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// Copyright (c) 2014, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
part of elements;
/// A [Name] represents the abstraction of a Dart identifier which takes privacy
/// and setter into account.
// TODO(johnniwinther): Try to share logic with [Selector].
abstract class Name {
/// Create a [Name] for an identifier [text]. If [text] begins with '_' a
/// private name with respect to [library] is created. If [isSetter] is `true`
/// the created name represents the setter name 'text='.
factory Name(String text, LibraryEntity library, {bool isSetter: false}) {
if (isPrivateName(text)) {
return new PrivateName(text, library, isSetter: isSetter);
return new PublicName(text, isSetter: isSetter);
/// The text of the name without prefixed library name or suffixed '=' if
/// applicable.
String get text;
/// Is `true` if this name represents the name of a setter.
bool get isSetter;
/// Returns the getter name corresponding to this name. If this name is a
/// setter name 'v=' then the name 'v' is returned, otherwise the name itself
/// is returned.
Name get getter;
/// Returns the seeter name corresponding to this name. If this name is a
/// getter name 'v' then the name 'v=' is returned, otherwsie the name itself
/// is returned.
Name get setter;
/// Returns `true` if an entity of this name is accessible from library
/// [element].
bool isAccessibleFrom(LibraryEntity element);
/// Returns `true` if this name is private.
bool get isPrivate;
/// Returns `true` if this name is the same as [other] not taking the library
/// privacy into account.
bool isSimilarTo(Name other);
int get similarHashCode;
LibraryEntity get library;
/// Returns `true` when [s] is private if used as an identifier.
static bool isPrivateName(String s) => !s.isEmpty && s.codeUnitAt(0) == $_;
/// Returns `true` when [s] is public if used as an identifier.
static bool isPublicName(String s) => !isPrivateName(s);
class PublicName implements Name {
final String text;
final bool isSetter;
const PublicName(this.text, {this.isSetter: false});
Name get getter => isSetter ? new PublicName(text) : this;
Name get setter => isSetter ? this : new PublicName(text, isSetter: true);
bool isAccessibleFrom(LibraryEntity element) => true;
bool get isPrivate => false;
int get hashCode => similarHashCode;
bool operator ==(other) {
if (other is! PublicName) return false;
return isSimilarTo(other);
bool isSimilarTo(Name other) =>
text == other.text && isSetter == other.isSetter;
int get similarHashCode => text.hashCode + 11 * isSetter.hashCode;
LibraryEntity get library => null;
String toString() => isSetter ? '$text=' : text;
class PrivateName extends PublicName {
final LibraryEntity library;
PrivateName(String text, this.library, {bool isSetter: false})
: super(text, isSetter: isSetter);
Name get getter => isSetter ? new PrivateName(text, library) : this;
Name get setter {
return isSetter ? this : new PrivateName(text, library, isSetter: true);
bool isAccessibleFrom(LibraryElement element) => library == element;
bool get isPrivate => true;
int get hashCode => super.hashCode + 13 * library.hashCode;
bool operator ==(other) {
if (other is! PrivateName) return false;
return super == (other) && library == other.library;
String toString() => '${}#${super.toString()}';