.dart' show CallStructure;
import '../universe/use.dart' show ConstantUse;
import '../universe/world_impact.dart';
import 'backend.dart';
import 'backend_usage.dart' show BackendUsageBuilder;
import 'backend_helpers.dart';
import 'backend_impact.dart';
import 'mirrors_data.dart';
/// Resolution analysis that prepares for the construction of TypeVariable
/// constants needed at runtime.
class TypeVariableResolutionAnalysis {
final ElementEnvironment _elementEnvironment;
final BackendImpacts _impacts;
final BackendUsageBuilder _backendUsageBuilder;
* Set to 'true' on first encounter of a class with type variables.
bool _seenClassesWithTypeVariables = false;
/// Impact builder used for the resolution world computation.
final StagedWorldImpactBuilder impactBuilder = new StagedWorldImpactBuilder();
this._elementEnvironment, this._impacts, this._backendUsageBuilder);
/// Compute the [WorldImpact] for the type variables registered since last
/// flush.
WorldImpact flush() {
return impactBuilder.flush();
void registerClassWithTypeVariables(ClassElement cls) {
// On first encounter, we have to ensure that the support classes get
// resolved.
if (!_seenClassesWithTypeVariables) {
.registerImpact(impactBuilder, _elementEnvironment);
_seenClassesWithTypeVariables = true;
/// Codegen handler that creates TypeVariable constants needed at runtime.
class TypeVariableCodegenAnalysis {
final JavaScriptBackend _backend;
final BackendHelpers _helpers;
final MirrorsData _mirrorsData;
* Maps a class element to a list with indices that point to type variables
* constants for each of the class' type variables.
Map<ClassElement, List<jsAst.Expression>> _typeVariables =
new Map<ClassElement, List<jsAst.Expression>>();
* Maps a TypeVariableType to the index pointing to the constant representing
* the corresponding type variable at runtime.
Map<TypeVariableElement, jsAst.Expression> _typeVariableConstants =
new Map<TypeVariableElement, jsAst.Expression>();
/// Impact builder used for the codegen world computation.
final StagedWorldImpactBuilder _impactBuilder =
new StagedWorldImpactBuilder();
TypeVariableCodegenAnalysis(this._backend, this._helpers, this._mirrorsData);
CodeEmitterTask get _task => _backend.emitter;
MetadataCollector get _metadataCollector => _task.metadataCollector;
/// Compute the [WorldImpact] for the type variables registered since last
/// flush.
WorldImpact flush() {
return _impactBuilder.flush();
void registerClassWithTypeVariables(ClassElement cls) {
if (_mirrorsData.isAccessibleByReflection(cls)) {
void processTypeVariablesOf(ClassElement cls) {
// Do not process classes twice.
if (_typeVariables.containsKey(cls)) return;
List<jsAst.Expression> constants = <jsAst.Expression>[];
for (ResolutionTypeVariableType currentTypeVariable in cls.typeVariables) {
TypeVariableElement typeVariableElement = currentTypeVariable.element;
jsAst.Expression boundIndex =
ConstantValue boundValue = new SyntheticConstantValue(
SyntheticConstantKind.TYPEVARIABLE_REFERENCE, boundIndex);
ClassElement typeVariableClass = _helpers.typeVariableClass;
ConstantExpression constant = new ConstructedConstantExpression(
const CallStructure.unnamed(3), [
new TypeConstantExpression(cls.rawType,,
new StringConstantExpression(,
new SyntheticConstantExpression(boundValue)
ConstantValue value = _backend.constants.getConstantValue(constant);
.registerConstantUse(new ConstantUse.typeVariableMirror(value));
.add(_reifyTypeVariableConstant(value, currentTypeVariable.element));
_typeVariables[cls] = constants;
* Adds [c] to [emitter.metadataCollector] and returns the index pointing to
* the entry.
* If the corresponding type variable has already been encountered an
* entry in the list has already been reserved and the constant is added
* there, otherwise a new entry for [c] is created.
jsAst.Expression _reifyTypeVariableConstant(
ConstantValue c, TypeVariableElement variable) {
jsAst.Expression name = _task.constantReference(c);
jsAst.Expression result = _metadataCollector.reifyExpression(name);
if (_typeVariableConstants.containsKey(variable)) {
Placeholder placeholder = _typeVariableConstants[variable];
_typeVariableConstants[variable] = result;
return result;
* Returns the index pointing to the constant in [emitter.metadataCollector]
* representing this type variable.
* If the constant has not yet been constructed, an entry is allocated in
* the global metadata list and the index pointing to this entry is returned.
* When the corresponding constant is constructed later,
* [reifyTypeVariableConstant] will be called and the constant will be added
* on the allocated entry.
jsAst.Expression reifyTypeVariable(TypeVariableElement variable) {
if (_typeVariableConstants.containsKey(variable)) {
return _typeVariableConstants[variable];
Placeholder placeholder =
return _typeVariableConstants[variable] = placeholder;
List<jsAst.Expression> typeVariablesOf(ClassElement classElement) {
List<jsAst.Expression> result = _typeVariables[classElement];
if (result == null) {
result = const <jsAst.Expression>[];
return result;