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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import '../ast.dart';
import '../class_hierarchy.dart';
import '../core_types.dart';
import '../transformations/continuation.dart' as cont;
import '../transformations/erasure.dart';
import '../transformations/insert_covariance_checks.dart';
import '../transformations/insert_type_checks.dart';
import '../transformations/mixin_full_resolution.dart' as mix;
import '../transformations/sanitize_for_vm.dart';
import '../transformations/setup_builtin_library.dart' as setup_builtin_library;
import '../transformations/treeshaker.dart';
import 'targets.dart';
/// Specializes the kernel IR to the Dart VM.
class VmTarget extends Target {
final TargetFlags flags;
bool get strongMode => flags.strongMode;
/// The VM patch files are not strong mode clean, so we adopt a hybrid mode
/// where the SDK is internally unchecked, but trusted to satisfy the types
/// declared on its interface.
bool get strongModeSdk => false;
String get name => 'vm';
// This is the order that bootstrap libraries are loaded according to
// `runtime/vm/object_store.h`.
List<String> get extraRequiredLibraries => const <String>[
// The library dart:mirrors may be ignored by the VM, e.g. when built in
// PRODUCT mode.
ClassHierarchy _hierarchy;
void performModularTransformations(Program program) {
var mixins = new mix.MixinFullResolution()..transform(program);
_hierarchy = mixins.hierarchy;
void performGlobalTransformations(Program program) {
var coreTypes = new CoreTypes(program);
if (strongMode) {
new InsertTypeChecks(hierarchy: _hierarchy, coreTypes: coreTypes)
new InsertCovarianceChecks(hierarchy: _hierarchy, coreTypes: coreTypes)
if (flags.treeShake) {
// Repair `_getMainClosure()` function in dart:_builtin.
if (strongMode) {
new SanitizeForVM().transform(program);
void performTreeShaking(Program program) {
var coreTypes = new CoreTypes(program);
new TreeShaker(program,
hierarchy: _hierarchy,
coreTypes: coreTypes,
strongMode: strongMode,
programRoots: flags.programRoots)
_hierarchy = null; // Hierarchy must be recomputed.
void performErasure(Program program) {
new Erasure().transform(program);