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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// Tests code generation.
/// Runs Dart Dev Compiler on all input in the `codegen` directory and checks
/// that the output is what we expected.
library dev_compiler.test.codegen_test;
// TODO(rnystrom): This doesn't actually run any tests any more. It just
// compiles stuff. This should be changed to not use unittest and just be a
// regular program that outputs files.
import 'dart:io' show Directory, File, Platform;
import 'package:analyzer/analyzer.dart'
import 'package:analyzer/src/dart/ast/ast.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/generated/source.dart' show Source;
import 'package:args/args.dart' show ArgParser, ArgResults;
import 'package:dev_compiler/src/analyzer/context.dart'
show AnalyzerOptions, parseDeclaredVariables;
import 'package:dev_compiler/src/compiler/compiler.dart'
show BuildUnit, CompilerOptions, JSModuleFile, ModuleCompiler;
import 'package:dev_compiler/src/compiler/module_builder.dart'
show ModuleFormat, addModuleFormatOptions, parseModuleFormatOption;
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
import 'package:test/test.dart' show expect, isFalse, isTrue, test;
import '../tool/build_sdk.dart' as build_sdk;
import 'testing.dart' show repoDirectory, testDirectory;
import 'multitest.dart' show extractTestsFromMultitest, isMultiTest;
import 'not_yet_strong_tests.dart';
final ArgParser argParser = new ArgParser()
..addOption('dart-sdk', help: 'Dart SDK Path', defaultsTo: null);
/// The `test/codegen` directory.
final codegenDir = path.join(testDirectory, 'codegen');
/// The `test/codegen/expect` directory.
final codegenExpectDir = path.join(testDirectory, 'codegen_expected');
/// The generated directory where tests, expanded multitests, and other test
/// support libraries are copied to.
/// The tests sometimes import utility libraries using a relative path.
/// Likewise, the multitests do too, and one multitest even imports its own
/// non-expanded form (!). To make that simpler, we copy the entire test tree
/// to a generated directory and expand that multitests in there too.
final codegenTestDir = path.join(repoDirectory, 'gen', 'codegen_tests');
/// The generated directory where tests and packages compiled to JS are
/// output.
final codegenOutputDir = path.join(repoDirectory, 'gen', 'codegen_output');
final codeCoverage = Platform.environment.containsKey('COVERALLS_TOKEN');
RegExp filePattern;
main(List<String> arguments) {
if (arguments == null) arguments = [];
ArgResults args = argParser.parse(arguments);
filePattern = new RegExp( > 0 ?[0] : '.');
var sdkDir = path.join(repoDirectory, 'gen', 'patched_sdk');
var sdkSummaryFile =
path.join(testDirectory, '..', 'lib', 'sdk', 'ddc_sdk.sum');
var summaryPaths = new Directory(path.join(codegenOutputDir, 'pkg'))
.map((e) => e.path)
.where((p) => p.endsWith('.sum'))
var sharedCompiler = new ModuleCompiler(new AnalyzerOptions(
dartSdkSummaryPath: sdkSummaryFile, summaryPaths: summaryPaths));
var testDirs = [
path.join('corelib', 'regexp'),
path.join('lib', 'collection'),
path.join('lib', 'convert'),
path.join('lib', 'html'),
// TODO(vsm): Fix these - they import files from a different directory
// - this triggers an invalid library root build error.
// path.join('lib', 'html', 'custom'),
path.join('lib', 'math'),
path.join('lib', 'mirrors'),
path.join('lib', 'typed_data'),
// Copy all of the test files and expanded multitest files to
// gen/codegen_tests. We'll compile from there.
var testFiles = _setUpTests(testDirs);
// Our default compiler options. Individual tests can override these.
var defaultOptions = ['--no-source-map', '--no-summarize'];
var compileArgParser = new ArgParser();
var testFileOptionsMatcher =
new RegExp(r'// (compile options: |SharedOptions=)(.*)', multiLine: true);
// Ignore dart2js options that we don't support in DDC.
var ignoreOptions = [
// Compile each test file to JS and put the result in gen/codegen_output.
for (var testFile in testFiles) {
var relativePath = path.relative(testFile, from: codegenTestDir);
// Only compile the top-level files for generating coverage.
bool isTopLevelTest = path.dirname(relativePath) == ".";
if (codeCoverage && !isTopLevelTest) continue;
var name = path.withoutExtension(relativePath);
test('dartdevc $name', () {
// Check if we need to use special compile options.
var contents = new File(testFile).readAsStringSync();
var match = testFileOptionsMatcher.firstMatch(contents);
var args = defaultOptions.toList();
if (match != null) {
var matchedArgs =' ');
args.addAll(matchedArgs.where((s) => !ignoreOptions.contains(s)));
var declaredVars = <String, String>{};
var argResults =
compileArgParser.parse(parseDeclaredVariables(args, declaredVars));
var options = new CompilerOptions.fromArguments(argResults);
var moduleFormat = parseModuleFormatOption(argResults).first;
// Collect any other files we've imported.
