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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// Dart test verifying that the parser can handle type parameterization of
/// method declarations and method invocations. Slightly adjusted version of
/// code from DEP #22.
library generic_methods_test;
import "package:expect/expect.dart";
class BinaryTreeNode<K extends Comparable<K>, V> {
final K _key;
final V _value;
final BinaryTreeNode<K, V> _left;
final BinaryTreeNode<K, V> _right;
BinaryTreeNode(this._key, this._value,
{BinaryTreeNode<K, V> left: null, BinaryTreeNode<K, V> right: null})
: _left = left,
_right = right;
// Use fresh type variables.
static BinaryTreeNode<K2, V2> insertOpt<K2 extends Comparable<K2>, V2>(
BinaryTreeNode<K2, V2> t, K2 key, V2 value) {
return (t == null) ? new BinaryTreeNode(key, value) : t.insert(key, value);
BinaryTreeNode<K, V> insert(K key, V value) {
int c = key.compareTo(_key);
if (c == 0) return this;
var _insert = (BinaryTreeNode<K, V> node, K key, V value) =>
insertOpt<K, V>(node, key, value);
BinaryTreeNode<K, V> left = _left;
BinaryTreeNode<K, V> right = _right;
if (c < 0) {
left = _insert(_left, key, value);
} else {
right = _insert(_right, key, value);
return new BinaryTreeNode<K, V>(_key, _value, left: left, right: right);
// Reuse type variables [K], [V] to test shadowing.
static BinaryTreeNode<K, U> mapOpt<K extends Comparable<K>, V, U>(
BinaryTreeNode<K, V> t, U f(V x)) {
return (t == null) ? null :<U>(f);
BinaryTreeNode<K, U> map<U>(U f(V x)) {
var _map = (BinaryTreeNode<K, V> t, U f(V x)) => mapOpt<K, V, U>(t, f);
return new BinaryTreeNode<K, U>(_key, f(_value),
left: _map(_left, f), right: _map(_right, f));
// Use fresh [K2], shadowing [V].
static S foldPreOpt<K2 extends Comparable<K2>, V, S>(
BinaryTreeNode<K2, V> t, S init, S f(V t, S s)) {
return (t == null) ? init : t.foldPre<S>(init, f);
S foldPre<S>(S init, S f(V t, S s)) {
var _fold = (BinaryTreeNode<K, V> t, S s, S f(V t, S s)) =>
foldPreOpt<K, V, S>(t, s, f);
S s = init;
s = f(_value, s);
s = _fold(_left, s, f);
s = _fold(_right, s, f);
return s;
class BinaryTree<K extends Comparable<K>, V> {
final BinaryTreeNode<K, V> _root;
BinaryTree.empty() : this._internal(null);
BinaryTree<K, V> insert(K key, V value) {
BinaryTreeNode<K, V> root =
BinaryTreeNode.insertOpt<K, V>(_root, key, value);
return new BinaryTree<K, V>._internal(root);
BinaryTree<K, U> map<U>(U f(V x)) {
BinaryTreeNode<K, U> root = BinaryTreeNode.mapOpt<K, V, U>(_root, f);
return new BinaryTree<K, U>._internal(root);
S foldPre<S>(S init, S f(V t, S s)) {
return BinaryTreeNode.foldPreOpt<K, V, S>(_root, init, f);
main() {
BinaryTree<num, String> sT = new BinaryTree<num, String>.empty();
sT = sT.insert(0, "");
sT = sT.insert(1, " ");
sT = sT.insert(2, " ");
sT = sT.insert(3, " ");
BinaryTree<num, num> iT =<num>((String s) => s.length);
Expect.equals(iT.foldPre<num>(0, (num i, num s) => i + s), 6);