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// Copyright (c) 2015, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library js.source_mapping;
import '../io/code_output.dart'
show BufferedCodeOutput, SourceLocations, SourceLocationsProvider;
import '../io/source_information.dart'
show SourceLocation, SourceInformation, SourceInformationStrategy;
import 'js.dart';
/// [SourceInformationStrategy] that can associate source information with
/// JavaScript output.
class JavaScriptSourceInformationStrategy extends SourceInformationStrategy {
const JavaScriptSourceInformationStrategy();
/// Creates a processor that can associate source information on [Node] with
/// code offsets in a [SourceMapper] provided by [sourceMapperProvider].
/// Source information for each [Node] is provider by [reader].
SourceInformationProcessor createProcessor(
SourceMapperProvider sourceMapperProvider,
SourceInformationReader reader) {
return const SourceInformationProcessor();
/// Interface for deriving [SourceInformation] from a [Node].
/// The base implementation read the value of the node itself.
class SourceInformationReader {
const SourceInformationReader();
SourceInformation getSourceInformation(Node node) => node.sourceInformation;
/// An observer of code positions of printed JavaScript [Node]s.
class CodePositionListener {
const CodePositionListener();
/// Called to associate [node] with the provided start position.
/// The nodes are seen in pre-traversal order.
void onStartPosition(Node node, int startPosition) {}
/// Called to associate [node] with the provided start, end and closing
/// positions.
/// The nodes are seen in post-traversal order.
void onPositions(
Node node, int startPosition, int endPosition, int closingPosition) {}
/// Interface for creating [SourceMapper]s for multiple source information
/// engines.
abstract class SourceMapperProvider {
SourceMapper createSourceMapper(String name);
/// Base implementation of [SourceMapperProvider].
class SourceMapperProviderImpl implements SourceMapperProvider {
final SourceLocationsProvider provider;
SourceMapper createSourceMapper(String name) {
return new SourceLocationsMapper(provider.createSourceLocations(name));
/// An interface for mapping code offsets with [SourceLocation]s for JavaScript
/// [Node]s.
abstract class SourceMapper {
/// Associate [codeOffset] with [sourceLocation] for [node].
void register(Node node, int codeOffset, SourceLocation sourceLocation);
/// An implementation of [SourceMapper] that stores the information directly
/// into a [SourceLocations] object.
class SourceLocationsMapper implements SourceMapper {
final SourceLocations sourceLocations;
void register(Node node, int codeOffset, SourceLocation sourceLocation) {
sourceLocations.addSourceLocation(codeOffset, sourceLocation);
/// A processor that associates [SourceInformation] with code position of
/// JavaScript [Node]s.
class SourceInformationProcessor extends CodePositionListener {
const SourceInformationProcessor();
/// Process the source information and code positions for the [node] and all
/// its children.
void process(Node node, BufferedCodeOutput code) {}