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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Copyright (c) 2018, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
# for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
# BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
# When in a Flutter Engine checkout, this script checks what version of the Dart
# SDK the engine is pinned to, and patches the engine if there is a known patch
# that needs to be applied on the next Dart SDK roll in the engine.
# This script is meant to be used by 3xHEAD CI infrastructure, allowing
# incompatible changes to be made to the Dart SDK requiring a matching change
# to the Flutter Engine, without breaking the CI. The patch is associated with
# the Dart SDK version the engine is pinned so. When the engine rolls its SDK,
# then it stops applying patches atomically as there isn't a patch available yet
# for the new roll.
# Additionally, this script updates the flutter engine DEPS file with the
# Dart SDK dependencies.
# Usage: src/third_party/dart/tools/patches/flutter-engine/
# (run inside the root of a flutter engine checkout)
set -e
DIR=$(dirname -- "$(which -- "$0")")
. $DIR/../
if [ -e "$patch" ]; then
(cd flutter && git apply ../$patch)
if [ -e "$patch" ]; then
(cd src/flutter && git apply ../../$patch)
# Update the flutter DEPS with the revisions in the Dart SDK DEPS.
if ! (cd src/flutter && git diff --exit-code DEPS); then
if [ $need_runhooks = true ]; then
# Check if .gclient configuration specifies a cache_dir. Local caches are used
# by bots to reduce amount of Git traffic. .gclient configuration file
# is a well-formed Python source so use Python load_source to parse it.
# If cache_dir is specified then we need to force update the git cache,
# otherwise git fetch below might fail to find tags and commits we are
# referencing.
# Normally gclient sync would update the cache - but we are bypassing
# it here.
git_cache=$(python3 -c 'import imp; config = imp.load_source("config", ".gclient"); print(getattr(config, "cache_dir", ""))')
# DEPS file might have been patched with new version of packages that
# Dart SDK depends on. Get information about dependencies from the
# DEPS file and forcefully update checkouts of those dependencies. revinfo --ignore-dep-type=cipd | grep 'src/third_party/dart/third_party' | while read -r line; do
# revinfo would produce lines in the following format:
# path: git-url@tag-or-hash
# Where no spaces occur inside path, git-url or tag-or-hash.
# To extract path and tag-or-hash we replace ': ' and '@' with ' '
# and then create array from the resulting string which splits it
# by whitespace.
line="${line/: / }"
line="${line/@/ }"
# If the dependency does not exist (e.g. was newly added) we need to clone
# the repository first into the right location.
if [ ! -e ${dependency_path} ]; then
git clone ${repo} ${dependency_path}
# Inside dependency compare HEAD to specified tag-or-hash by rev-parse'ing
# them and comparing resulting hashes.
# Note: tag^0 forces rev-parse to return commit hash rather then the hash of
# the tag object itself.
pushd ${dependency_path} > /dev/null
if [ $(git rev-parse HEAD) != $(git rev-parse ${dependency_tag_or_hash}^0) ]; then
echo "${dependency_path} requires update to match DEPS file"
if [ "$git_cache" != "" ]; then
echo "--- Forcing update of the git_cache ${git_cache}"
git cache fetch -c ${git_cache} --all -v
git fetch origin
git checkout ${dependency_tag_or_hash}
popd > /dev/null
done runhooks