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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library type_graph_inferrer;
import 'dart:collection' show Queue;
import '../compiler.dart' show Compiler;
import '../elements/elements.dart';
import '../tree/tree.dart' as ast show Node;
import '../types/masks.dart'
show CommonMasks, ContainerTypeMask, MapTypeMask, TypeMask;
import '../types/types.dart' show TypesInferrer;
import '../universe/selector.dart' show Selector;
import '../world.dart' show ClosedWorld, ClosedWorldRefiner;
import 'inferrer_engine.dart';
import 'type_graph_nodes.dart';
* A work queue for the inferrer. It filters out nodes that are tagged as
* [TypeInformation.doNotEnqueue], as well as ensures through
* [TypeInformation.inQueue] that a node is in the queue only once at
* a time.
class WorkQueue {
final Queue<TypeInformation> queue = new Queue<TypeInformation>();
void add(TypeInformation element) {
if (element.doNotEnqueue) return;
if (element.inQueue) return;
element.inQueue = true;
void addAll(Iterable<TypeInformation> all) {
TypeInformation remove() {
TypeInformation element = queue.removeFirst();
element.inQueue = false;
return element;
bool get isEmpty => queue.isEmpty;
int get length => queue.length;
class TypeGraphInferrer implements TypesInferrer {
InferrerEngine inferrer;
final Compiler compiler;
final ClosedWorld closedWorld;
final ClosedWorldRefiner closedWorldRefiner;
TypeGraphInferrer(this.compiler, this.closedWorld, this.closedWorldRefiner);
String get name => 'Graph inferrer';
CommonMasks get commonMasks => closedWorld.commonMasks;
TypeMask get _dynamicType => commonMasks.dynamicType;
void analyzeMain(Element main) {
inferrer =
new InferrerEngine(compiler, closedWorld, closedWorldRefiner, main);
TypeMask getReturnTypeOfElement(Element element) {
if (compiler.disableTypeInference) return _dynamicType;
// Currently, closure calls return dynamic.
if (element is! FunctionElement) return _dynamicType;
return inferrer.types.getInferredTypeOf(element).type;
TypeMask getTypeOfElement(Element element) {
if (compiler.disableTypeInference) return _dynamicType;
// The inferrer stores the return type for a function, so we have to
// be careful to not return it here.
if (element is FunctionElement) return commonMasks.functionType;
return inferrer.types.getInferredTypeOf(element).type;
TypeMask getTypeForNewList(Element owner, ast.Node node) {
if (compiler.disableTypeInference) return _dynamicType;
return inferrer.types.allocatedLists[node].type;
bool isFixedArrayCheckedForGrowable(ast.Node node) {
if (compiler.disableTypeInference) return true;
ListTypeInformation info = inferrer.types.allocatedLists[node];
return info.checksGrowable;
TypeMask getTypeOfSelector(Selector selector, TypeMask mask) {
if (compiler.disableTypeInference) return _dynamicType;
// Bailout for closure calls. We're not tracking types of
// closures.
if (selector.isClosureCall) return _dynamicType;
if (selector.isSetter || selector.isIndexSet) {
return _dynamicType;
if (inferrer.returnsListElementType(selector, mask)) {
ContainerTypeMask containerTypeMask = mask;
TypeMask elementType = containerTypeMask.elementType;
return elementType == null ? _dynamicType : elementType;
if (inferrer.returnsMapValueType(selector, mask)) {
MapTypeMask mapTypeMask = mask;
TypeMask valueType = mapTypeMask.valueType;
return valueType == null ? _dynamicType : valueType;
TypeMask result = const TypeMask.nonNullEmpty();
Iterable<Element> elements =
inferrer.closedWorld.allFunctions.filter(selector, mask);
for (Element element in elements) {
TypeMask type =
inferrer.typeOfElementWithSelector(element, selector).type;
result = result.union(type, inferrer.closedWorld);
return result;
Iterable<Element> getCallersOf(Element element) {
if (compiler.disableTypeInference) {
throw new UnsupportedError(
"Cannot query the type inferrer when type inference is disabled.");
return inferrer.getCallersOf(element);
bool isCalledOnce(Element element) {
if (compiler.disableTypeInference) return false;
MemberTypeInformation info = inferrer.types.getInferredTypeOf(element);
return info.isCalledOnce();
void clear() {