VM Service Feature Availability

This table describe which features of the VM service protocol are available in different modes of the Dart VM. In general, the JIT supports the full set of features, and AOT supports features that do not require code generation or modification. When attempting to use a feature in a mode where it is not supported, the service RPC will return error code 100 (“Feature is disabled”).

FeatureSupported Modes
CPU ProfilerAll Modes
Dart Allocation Site ProfilerJIT only
Malloc Allocation Site ProfilerDebug VM builds only
Allocation TableAll Modes
Heap SnapshotAll Modes
MetricsAll Modes
Timeline/TracingAll Modes
Object InspectionAll Modes
Stack InspectionJIT only
Breakpoints/Pause-on-ExceptionJIT only
SteppingJIT only
Pausing/ResumingJIT only [1]
ReloadJIT with a compilation server available
EvaluateJIT with a compilation server available
InvokeJIT + AOT [2]

[1] This could be added to AOT without affecting AOT code generation, but has not yet been implemented.

[2] The target function must be annotated as an entry point to work under AOT.