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set -e
# Switch to the root directory of dev_compiler
cd $( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )/..
function fail {
echo -e "Analyzer found problems"
return 1
# Run analyzer on bin/dartdevc.dart, as it includes most of the code we care
# about via transitive dependencies. This seems to be the only fast way to avoid
# repeated analysis of the same code.
# TODO(jmesserly): ideally we could do test/all_tests.dart, but
# dart_runtime_test.dart creates invalid generic type instantiation AA.
echo "Running dartanalyzer to check for errors/warnings..."
dartanalyzer --strong --package-warnings \
bin/dartdevc.dart web/main.dart \
| grep -v "\[info\]" | grep -v "\[hint\]" | (! grep $PWD) || fail