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// Copyright (c) 2015, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library server.performance.analysis.timing;
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:analysis_server/plugin/protocol/protocol.dart';
import 'package:args/args.dart';
import 'package:test/test.dart';
import 'performance_tests.dart';
* Pass in the directory of the source to be analyzed as option `--source`,
* optionally specify a priority file with `--priority` and the specific
* test to run with `--metric`. If no test is specified, the default is
* `analysis`.
main(List<String> arguments) {
ArgParser parser = _createArgParser();
var args = parser.parse(arguments);
if (args[SOURCE_OPTION] == null) {
print('path to source directory must be specified');
source = args[SOURCE_OPTION];
priorityFile = args[PRIORITY_FILE_OPTION];
List names = args[METRIC_NAME_OPTION] as List;
for (var name in names) {
metricNames.add(name as String);
var test;
if (metricNames.isEmpty) {
test = new AnalysisTimingTest();
} else {
test = new SubscriptionTimingTest();
const DEFAULT_METRIC = 'analysis';
const METRIC_NAME_OPTION = 'metric';
const PRIORITY_FILE_OPTION = 'priority';
const SOURCE_OPTION = 'source';
final metricNames = <String>[];
String priorityFile;
String source;
ArgParser _createArgParser() => new ArgParser()
help: 'metric name (defaults to `analysis`)', allowMultiple: true)
..addOption(SOURCE_OPTION, help: 'full path to source directory for analysis')
help: '(optional) full path to a priority file');
* AnalysisTimingTest measures the time taken by the analsyis server to fully analyze
* the given directory. Measurement is started after setting the analysis root, and
* analysis is considered complete on receiving the `"isAnalyzing": false` message
* from the analysis server.
class AnalysisTimingTest extends AbstractTimingTest {
Future test_timing() async {
// Set root after subscribing to avoid empty notifications.
await init(source);
await analysisFinished;
print('analysis completed in ${stopwatch.elapsed}');
await shutdown();
class Metric {
List<Duration> timings = <Duration>[];
Stream eventStream;
AnalysisService service;
String name;
Metric(, this.service, this.eventStream);
String toString() => '$name: $service, ${eventStream.runtimeType}, $timings';
* SubscriptionTimingTest measures the time taken by the analysis server to return
* information for navigation, semantic highlighting, outline, get occurrences,
* overrides, folding and implemented. These timings are wrt to the specified priority file
* - the file that is currently opened and has focus in the editor. Measure the time from
* when the client subscribes for the notifications till there is a response from the server.
* Does not wait for analysis to be complete before subscribing for notifications.
class SubscriptionTimingTest extends AbstractTimingTest {
List<Metric> _metrics;
List<Metric> get metrics => _metrics ??=;
Metric getMetric(String name) {
switch (name) {
case 'folding':
return new Metric(name, AnalysisService.FOLDING, onAnalysisFolding);
case 'highlighting':
return new Metric(
name, AnalysisService.HIGHLIGHTS, onAnalysisHighlights);
case 'implemented':
return new Metric(
name, AnalysisService.IMPLEMENTED, onAnalysisImplemented);
case 'navigation':
return new Metric(
name, AnalysisService.NAVIGATION, onAnalysisNavigation);
case 'outline':
return new Metric(name, AnalysisService.OUTLINE, onAnalysisOutline);
case 'occurences':
return new Metric(
name, AnalysisService.OCCURRENCES, onAnalysisOccurrences);
case 'overrides':
return new Metric(name, AnalysisService.OVERRIDES, onAnalysisOverrides);
print('no metric found for $name');
return null; // Won't get here.
Future test_timing() async {
// debugStdio();
expect(metrics, isNotEmpty);
expect(priorityFile, isNotNull,
reason: 'A priority file must be specified for '
'${} testing.');
await init(source);
metrics.forEach((Metric m) => m.eventStream.listen((_) {
new Duration(milliseconds: stopwatch.elapsed.inMilliseconds));
var subscriptions = <AnalysisService, List<String>>{};
metrics.forEach((Metric m) => subscriptions[m.service] = [priorityFile]);
// Set root after subscribing to avoid empty notifications.
await analysisFinished;
print('analysis completed in ${stopwatch.elapsed}');
metrics.forEach((Metric m) => print('${} timings: ${m.timings}'));
await shutdown();