var files = new Set<String>();
_collectTransitiveImports(contents, files, from: testFile);
var unit = new BuildUnit(
name, path.dirname(testFile), files.toList(), _moduleForLibrary);
var compiler = sharedCompiler;
if (declaredVars.isNotEmpty) {
compiler = new ModuleCompiler(new AnalyzerOptions(
dartSdkSummaryPath: sdkSummaryFile,
summaryPaths: summaryPaths,
declaredVariables: declaredVars));
var module = compiler.compile(unit, options);
bool notStrong = notYetStrongTests.contains(name);
if (module.isValid) {
path.join(codegenOutputDir, name),
isTopLevelTest ? path.join(codegenExpectDir, name) : null,
expect(notStrong, isFalse,
reason: "test $name expected strong mode errors, but compiled.");
} else {
expect(notStrong, isTrue,
reason: "test $name failed to compile due to strong mode errors:"
if (filePattern.hasMatch('sunflower')) {
test('sunflower', () {
_buildSunflower(sharedCompiler, codegenOutputDir, codegenExpectDir);
if (codeCoverage) {
test('build_sdk code coverage', () {
return build_sdk.main(['--dart-sdk', sdkDir, '-o', codegenOutputDir]);
void _writeModule(String outPath, String expectPath, ModuleFormat format,
JSModuleFile result) {
String errors = result.errors.join('\n');
if (errors.isNotEmpty && !errors.endsWith('\n')) errors += '\n';
new File(outPath + '.txt').writeAsStringSync(errors);
result.writeCodeSync(format, outPath + '.js');
if (result.summaryBytes != null) {
new File(outPath + '.sum').writeAsBytesSync(result.summaryBytes);
// Write the expectation file if needed.
// Generally speaking we try to avoid these tests, but they are occasionally
// useful.
if (expectPath != null) {
var expectFile = new File(expectPath + '.js');
if (result.isValid) {
result.writeCodeSync(format, expectFile.path);
} else {
expectFile.writeAsStringSync("//FAILED TO COMPILE");
void _buildSunflower(
ModuleCompiler compiler, String outputDir, String expectDir) {
var baseDir = path.join(codegenDir, 'sunflower');
var files = ['sunflower', 'circle', 'painter']
.map((f) => path.join(baseDir, '$f.dart'))
var input = new BuildUnit('sunflower', baseDir, files, _moduleForLibrary);
var options = new CompilerOptions(summarizeApi: false);
var built = compiler.compile(input, options);
_writeModule(path.join(outputDir, 'sunflower', 'sunflower'),
path.join(expectDir, 'sunflower', 'sunflower'), ModuleFormat.amd, built);
String _moduleForLibrary(Source source) {
var scheme = source.uri.scheme;
if (scheme == 'package') {
return source.uri.pathSegments.first;
throw new Exception('Module not found for library "${source.fullName}"');
List<String> _setUpTests(List<String> testDirs) {
var testFiles = <String>[];
for (var testDir in testDirs) {
for (var file
in _listFiles(path.join(codegenDir, testDir), recursive: false)) {
var relativePath = path.relative(file, from: codegenDir);
var outputPath = path.join(codegenTestDir, relativePath);
// Copy it over. We do this even for multitests because import_self_test
// is a multitest, yet imports its own unexpanded form (!).
new File(file).copySync(outputPath);
if (file.endsWith("_test.dart")) {
var contents = new File(file).readAsStringSync();
if (isMultiTest(contents)) {
// It's a multitest, so expand it and add all of the variants.
var tests = <String, String>{};
var outcomes = <String, Set<String>>{};
extractTestsFromMultitest(file, contents, tests, outcomes);
var fileName = path.basenameWithoutExtension(file);
var outputDir = path.dirname(outputPath);
tests.forEach((name, contents) {
var multiFile =
path.join(outputDir, '${fileName}_${name}_multi.dart');
new File(multiFile).writeAsStringSync(contents);
} else {
// It's a single test suite.
// Also include the other special files that live at the top level directory.
for (var file in _listFiles(codegenDir)) {
var relativePath = path.relative(file, from: codegenDir);
var outputPath = path.join(codegenTestDir, relativePath);
new File(file).copySync(outputPath);
if (file.endsWith(".dart")) {
return testFiles;
/// Recursively creates [dir] if it doesn't exist.
void _ensureDirectory(String dir) {
new Directory(dir).createSync(recursive: true);
/// Lists all of the files within [dir] that match [filePattern].
Iterable<String> _listFiles(String dir, {bool recursive: false}) {
return new Directory(dir)
.listSync(recursive: recursive, followLinks: false)
.where((entry) {
if (entry is! File) return false;
var filePath = entry.path;
if (!filePattern.hasMatch(filePath)) return false;
return true;
}).map((file) => file.path);
/// Parse directives from [contents] and find the complete set of transitive
/// imports, reading files as needed.
/// This will not include dart:* libraries, as those are implicitly available.
void _collectTransitiveImports(String contents, Set<String> libraries,
{String packageRoot, String from}) {
var uri = from;
if (packageRoot != null && path.isWithin(packageRoot, from)) {
uri = 'package:${path.relative(from, from: packageRoot)}';
if (!libraries.add(uri)) return;
var unit = parseDirectives(contents, name: from, suppressErrors: true);
for (var d in unit.directives) {
if (d is ImportDirective || d is ExportDirective) {
String uri = _resolveDirective(d);
if (uri == null ||
uri.startsWith('dart:') ||
uri.startsWith('package:')) {
var f = new File(path.join(path.dirname(from), uri));
if (f.existsSync()) {
_collectTransitiveImports(f.readAsStringSync(), libraries,
packageRoot: packageRoot, from: f.path);
/// Simplified from ParseDartTask.resolveDirective.
String _resolveDirective(UriBasedDirective directive) {
StringLiteral uriLiteral = directive.uri;
String uriContent = uriLiteral.stringValue;
if (uriContent != null) {
uriContent = uriContent.trim();
directive.uriContent = uriContent;
return (directive as UriBasedDirectiveImpl).validate() == null
? uriContent
: null;